Air India’s flight with 219 Indians who were forced to flee their country leaves Bucharest for Mumbai.

Air India Flight With 219 Indian Refugees Takes Off from Bucharest. They will land in Mumbai, India, in a few days.  

A new city is called New Delhi. On Saturday, an Air India flight from Bucharest, Romania, to Mumbai, India, took off with 219 Indians on board. They had been stuck in Ukraine. He said in a tweet that he is “personally” monitoring the evacuation process.  

An official with the Indian government is taking Indian citizens who have reached the Ukraine-Romania border on foot to be taken to Bucharest by plane. 

Air India will run more flights to Bucharest and Budapest today (February 26) to get Indians stuck in Ukraine back home. The Ukrainian airspace has been closed to civil planes since February 24, so the evacuation flights are taking off from Bucharest and Budapest.

Officials say that about 20,000 Indians, mostly students, are stuck in Ukraine. On February 22, Air India flew to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and brought 240 people back to India from there. Before the Ukrainian airspace was closed, Air India had flown to Kyiv.  

It had planned to run two more flights on February 24 and February 26, but it couldn’t because the Russian offensive started on February 24, and Ukraine’s airspace was closed.  

A tweet sent Friday night by Air India said the company would be flying B787 planes from Delhi and Mumbai to Bucharest and Budapest on Saturday to bring back Indian citizens who had been stranded in Europe.  

On Friday, the Indian embassy in Ukraine said that it is trying to figure out how to get people out of Romania and Hungary.  

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“At the moment, teams are setting up at the Chop-Zahony Hungarian border near Uzhhorod and the Porubne-Siret Romanian border near Chernivtsi,” it said.

Indian nationals, especially students, who live near these border checkpoints, should leave in an organised way. They should work with the Ministry of External Affairs teams to make this happen.  

UN Security Council members didn’t like what Russia did to Ukraine on Friday, so they voted against a resolution called “aggression.” The resolution also called for the country to get rid of its troops right away.  

Who Is Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Former Comedian |

Eleven of the 15 people on the council voted in favour of the move. There were no votes from China, India, or the United Arab Emirates, so they did not vote.  

The draught resolution, written by the United States and Albania, now looks like it will be taken up by the 193-member UN General Assembly, which meets every year. 

President Volodymyr Zelensky also said that Russian troops would try to take the capital city of Kyiv before dawn, which is when the sun comes up. “I don’t think this night will be as hard as the day. Cities across our state are under attack “said in a video address to the country. Putin sworn in for fourth term as Russian president | The Times of Israel

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, started a full-scale invasion on Thursday on the country that used to be its neighbour. It has already killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers, and more than 50,000 people have been forced to leave their homes.  

The UN says that fifty thousand people have already left Ukraine in the last two days. According to reports, about 100,000 people are thought to have been forced to leave their homes, and in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, many people fled their homes and took shelter in the city’s subway system 

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United Nations offered assistance of its integrated supply chain to India: UN spokesman - The Economic Times

In the Russian invasion, Ukraine says that 198 people were killed. The fighting in the streets of Kyiv is still going on, though. 

Ukraine’s health minister says that 198 people have been killed, and more than 1,000 have been wounded in the Russian attack on Ukraine. He said Saturday that three children were killed, and his statement made it hard to tell if the people who died were both soldiers and civilians. As of Thursday, he said another 1,115 people, including 33 children, were hurt in the massive air and missile attacks that started Thursday. Troops came from the north, east, and south, he said. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tried to clear up rumours that he asked the army to lay down its weapons as Russian troops moved closer to Ukraine’s capital on Saturday. He said that he didn’t want the military to be afraid. “This is our land, our country, and our children. We live here.” Video: “And we are going to fight for all of that.” In response to reports that shelling and fighting broke out in Kyiv overnight, Mayor Oleksandr Zelenskyy sent a message to the city’s residents. Zelenskyy said that 35 people, including two children, were hurt in the fighting. Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution Demanding Troop Withdrawal From Ukraine

Russia, on the other hand, voted against a UN Security Council resolution that called on Russia to stop its attack on Ukraine and get all its troops out of Ukraine right away, which the United States and its allies knew would happen but said would show how isolated Russia is in the world.

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The vote on Friday was 11 in favour, with Russia voting no and China, India, and the United Arab Emirates not voting. Russia, China, and India did not vote. Air India has evacuated people who are Indian and live in Ukraine from Romania. They will arrive in Mumbai at 4 pm. Air India will run more flights to Bucharest and Budapest on Saturday to get Indians stuck in Ukraine back home. 

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