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7 Iconic Super Bowl ads that created history

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. The grand finale has an average viewership of 115 million in America, along with 50-60 million views in the other parts of the world. Undoubtedly, it is the most loved American sports event.
For those who don’t follow American football or Rugby, the Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL), which is usually played between mid-January to early February.
The 54th Super Bowl is scheduled for February 3rd, 2020, between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. It is also the first time that these two teams will face off in the Super Bowl. While this is the first time for the Chiefs in the last 50 years (They have only appeared twice, including their previous appearance on January 11th, 1970), the story of 49ers is different. This marks 49ers’ seventh appearance in the Super Bowl, with their last one being eight years ago, in 2012, which they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.
Throughout history, Super Bowls have been credited for having some of the most iconic commercials in them. Today, we will go down the time and take a look at the top 7 Super Bowl ads of all time (so even if you don’t follow American football, do watch them because they will make you laugh!)

i. Apple (Super Bowl 18)

In 1984, Apple came up with what is, to date, the most iconic commercial in the history of the Super Bowl. This advertisement marks the start of a new era, and we all know why the world never remained the same. So we have to agree, Apple was right all along when it ended its commercial by saying, “On January 24th, Apple Computers will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984’”. The world never remained the same.

ii. McDonald’s (1993)

The commercial by McDonald’s in 1993, which features legends like Micheal Jordan and Larry Bird and their intense rivalry is one of the most loved ads and for all the right reasons. It is funny, and of course, it has Jordan!

iii. Doritos (Super Bowl 50)

This is one of the most hilarious commercials in the history of the Super Bowl. Doritos introduced this advertisement in the 50th edition of the Super Bowl.  It is an accurate depiction of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree meaning.”

iv. Coca Cola

In 2016, Coca Cola came up with this beautiful commercial, which was shown in the relation of two brothers. It also features ‘Brothers’ by the late legend, Avicii. Most of us can relate to this being either the younger or, the elder one!
(Pay attention to the detail of the color of the shirt of the elder one! Well, does it remind you of another brand? That’s a funny take by Coca Cola.)

v. Pepsi (1992)

The iconic Pepsi ad, which was released in 1992, is still one of the most loved commercials of the brand. It features the gorgeous Cindy Crawford and two young kids. It’s a funny ad that shows the fascination of the kids, no not for Cindy but Pepsi!

vi. Godaddy ( Super Bowl 49) has a history of creating controversial commercials that a lot of people don’t appreciate. This ad by Godaddy was released in 2015, and as expected, a lot of people didn’t like the humor of the web-hosting brand. This ad was soon banned and rightly so. Have a look, what do you think?

vii. Hyundai (2016)

“A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do!” This commercial by Hyundai will make you laugh and maybe, feel a little for the young guy. But this collaboration of one of the most loved comedian-actor, Kevin Hart and Hyundai, resulted in what is known as of the funniest commercials of the Super Bowl.
That was our take on the top 7 ads of Super Bowl. Let us know what you think about them and if we missed any? Also, let us know which team you are rooting for!
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