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Modi’s ‘Achhe din’ never came in India: Failures of the government from 2014

It was in the year 2014 when the BJP government led by Narendra Modi came into power which not only brought Narendra Modi to an immense power hold but also gave him the prominent respect of a prime minister. He made the people of India believe in his ideas and promised to carry out a few initiatives which would be beneficial not only for the economic growth of India but also for social expansion.

Economic recovery faster than Covid-19 damage: PM Modi - Times of India

He mentioned a lot of ideas and programs that he decided to launch with his victory in the elections but proved to be hollow at the very base. He promised all the Indians of the ‘Acche Din’ who have not been seen by anyone, especially not in the middle class or the poor.

He talked of bringing economic growth to the but managed to decline the growth of the same by several decisions that he took during his period of power such as demonetization, which is yet a big question mark on his achievements and capabilities.

In the month of May 2021, the Modi government completed seven years of power and leadership in India.

Narendra Modi managed to be the first and foremost prime minister of India who had a single-party majority win in the Indian parliament since the year 1991 when the economic reforms had started. It was usually noted in the past years that the non-existence or the absence of a majority party led to the economic depression or failures.

However, what do the reports say in the present times? Was the one majority party BJP under the rule of Narendra Modi capable enough to bring immense economic reforms for a positive outlook in India? Did the promises made by him of ‘Acche Din’ prove to be a reality and increase the productivity and efficiency of India as a country?

There have been reports which discuss the revelations that came into existence during a parliamentary query. It mentioned the expenditure of about 4880 crore rupees on the advertisements that were circulated in order to declare the achievements of the Modi government. Where did all this money come from and why wasn’t it used in the development of various sectors in India which could have taken it to greater heights?

A larger view of the Modi government’s undertakings and ideas of reforms

  1. Demonetisation


Implications of Demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Currency Notes by the  Reserve Bank of India - Olive Greens Institute Blog- Olive Greens Institute  SSB | NDA | CDS

This stands among the most significant yet unsuccessful initiatives taken by the Modi government on the largest scale possible. This inventiveness of the Modi government to entirely change the Indian currencies overnight proved to be the cause of disorders and chaos caused in the country.

This idea of demonetization was not at all in a condition of adaptation at that very point in time and did fail on each and every aspect of its intentions and targets that were planned to be met. The major aim of demonetization, set by the Modi government was to abolish terror funding, the existence of fake currency, and the black money that was gathered around the country but the result was a big failure. Adding to the havoc caused in the country, it became a reason for unemployment in several areas.

  1. Lives and livelihoods of Indian farmers at stake

It was a tragedy that took place on a very high level all over the country wherein the farmers had no other option but to lose their lives and, suicide. The number of suicides that took place in the agriculture sector during the Modi government rule was the highest since ever. The Modi government wanted the farmers to give 50% of their outputs along with the minimum support price demand.

The crisis did not only stop here, but the Modi government added to the losses by increasing the percentage of imports of agricultural goods into the country which led to a greater reduction of the domestic product in the market. Further, it was also advised to make amendments and alter the Land Acquisition Act of 2013 which would lead to the acquiring of lands that were owned by farmers. 

The farmers did not decide to commit suicide on a single thought but tried to get the attention of the Modi government through several marches and large-scale agitations which were conducted three times in the same year.

The Modi government kept the things unheard which forced the farmers to commit suicide and possibly get their attention. Even the children of those struggling Indian farmers had to give up their own life near the Parliament of India. Despite all the mishaps caused due to the irresponsible nature of the BJP government they remained unaffected and did not even meet any of them at any point in time or even consider what they had to say.

  1. The Rafale deal and the off-chart handling

The other failure of the Modi government was noticed during the Rafale deal that took place in conditions that were surely illegal and off the charts. The first odd thing that occurred what the deliberate alterations that were made in the deal in order to receive the lesser number of jets for an amount which was about three times more and the other are involvement of a third party which is not even something that can be called official because it was someone from a private sector who did not qualify to be a part of this deal at all. The only qualification that this private party had, was a personal connection or proximity with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister.

  1. Social hatred and injustice to the people

The Modi government has not only failed to create ideas to take India to greater heights in terms of economy but failed to be a light of hope or faith among the very people who chose them and got them to power. Since the tenure period of the Modi government has started it was observed that the attacks and humiliations caused to the Dalits, or the other people from minor sections of society increased and reached a significant level and they also became the target of humiliation. 

Developments could have been done with this power, but it all failed!

Several other failures exist under the rule of the Modi government which can not be listed here due to the great numbers. Instead of making India lead in aspects of health and economy it sort of became a target of depression in all the sectors. The Modi government loves to boast about their actions which neither prove to be beneficial or have a positive impact on the country as a whole. The only thing that Narendra Modi has been doing during his tenure is traveling around the world.

He came to a power which no one else in the country had for quite a considerable amount of time which if used and employed properly could have led to significant boost and development activities. Ideas failed as they did not have a strong base nor proper guidelines that were ethical and legal enough to proceed with. Narendra Modi as the prime minister has been spending a lot of money which cannot even be calculated on the advertisements for his political party and his travel around the planet. 

Though he could not manage to develop more employment opportunities for the common public or boost the economic system, he managed to gather the funds and monetary assets worth about 3000 crore rupees for the establishment and making of the statue of unity. We do not support any government here but hope for the people of India to choose wisely while they vote and look at the accomplishments of all the political parties and then make a decision.

Edited by Aishwarya Ingle 

Karishma is a professional Content Writer and is majorly focused on news articles related to the aspects which hinder the growth at times. She writes articles related to various topics, like technology, government, policies, investments and funding.
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