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A Blogger’s Journey towards finding Equal Income Opportunities for All

They say only great minds think about others’ suffering or inequalities in society and one such person is the person we’re going to talk about. Siddhesh Jain is the founder of Solutiontales. He has completed his LL.B, C.F.P course and graduated in Accounting and Finance. He is an enthusiastic researcher who actively advocates for equal pay for all regardless of their age and gender.

This blog is about the journey of Solutiontales:

There was a time roughly about three years ago when it was quite common to see people suffer through pain, and much anguish to earn as little as ₹10000 or $100 per month. Siddhesh understood the pain of those people because he was also trying to figure out the fact that why most of his job applications went unanswered despite his valuable academic degree and qualifications. His prayers were left unanswered and he was on the verge of breaking down but deep down he always knew that he wasn’t alone.

Living in a country like India where unemployment is one the prominent cause of youth’s deflection from a life that after a point they accept unemployment as their life, Siddhesh understood that he’s not alone who is facing such setbacks in life. There are thousands of youth in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, and about a million in our country without a reliable means of earning income. For some, the homemakers and retirees are the ones whose expenses keep on soaring as their incomes shrink day by day.

The Demonetization Breakthrough on 8th November 2016 marks as a significant day in his life, as it was the day when monetary issues such as payment and shopping shifted to digital platforms. Demonetization was seen as a blessing for those who couldn’t rely on offline work opportunities to work and be paid in digital cash. He explains these situations as ‘There comes a time when one has to be the thermostat rather than being the thermometer – only then can one set the climate to win”.

He decided to take advantage of the opportunities that prevailed online and helped everyone along the way as much as he could. That’s how he learned the art of blogging despite earning a degree in Law, he started Solutiontales in March 2019 intending to give people the solution on how to earn money online using their mobile/Laptops.

He has always believed that life has a way of putting individuals on course with their destinies. His situation which he terms as a bad phase of his life led him to create his blogzine where he started to share various articles related to startups, technology, lifestyle and work from home guides.

The guides that he shared on his blogzine portal was about work from home that he hoped would make a huge difference in the lives of stay-at-home moms who usually have a lot of time between chores, the student with free time, the jobless youth, and the retirees who have a lot of free time in their day. All these people need extra cash or source of income to add to their regular incomes. One can attest to how it is difficult to earn ₹10000 or $100 a month from their secondary activities.

Online jobs provide an opportunity for people to earn from home and spend digitally. This space has great potential to boost the economy of the country and make efforts to level the imbalances in society. Anyone can get paid online without discrimination; just do the work you opted and get your payment instantly.

Solutiontales is his blogzine which is open for everyone to read and learn about him, his experiences, read about the startup, case studies, startup stories, technology, lifestyle-related articles, etc. You can also find some interesting some stress buster quizzes, and finally, you can find work from home-related queries and ideas and earn from work from home guides.

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