DJ Giorgio Leone (IT) opens up on the hardships in the music industry

Giorgio Leone (IT) is quickly emerging as one of the top DJs and music producers in Taiwan and there is a special reason for it. For a while now, he has been focusing on making his mark in the Asian music industry as a music producer and DJ. 

For musical prodigy Giorgio Leone (IT) it was his love for Techno, Tech-House and House music that pushed him to pursure a career in this industry. He and his group Our Muzikhas taken over the world of underground parties. One of the biggest reasons for his success is that he puts his own spin on the songs.

In Taipei, Taiwan, Giorgio Leone IT is recognised by the trademark beats and style. It is one thing that he takes pride in that he is able to lift the mood of people with his efforts.

Interestingly he also holds a Bachelor Degree in Digital Marketing, but nothing could take him away from music.

“The passion I have and had for music since I was a teenager has pushed me on this path. My goal has always been to make people feel great when listening to my music,” says Giorgio Leone (IT).

Despite all the success, he is also honest about the reality of the industry. As per Giorgio often people aren’t kind towards you and your work.  

He shares, “I don’t like the fact that not everyone will have kind words for you, they might just don’t like your style or simply they want to mess with you, these are the kind of people you should always ignore and get you strength from your supporters, these make the difference at the end of the day.”

However, he feels that it important to pick yourself up and move on.

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