COVID: Hospital discharges outnumber admissions in Delhi

The number of people discharged from hospitals on a daily basis after recovering from COVID has outnumbered the number of those getting admitted since May 14, government shows.

The decline in hospital admissions can be attributed to the decline in positive cases, according to officials.

The government data shows that since May 14, hospital discharges have outnumbered the admissions.

The hospital admissions have dropped below the 1,000-mark since May 16. The admissions on a single day had risen to 1,993 on April 29, it showed.

This is for the first time in nearly two months that the number of patients who have recovered after COVID is more than those admitted.

Between April 1 and April 5, when the daily cases were below 5,000, the admissions were more than the discharges on a daily basis, according to the data.

On May 14, 1,256 new COVID patients were admitted as against 1,331 discharged, it showed.

The next day, 1,052 patients came to hospitals while 1,379 were discharged.

Between May 16 and May 20, the hospital admissions recorded were 952, 914, 806, 731 and 560 respectively while the discharges in the same period were 1,079, 895, 1,326, 1,090 and 978 respectively.

Between April 1 and April 5, the hospital admission figures stood at 294, 356, 353, 305 and 406 while the number of patients discharged were 139, 163, 166, 131 and 141 respectively.

The hospital admissions on May 20 were the lowest since April 7 and 8, when there were 605 admissions on each day.

On May 20, Delhi recorded 3,231 fresh coronavirus cases, lowest since April 5, when the national capital had logged 3,548 new infections.

It was on April 11 that the daily cases crossed the 10,000 mark for the first time. It was on November 11 last year that the national capital had recorded 8,593 cases, the highest figure before that date.

On April 11, there were 953 hospital admissions followed by 932 the next day.

On April 13, the hospital admissions crossed the 1,000 mark with 1,218 patients, followed by 1,361, 1812, 1426, 1519 on April 14, 15, 16, 17 respectively.

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