Genius Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy During Your Galveston Vacation Ride

One of the main complaints of going to Galveston for a vacation is that the island resort city is quite far from the two airports that serve Houston. It is a 50-mile journey that can take to get to Galveston from Houston. It becomes even much more difficult when you are traveling with young kids. How do you keep them happy during that long trip from Galveston to Houston? While it can be challenging, it’s not entirely impossible to keep them happy. Here are creative ways to keep your young ones entertained. 
One way to keep your kids entertained and from causing trouble is to have them watch a movie. Fortunately, most luxury rental cars have amenities that allow you to convert your back seat into a movie theater. 
For instance, Lavish Ride has a fleet of luxury cars that feature the latest amenities to ke ep your kids entertained throughout the journey. One tip is to have the children themselves choose a movie for the rest of the people to watch. This way, they will feel as if they own the movie and concentrate on it.
Download Versatile Apps
The attention spans of kids are notoriously short, which makes it nearly impossible to find one app that can keep them engaged for more than 5 minutes as you barrel down the Galveston to Houston highway. One app that I usually recommend is Disney Now. It includes not only Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel offerings that appeal to all ages but also lots of hours of radio, games, trivia, and puzzles.
And for younger kids, you will find that the PBS Kids game and video apps are priceless. Also, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity in all Lavish Ride vehicles, your children will be guaranteed to accessing all their best apps on the go.
Riding on a car especially for a long trip like from Galveston to Houston is sure to breed hunger. It means you should bring lots of snacks, especially for your little ones. Diverse packs with serving boxes of Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, and Frosted Flakes are gold. However, make sure you include healthy snacks as well. For instance, you will want to carry some peanut butter, apples, carrots, and celery. Another suggestion is to bring a sweet treat or some suckers to give the kids at specific times during the ride to maintain good behavior. You may even want to stop by for an ice cream cone as it’s sure to put a smile on their faces.
Road Trip Bingo
When movies and music don’t cut it for your kids, you may want to mix things up with some classic games, and one of these is the Road Trip Bingo. This will turn common sights such as airplanes, stop signs, and police cars into an interactive as well as a competitive game.
You may also want to try other age-old favorites such as the game of Car Counting. Under this game, the first person to count ten of a certain vehicle is the winner. Another version of it is to License Plate game where the winner is the person that spots the highest number of states by the end of the ride.
Give them a say

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Most kids don’t like it when they are forced to do things that they do not want to. For instance, they will be naturally opposed to eating their vegetables, taking a long ride in the car, and going to school just to mention but a few. To solve this problem, let them have a time when they can decide what is done on the drive. When they want to see an attraction by the roadside or just want to take a break tell your chauffeur to stop the car. You could even let them choose music that no one is permitted to comment about. This trick works best with older children as you can allow them to plan out the music playlist of the day.
Another fun thing to keep children entertained throughout the ride is to devise a strategy where each passenger is allowed to pick a couple of songs. Everyone will be looking for their turn.
Have some toys on Hand
Kids of any age will always benefit from toys, and there is no known way of keeping them happy without any plaything. Have them choose a few of their favorite toys for the ride. Also, you could choose to purchase some low-cost toys at a local toy store and give them during the ride as gifts. Just having to unwrap the toys is sure to get them excited and upbeat.
Another option is to keep a bag of toys that are appropriate for your kids in the spaces between the car seats. This way, it’s easy for them to access them and be kept busy for the ride.
Keep the Use of Electronics to the Bare Minimum
While every Lavish Ride SUV or minivan features a theater system, and with chances that every kid in the US has a tablet, a smartphone, or even a Nintendo Switch, you need to keep the use of these gadgets to a minimum. Avoid turning your trip to Galveston into a big device palooza. 
But this can easily steal the rare opportunity of family bonding. Also, there is so much to savor and to learn from during the trip. The best idea is to stick to the normal road games. Later on, you can insist that the children do a couple of pages from educational workbooks.
Family vacations provide a great opportunity for bonding and spending some quality time together. However, kids can be difficult to travel with. You will need to find genius ways to keep them entertained throughout the journey. Fortunately, here are tips that can ensure smooth movement from Galveston to Houston and vice-versa. With the state-of-the-car vehicles from Lavish Ride and a professional chauffeur on the driving seat, you are guaranteed it will get even better. Our fleet of cars is well-maintained to give you and your kids the ultimate comfort. 

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