How to Play Online Cricket Bets to Win

Sports betting is big business, and the world of online cricket betting has grown significantly over the last couple of years, with the expectation that industry expansion will continue for several more years to come. If you want to play online cricket betting to win, read on for ways to beat the sportsbooks who take a commission that you need to overcome to make a profit. Whilst a lot of this is luck, you can also give yourself an edge.

It is possible to bet on cricket each day, with domestic and international matches televised across the globe. The game of cricket is influenced by factors that can have a profound implication for the outcome of each match and innings and much of this information can be found on cricket betting sites. With an understanding of these factors and some research, a dedicated bettor can enjoy advantages that average punters miss out on.

Tournaments and formats

There are three major formats of cricket played at the international level under International Cricket Council rules and regulations which are five-day Test matches, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals which are all presided over by ICC match officials. The Twenty20 matches have been extremely popular with punters, with four main club tournaments, the biggest of which is the Indian Premier League, played over six weeks in April. In England, there is the Twenty20 Cup. Australia hosts the Big Bash and there is also the Caribbean T20. Finally, the Champions League Twenty20 sees international sides compete for the World Cup.

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Most popular bets

When betting in cricket, the most popular bets are placed on the Match winner, the date when a Test Match ends or if the Match is completed. When it comes to the innings, the most popular bets are for the leading batsman and the total number of runs.

General Rules for betting

The more research you do on the players the better your chances of winning against a sportsbook. This means understanding the players and how they perform in different formats, knowing their preferences and the best conditions for their skills. What this means is that you need to know that the best player in a Twenty20 may be a non-entity in Tests, like the West Indian Kieran Pollard. Likewise, Australian captain Michael Clarke is one of the best Test and 50 over batsmen in the world but has not made a mark at Twenty20.

Pitch conditions are important

It is rare to see Indian batsmen do well when touring England, Australia and South Africa. This can be blamed on the fact that Indian pitches are usually slow, with lower bounce than the other countries listed. Similarly, English players rarely produce their best on Indian pitches.

Pace of the pitch

The pace of the pitch refers to how the ball will react to the condition of the pitch in play. Hard cricket pitches are fast-paced with good bounce, though some grass pitches can also be fast since a new ball can skid off the surface. Cricket pitches with more grass can assist with seam and swing bowling, due to the moisture in the pitch. Worn and dusty pitches can create a spinning wicket.

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This is important because the team selection is based on the condition of the wicket. Also, it helps the captain who wins the toss decide whether to bat or bowl first, which over a five-day test match can be challenging since it has to be determined by weather conditions. Generally speaking, a dry wicket in dry conditions will have the team bat first, so they have a chance to bowl on a worn, spinning wicket. If the conditions are overcast, bowl first to make the most of the conditions. As an example of the impact of conditions, look at the 2009 Ashes series at Headingly where Australia bowled England out in overcast conditions on the first day for just 102, before making 445 on the same pitch once the sun came out, even though England were considered the better side over that year.

Expect drama

Be prepared for sudden changes in cricket better. Bad weather can reduce the number of overs in one-day matches through a complex formula known as the Duckworth Lewis method that will need monitoring as it significantly changes the odds for the match-winner. This can be your chance to win big.

Research past stats and results at each ground

Past trends at each ground, which can usually be found online, will offer useful clues when it comes to considering your bet on the match winner, pitch characteristics, innings totals and run-rate. The home advantage is particularly significant in cricket and there are many solid favourites in Test cricket where short odds are worth a punt.

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