2018 Is the Year Facebook Wants To Forget But 2020 Becomes The Year Facebook Never Wants To Live Again As It’s On The Verge Of Losing Its Two Precious Crown Jewels

2018 Is the Year Facebook Wants To Forget But 2020 Becomes The Year Facebook Never Wants To Live Again As It’s On The Verge Of Losing Its Two Precious Crown Jewels

An unprecedented lawsuit has been filed by the American government. It has sued Facebook. It wants to break up this company and force Mark Zuckerberg to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. It is the biggest social media company in the world but if American government officials have their way Facebook could be broken up. Mark Zuckerberg’s internet empire faces its biggest challenge yet. US government and 46 American states are suing Facebook.

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They claim the company is a monopoly and it must be broken up. For almost 10 years Facebook has utilized its predominance and imposing business model influence to pulverize more modest opponents and snuff out rivalry all to the detriment of regular clients by utilizing its immense stores of information and cash Facebook has crushed or blocked. What the organization saw as potential dangers they’ve decreased options for shoppers, they smothered development and they debased security assurances for a large number of Americans.

With an end goal to keep up its market the predominance in interpersonal interaction, Facebook has utilized a purchase a very system to hinder contending administrations. The American federal trade commission is leading the government’s charge. It is asking the courts to force Mark Zuckerberg to sell off Instagram and WhatsApp to big internet products that mark Zuckerberg bought from their founders. The acquisitions allowed Mark Zuckerberg to create a company that is a giant in the social media space.

After acquiring Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp two years later Facebook has become virtually inescapable for anyone on the internet. across platforms, the company has more than 3 billion users. With Facebook, the company is now valued at more than 800 billion dollars. If Facebook loses the lawsuit it could fundamentally remake the social media industry, even the internet at large.

Big tech has been on target of Capitol Hill. With several American lawmakers arguing that tech joints have become too big to regulate. This year a committee of lawmakers investigated the practices of big tech. In their report, they said amazon apple Facebook and google have abused their monopoly power and deserve to be broken up.

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The lawsuit against Facebook is a step in that direction. for the past four years, the company has faced one scandal after another forcing Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to face a grilling by lawmakers on multiple occasions. The ordeal for Zuckerberg began in 2016. when its platforms failed to reign in misinformation during the US presidential election.

Two years later the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, revealing a data breach that affected millions of users. The same data was used to target and influence voters. 2018 was the year that Zuckerberg would like to forget. After Cambridge Analytica Facebook was accused of being a vehicle to incite genocide in Myanmar.

A year later Zuckerberg’s company was staffed with a fine of five billion Dollars for violating user privacy. this was a record-breaking fine for a tech company. Now Facebook faces the charge of buying companies to kill market competition. with the lawsuit, Zuckerberg faces an uphill battle to save the company he created in his Harvard dorm room.

That’s not the end of Facebook troubles. The dream run is ending for big tech in another form too. Let’s talk about business. Business media organizations like us invest money. we invest money, time, and effort to create content. The news you see. Tech companies display this content so you consume this news on google on Facebook on Twitter and elsewhere. These tech companies get ads on their content.

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Facebook and Google do, but they don’t share this money this ad money they do not pay media companies, they do not share ad revenue. They become richer on the content that they did not create. in Australia, they will now have to change their ways.

The government of Australia has decided to make Google and Facebook pay for news. This is a world first and long overdue if I may add. Australia has tabled a law that will force Google and Facebook to negotiate a fair payment with news organizations for using their content. That is content Facebook’s news feed and google search.

 “Reform-this is a world first, and the world is watching what happens here in Australia. But our legislation, which will be introduced in the parliament tomorrow and then go to a committee, a senate committee. Our legislation will help ensure that the rules of the digital world mirror the rules of the physical world. that’s been our intention all along too. Ensure that the rules of the digital world mirror the rules of the physical world and ultimately to sustain our media landscape here in Australia.” – Josh Frydenberg (Australia’s treasurer)

Why was this law necessary? Allow me to clarify through a model, for every hundred dollars of web-based publicizing 53 dollars goes to google that is the greater part the cash, the promotion income. 28 dollars go to Facebook so what’s left for the others 19 dollars, isolated among every other person. Presently, this deficiency of promoting income gets somewhat counterbalanced by memberships. On the off chance that you buy into a media source, they bring in that cash yet that is sufficiently not. Media associations endure because of the syndication of tech monsters.

Writers over the world have left the business news sources have gone belly up, some have closed down however Google and Facebook have done well overall. In Australia, google made 4.8 billion dollars in publicizing income a year ago. Facebook made the greater part a billion dollars this is as indicated by records documented with the Australian Securities and venture commission.

Presently these stages bring in cash from news and investigation gave by media Associations. Remove that Google and Facebook will be significantly less accommodating Australia’s new law is pointed toward guaranteeing that news media organizations are genuinely compensated that they get paid for the substance that they produce.

Far-reaching enactment that has gone Further than any practically identical purview on the planet and what we’ve set up is a last offer intervention model that is reasonable and it’s fair as in it considers two-way esteem trade. So how did these platforms react to the law as soon as the news came out? Facebook warned that it might block Australian news content rather than pay for it.

Google said the law would result in “dramatically worse search and YouTube streaming.” They say this is justified because they have made investments in the news industry to help them survive during this pandemic. Well, here’s the thing. Yes, Google and Facebook give legs to news content. Yes, they take the story beyond geographical limits.

Limits beyond media organizations reach but if the disseminator makes all the money and shares mere peanuts with the producer of the content how will news production survive? What will they share with you if media outlets cannot create news? Facebook and google produce zero content of their own. they’re merely aggregators.

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On the other hand, media companies hire journalists, they pay for infrastructure, they invest time, they invest money in the news they create content while googling and Facebook aggregate all of this content and take up the line share of the advertising revenue for themselves. How fair is that? Australia’s proposed legislation is a step in the right direction. The government of India perhaps can also take a cue and create a level playing field here. It must break the monopoly of big tech and make them pay for news.


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