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How Coronavirus Covid19 Has Devastated & Destroyed Human Race And How It Will Continue To Do So In Long Run

Recent research has shown that the effects of Covid -19 on the human body are alarming and cannot be taken lightly.

Covid -19 can cause male infertility by harming the testicular cells, which produce sperms, therefore making it difficult to impregnate women, according to a study by scientists in Isreal.

In a journal of Fertility and Sterility, the study published claims that the studied men had a decline of around 50 percent on an average of the number of sperm per millimeter, the total volume of ejaculate as well as the mortality of the sperm.

One is not sure as to the severity of the problem and if the effects are irreversible or not.

It has been numerous months since the Covid-19 pandemic struck and put the entire world almost at a standstill.

What does the Coronavirus do to the Human Body?

Humans have genetic material in DNA; the coronaviruses have genetic material in RNA. While RNA has DNA similarities, they are not the same.

When the coronavirus infects the human body, they attach themselves to human cells, get inside and start making copies of their RNA, which helps them spread.

In recent studies on what Covid -19 does to the human body and its effects on different organs in the human body, the doctors in a review of reports about covid -19 patients said, Coronavirus damages are not limited to only the lungs, but it also affects

  • Kidneys,
  • Liver,
  • Brain, 
  • Nervous system, 
  • Skin, 
  • Gastrointestinal Tract, 
  • Cracked teeth, extensive decay, gum disease, TMJ pain from grinding,
  • Male infertility.
  • Immune System

According to studies and reports collected from medical teams worldwide, it has been found that the coronavirus attacks almost all major systems in the human body. 

It has the potential to damage the organs directly and causes the blood to clot; the heart can lose its healthy rhythm, kidneys to shed blood and protein, and the skin to erupt in rashes.

It causes headaches, dizziness, muscle ache, stomach pain, and other symptoms and more common symptoms like coughing and fever.

The virus does its damage because of the attraction for a receptor called ACE2, which acts as a molecular doorway into cells.

The cells lining the blood vessels, in the Kidneys, the liver ducts, pancreas, intestinal tract, and the respiratory tract are all covered with the ACE2 receptors, which the virus targets and thus infects cells.

The Covid -19 virus also triggers the Immune system. As the body fights the infection, it begins the production of ‘inflammatory proteins’ called cytokines. The body, in its defense, the inflammation can damage cells and organs.

Blood clotting has also been seen as one of the conditions brought on by the Covid-19 virus – direct damage to the cells lining the blood vessels,

interference with various clotting mechanisms in the blood itself, low blood oxygen caused by pneumonia can make the blood more likely to clot, clots can cause strokes and heart attacks and can even lodge in the lungs or legs, they clog the kidneys and interfere with the dialysis treatments needed in the sickest of patients.

People with diabetes can worsen as it affects and damages the pancreas.

The virus can also damage the brain. Still, doctors admit that some of the neurological effects may result from prolonged intubations and sedation as Covid -19 patients may need to be intubated for two to three weeks or more.

The immune system is weakened as the virus depletes the T-Cells that the body usually deploys to fight viral – infections.

With these complex findings, it can be said that the Covid -19 is a“multisystem disease,” said Dr. Aakriti Gupta, a cardiology fellow at Columbia who worked on the review, in a statement. Hence people with underlying diseases are at significant risk since their immune system is already compromised.

The Covid -19 spread and the number of infections were significantly reduced as the world went into ‘quarantine mode’; lockdown came into effect as one way to limit the spread and hence the number of infections.

However, the world soon saw that while it may be a conducive measure for the short term but not a suitable long term solution.

Economies in the world struggled to educate its people and the need for self-regulation and mandatory practice of ‘safe – distance,’ precautionary methods such as “wearing masks” and maintain “social – distancing.”

And with curbs on mass gatherings, many countries saw ‘rebel’ as people flouted rules and criticized the policy by sighting ‘Individual freedom’ as a right taken away by the policies implemented in respective countries.

However, the need and the importance of ‘these measures’ should not be taken lightly.

Reports and studies on the effects of Covid -19 on the human body and the complexity that the virus can induce on different organs in the human body, one can only begin to understand and fathom the importance of precautionary measures.

However, recent reports from the world over suggest that another wave of covid -19 may have begun as new infections are rising.

New reports are coming in from Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the US of a New Coronavirus Mutation in Mink Farms.

Experts may find newer strains. It is considered almost impossible to predict how the virus may change and what effects it may cause.

Covid -19 Vaccine – when what and how?

The race to develop the Covid -19 vaccine is in full swing.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world are working overtime to come up with a vaccine. However, the entire process is long and involves a lot of research, documenting, and critical clinical trials to understand the effects, suitability, and the final result.

Existing medications, such as flu shots, The BCG or Bacille Calmette Guerin vaccine, Pneumonia vaccine, MMR vaccine, etc., have been considered and used to see its effectiveness against the Covid -19 infections.

However, none of them have been touted as the vaccine for the Covid -19 virus.

Hence, trials worldwide are on, and the world still awaits the potential vaccine for Covid -19.

However, the fact is that while a vaccine may be developed for Covid -19, it can only help produce antibodies within the human body to help fight the infection. But it may not be considered a preventive medication. 

This would mean that a person who may have contracted the virus may get better with the vaccine’s help. It produces antibodies in the human body to fight the infection. Still, it does not mean that the virus cannot be contracted again! In which case, the entire cycle repeats itself. 

Precautionary measures, social and personal responsibility, and social–dancing cannot and should not be taken lightly. 

Developing a vaccine for Covid -19, clinical trials to study the effects and viability, and producing enough vaccine for the population worldwide is a mammoth task and requires careful study, research, and vast resources.

Hence, it can only be stressed that at the individual level – prevention is better than cure as the effects of the virus on the human body are complex. A more detailed study is needed to understand if these effects on the human body can be reversed.

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