Battling Covid-19: When Sanjeev Nanda’s ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals gave the world a renewed sense of hope

With an experienced entrepreneur like Sanjeev Nanda at its helm, ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals set an example worth taking inspiration from

The sudden emergence and spread of a “never seen before” disease like Covid-19 undoubtedly left the global healthcare infrastructure in shambles. However, what is noteworthy is the resilience of the global healthcare community in overcoming the crisis. The stories of various players in the medical sector coming forward to pull the world out of the chaotic situation that had risen is truly inspirational.

One such story can be found in the case of ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, an emerging pharma giant that proved its mettle by offering exceptional services and products during a dark time. Headed by renowned entrepreneur Sanjeev Nanda, ISHVAN helped not one but a large number of countries across the globe in overcoming the crises caused by an unprecedented pandemic.

For the uninitiated, ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals is one of the prominent names in the global pharma circles, known for its distribution and supply of medical equipment and consumables worldwide. The company has already registered a robust presence in nations like UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Bahrain and India. ISHVAN’s offerings also include hospital furniture, re-usable and single-use medical supplies, and medical devices.

Ever since the pandemic kicked in and caused an acute shortage of PPE kits, nitrile gloves and masks worldwide, ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals has been working tirelessly to overcome this shortage of medical essentials. In order to achieve this, the company established direct access to manufacturers and wholesale distributors based in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

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After establishing a procurement procedure, ISHVAN went on to supply these medical essentials to regions like South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the US. The result was apparent as different nations managed to overcome the sudden shortage caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The medical supplies distributed by ISHVAN also included nitrite gloves, three ply masks, N-95 masks and hand sanitizers, along with bed pans, PPE kits, isolation gowns and humidifiers.

The resilience and dedication towards the welfare of the global community displayed by Sanjeev Nanda’s pharmaceutical company is a solid proof of how businesses can stay strong in the face of an unusual calamity. The robust distribution chain formed by ISHVAN not only helped millions of people across the globe, it also set an example to be followed by several other players in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide.

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