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DFS (Digital Fire & Security) Services offers you solutions that combine trained manpower with electronic security i.e., a mix of technology-based and physical services, comprising the “Man-Tech” solutions. Also, it offers personalized safety packages for meeting our Indian clients’ needs. Today, we live in a society that is getting futuristic day-by-day, machines knowing more about us than we do with everything in our hands turning smarter. Now, the question arises, is our security and safety becoming safer, & more relevantly, it is foolproof? Well, DFS Services strives to make its answer “yes”.


  • An ambitious and young firm, DFS Services is an Indian start-up that works intimately with AJAX Ukraine and DFS UK. 

  • It is aimed at R&D, technology sharing, solution development, CMS support, and product design in the segment of security. 

  • The Company offers reliable, robust, fully connected, and monitored security service at an inexpensive rate, with avant-garde safety technologies from throughout the Globe. 

  • The end goal of DFS Services is to bring top-notch safety solutions to the country which truly define complete and real security. 

  • The Company witnessed a gap & took it upon itself for making society a protected place. 

  • It studied all possible home safety solutions in the industry, from the standard ones to those which are regarded as the best, however, none of them was 100% credible. 

  • This was how and where DFS began with safety that was finally complete, smart, and robust with monitored security services. 

  • Moreover, its product and service offerings also include Doorbells, Monitored Alarm Systems, Personal Tracker, Cameras, Key Finder, Smart Devices, CMS Monitoring Service, and Locks etc. 

DFS Services prides itself on its ability for offering the customers affordable solutions for meeting their specific needs with maximum quality. Utilizing the current technology, it finds the most suitable electronic security services, be it Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Integrated Systems, or Access Control Systems blending every technology, for meeting your requirements. Besides, the company aims to minimize the safety risks through applying impressive design practices whilst catering to industry benchmarks. Its team comprises 1st class project engineers, technical personnel, and specialists who can develop & install electronic security systems & fire security solutions, keeping up to the top-notch industry standards. 

The Company is trustworthy, honest, hardworking, and transparent. Its dedication to offering complete and real security & not only a few gadgets is what makes it stand apart from others. DFS Services is the most trustworthy means for keeping your house secure at a rate that is fair and honest. For its specialists, people come way before profit, & a content customer is more significant as compared to our revenue target. That is why it doesn’t spend millions of bucks on marketing or advertising as its customers are the biggest ambassadors. For the Company, education and awareness are crucial as monitored alarm safety is still an alien concept in the country. 

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What are the key differentiators of DFS Services?

  • One-stop safety solutions provider

  • End-to-End safety system management, covering evaluation, design, attainment, installation, & maintenance

  • Strategic collaborations with well-known OEMs for tailor-made and cost-effective solutions

  • Well-trained installation/design engineers with round-the-clock system assistance

  • Man-tech services from a single service provider

At DFS, the pros know that if they live by their values, people will comprehend the significance of safety & support them to establish a safer and better world for everybody. The Company prides itself on its work quality. For years, it consistently develops and improves its extensive offer of the avant-garde, customized solutions & complete services in a range of security and fire systems which makes its overall knowledge rank with the best in the market. Its facilities, know-how, and competencies permit the Company for implementing projects which it creates together with its customers for fully meeting the individual expectations. 

DFS Services has been enriching competencies and knowledge through working on different-sized projects throughout the country. The Company offers its personalized solutions to customers to support them develop & structure their needs. It has a well-trained team of those surveyors who can provide design services for clients who require assistance on system and product requirements. Over the years, the Company has gained deep insights about our important market i.e., India, which has enabled it to leverage opportunities throughout geographies. Its brands have become synonymous with top-quality solutions in the markets. 

Why might DFS Services be your preferred alternative?

Currently, technology has become indispensable. The Company is among the preferred agencies in terms of electronic safety due to these reasons – 

  • It sources its products from quality digital firms & offers a few of the avant-garde electronic safety solutions to its customers. 

  • DFS Services is responsible for the whole electronic security system, right from installation down to its utilization. 

  • Its job doesn’t end at your devices’ installation. Also, the Company is responsible for their daily maintenance. 

  • It has an efficient and well-trained security staff to manage every electronic device. 

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With years of experience in the market, proficiency throughout sectors, and end-to-end in-house bandwidth, DFS Services is addressing dynamic and diverse business requirements of its clients, while at the same time, developing the market share. It is deepening its client relations & engagement scope through its integrated solutions portfolio. The Company’s single point-of-contact for multiple solutions permits us for driving high client retention. Its operational efficiency stems from the centralized key work such as sales and finance, as well as with other administrative functions. 

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