5 Revolutionary Advances in Gaming Technology

5 Revolutionary Advances in Gaming Technology

With the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles steadily stocking shelves, developers have free rein to leverage new possibilities and reach unprecedented heights.

Google and Amazon are simultaneously contending for their slice of the pie with cloud-based streaming services.

In the desktop world, Nvidia just released their RTX 30 series graphics cards, proving that processing power is nowhere near its limits. Mobile gaming is flourishing, and virtual reality has never looked better.

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Suffice it to say that our favorite form of entertainment has come a long way. And perhaps more importantly, the future of the industry is only getting brighter. Let’s drive the point home by taking a look at 5 revolutionary advances in gaming technology that you might not know about.

Voice Recognition

Now that your average voice assistant is nearly indistinguishable from a real person, it should come as no surprise that voice recognition is entering games.

The technology enables you to control features such as the volume, power and text input without touching a controller. Players with physical impairments will find these innovations especially useful.

Facial Recognition

Almost everyone is familiar with facial recognition at this point. Chances are that you use it daily to unlock your smartphone or sign into your laptop.

The same systems that facilitate these conveniences are allowing players to mirror their likeness in virtual environments.

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For instance, the RealSense 3D camera by Intel helps create games that adapt to your expressions by scanning 78 different points on your face. Maybe your grimaces will bring the difficulty down to make levels easier to pass.

Browser Games

Thanks in part to accelerating connection speeds, the likes of Chrome and Firefox are moving past the basic browser games of old.

Nowadays, you can enjoy top-notch graphics and in-depth adventures by simply heading to the right website. It’s the perfect way to kill time on user-restricted work or school computers.

This innovation extends to just about every genre. For instance, you can play casino games online and evade the effort of heading to real venues. It saves money and time while providing a much wider variety of options.

Gesture Control

Remember the Xbox Kinect? While hardly the success it was meant to be, the technology paved the way forward for modern gesture control.

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Today’s cameras and their depth sensors are capable of far more, such as tracking the natural movements of your body to improve VR and AR experiences.

Display Quality

With graphics reaching insane levels of detail and realism, it helps to have a bona fide way to see them in all their glory.

The best solution is to pick up a 4K television or monitor. Seeing the difference in person is the only way to truly understand just how much more crisp and colorful the visuals are compared to the previous 1080p gold standard.

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These aren’t the only revolutionary advances occurring in the current gaming industry. Don’t forget about virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud gaming and artificial intelligence.

Together, these innovations will continue driving interactive entertainment forward. Only time will tell what’s coming next.

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