Has GOI Capped UPI Transactions To Favour Whatsapp – A Facebook Company Entry In India, Because Facebook Made Huge Investments In Reliance

Recently WhatsApp has been granted a license for its upcoming UPI app accessibility in India. Google and Walmart have criticized this action of the central government of India.

Whatsapp was struggling too hard to get the license for the past few years but was rejected every time. Now, the government has grated Whatsapp, which is powered by Facebook for UPI services.

Now let’s dive deep into the whole story that why companies like Google and Walmart are criticizing the central government.

So the government has been criticized by the giant firms for giving license for UPI services to Facebook. Of course, it will cause loss to them and add another competitor in the market, but they also pointed out the favoritism shown by India’s government.

The reason assumed that behind the government’s approval of Whatsapp UPI is that Facebook has acquired Whatsapp. So Facebook has been recently invested in Ambani’s venture. And we all know how much Ambani supports the government.

There are chances that Whatsapp got this deal because of Ambani’s good relationship with the central government.

Ambani has always been supported by the central government and invested in its election campaigning and rallies. We all remember how Mukesh Ambani launched Jio after the central government asked them to do.

It is true, whether accepted or not, that government benefits the businessmen who can give them funds and profits. Not only this year’s central government is giving deals to people who are in their good books, but every government who comes into power follows the same thing.

We all know how Uddhav Thackeray strived to save his son Aditya Thackeray from Disha Salian’s case. He not only fiddled with the evidence but gave wrong commands to police as well. We all know how things went straight from Sushant Singh Rajput‘s case, the Demolition of Kangana’s office, the Arresting of Arnab Goswami, and more. The state governments and the central government look forward to their profits and vote bank with their decisions made and plans implemented.

The central government has always been in support of Mukesh Ambani and his business empire. The release of Jio is the biggest evidence of the above statement. Not only this, there are many more things we issued in the public interest and not even issued in the public interest.

All of a sudden, the central government approved the UPI license for Whatsapp is again another evidence of how the government believes in favoritism and prioritizes their own profits first.

Of course, in the upcoming elections, or wherever the government will need funds and help, there will be the richest man of India, Mukesh Ambani, to help and support.

For better understanding, let’s go back to our beloved web series Mirzapur. You will be able to relate to the thing that happened.

So in the second season of Mirzapur, we observed how Kaleen Bhaiya, aka Akhandanand Tripathi, used the chief minister’s power and position for his personal benefits and business. We all remember that he offered the proposal to give funds to the party leader and would be CM. Not only this, he asked his son Munna Bhaiya aka Phoolchand Tripathi, to campaign for the elections so that they can generate the youth vote bank.

In fact, the differences created by Kaleen Bhaiya in the brothers Yadav brothers that led to rivalry followed by the murder of Surya Pratap Yadav by his brother JP Yadav.

After his death, Kaleen Bhaiya was not sad with his death but was sad that what is going to happen with his planned future benefits with the power of the chief minister’s designation. That was a reality, actually!

The businessmen offer funds and support to the existing government to profit and expand their business with the help of the government. It is a kind of give and takes relationship among the businessmen and government.

Yes, it is unfair! We are living in a democratic country where equality is among the pillars of the concept of democracy. No biased behavior, favoritism should be entertained, and we should think and take steps to stop this. Not only the public but the businessmen should also not indulge in unfair practices for their personal benefit. You never know which of your personal profit can risk your country’s security, safety, dignity, and more.

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