Facebook’s Boogaloo Ban; Is It Too Late?

Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts and posts of networks linked to the boogaloo Movement in the US. the far-right group has been accused of promoting “violence against civilians, law enforcement and government official“. Facebook is designating the movement organization similar to Daesh/ White Supremacist groups. “Boogaloo” is a slang term used by supporters to address second American civil war or the collapse of civilization. The Adherents of the “violent anti-government network” are reportedly seen with assault Rifles and tactical gear using extremist symbol. Some of its Alleged members have links to violence penetrated during the Black lives matter protest. Floral shirts and guns, the two signs of this so-called “Boogaloo Bois”, organized online, the movement mostly Stayed Out of sight until supporters start showing up heavily armed at US ‘Anti-Lockdown protests and Black lives matter demonstration.

They stand for the gun rise and keep Preparing for an Anti-government Uprising. CBC News has found boogaloo support is spreading into Canada with two Facebook groups and hundreds of members. Facebook groups were used as a medium to share the photo of a rifle with grenade launcher designed to end Canadian menace. the administrator of the Facebook group tells CBC he runs the page for the memes and humor but considered after two officers were killed in California authorities say they found this boogaloo patch belonging to the alleged Shooter In Nevada, supporters were arrested accused of planning a firebomb attack. members of those Canadian groups appear especially enraged when the government further restricted gun ownership.


Boogaloo has emerged during racial justice protests where several men Loosely affiliated with this group have now been charged which carrying weapons, plotting attacks, and carrying out two murders. the term boogaloo came out of the 80’s movie “Break into electric boogaloo” which started as a meme on the internet when sequel for the electric boogaloo was yet to come. back in 2012 On a subset of 4chan people started doing that with the idea of the second American Civil War, hence assuming the civil wars 2: electric boogaloo trademark. the trend of Hawaiian shirt has evolved, boogaloo sounds like big luau- what do you wear In luau, a Hawaiian shirt- hence the Hawaiian identity. the boogaloo movement is not an official organization, it’s an obsession with the idea of collapse and civil war within the United States. the number of participants involved in the movement who are willing to take action in the real world is quite small compared to the people who identified themselves as part of it.

Largest social media platform becomes the cause for massive widespread:

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There is a possibility that even after social media like Facebook, Twitter takedown posts that incite violence they can find each other online. Mostly they use the different hashtag so the moment when boogaloo obvious, they’ll move to something else. what we see in the open platform API, the surface web is only a fraction of what’s going on. Not only Facebook, Twitter or YouTube where you can search these but also semi encrypted platforms and dark web are utilized. Many people who are drawn into boogaloo are former US military. Hence they have the training, weapons, the contacts which become problematic on the one hand they are the people who served the country but on the other hand, we have a subset of boogaloo that are also veterans. This becomes complicated in terms of speech, as we can only clamp down what is being said. Likewise, Facebook and twitter were able to take down the group pretending to be Antifa, which is right-wing. When the boogaloo tries to evoke different groups there is a need to take it done but with falsifying identity you are pushing against the term of services. With many of these services provided at the same time, most companies can only ban groups that are designated as a terrorist organization which is usually foreign groups. So, the lack of domestic terrorism statues becomes very complicated when Facebook and twitter try to figure out what is a violation of the terms of service VS what is freedom of speech.

There are several Facebook groups that contain thousands of members. It’s more than an organization while not precisely being an organization. This is becoming like cancer on our body, politics is evidence of deep sickness. There are many primary Youngman, who see no other option out of the current political situation than mass violence, is the ones who are taking steps to prepare for it. Being an online movement “boogaloo movement” recruits its members online and the current protests across the US provide the golden opportunity for them to take part in the real world. When the country is broken it allows them to come in and bring their ideas to flourish. It is an alarming state where the government should be concerned because these days need very little to do a whole lot of damage.

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‌This is not seen as a threat for they aren’t even a group, they have no leader, no local chapter, no manifesto or even unified ideology. US prosecutor says 3 boogaloo extremists were heading to a protest in downtown Los Vegas on May 30. The criminal complaint says Stephen “Kiwi” Parshall, 35, Andrew Lynam, 23, and William Loomis, 40, filled gas cans and made Molotov cocktails for protests. The 3 men were seen during a protest the day before they got arrested, encouraging violence by telling peace protest don’t accomplish anything. The case also reports that they started plotting back in April, planning to bomb a building near lake Maud at power substation and wanting to cause shows near Nevada protests by setting fireworks and smoke bombs. They are facing state and federal terrorism charges bail set at 1 million dollars for each of them.  The serious case that happened in Oakland California where authorities have charged In their men including Air Force staff Sergeant Steven Carrillo in connection with the murders of 2 law enforcement officers. he had used his blood in writing phrases on one of the cars that he carjacked.

Little groups like these can be busted but the problem remains that there is a massive sizable chunk of people who feed into these little groups especially in large platforms like Facebook which radicalizes people. Boogaloo movement is ‘young but growing’, the more divided the country is the more room they have for growth. Protest and rally are opportunities for extremist to spread their message through violence. For now, they haven’t moved into any real-world violence but the online threat doesn’t always remain virtual online. The main goal that needs focus right now is that the boogaloo movement doesn’t distract from the real movement of the protest. the rationale behind this fight Should not be forfeited and people’s voice should not be miscalculated.

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