How to Use a Pregnancy Test Kit?

Pregnancy tests available today are easy to use and very accurate, providing fast results typically in 3-5 minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly use a pregnancy test kit. Urine tests, also known as stick tests, are the most commonly used pregnancy tests. They detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in urine, which starts being produced immediately after conception.

Urine test kits like Prega News are inexpensive and readily available at pharmacies and online stores. The test kit can detect pregnancy from date of conception. Most tests today can detect before a missed period.

Understand Usage Instructions

Each test kit comes with detailed instructions on use. Read the instructions carefully first. Results can vary if test procedure is not accurately followed. Key things the instructions will cover:

  • Sample type & quantity – urine stream or dropper, amount needed
  • Sample collection – cup to collect urine
  • Usage steps – dipping test strip, number of drops in well etc.
  • Timing – how long to wait before reading result
  • Interpreting results – symbols indicating positive vs. negative

Failure to follow instructions can lead to evaporation lines or errors in results.

Prepare for the Test

Conduct test first thing in the morning using your first urine stream of the day as hCG concentration levels are highest then. This helps avoid false negatives.

  • Keep a collection cup ready for collecting urine sample.
  • Also keep a watch or timer nearby to keep track of timing while the test runs as per kit instructions.

Running the Test

Hold test stick by coloured end with arrows dipping down. Either place midstream urine onto absorbent tip till it turns fully pinkish or dip in urine stream/cup for 10-15 seconds maximum depending on kit.

Place on flat, dry non-absorbent surface like plastic tabletop instantly. Start timer as per kit instructions.

Avoid tilting or moving the test as it runs.

Await Results

Do not move or touch test while reaction occurs. When timer ends, check markings on the test window to see 1 or 2 colour lines, symbols like + or – etc.

Urine test results time varies from 1-5 minutes. Pale or faint lines still imply pregnancy. Even if a faint second line appears after allocated time, take it as a positive.

Invalid Result

Sometimes tests can get faulty and not run accurately. In that case you may notice:

  • No visible lines at all
  • Smudged colour runs instead of lines
  • Only control line shows up, while result line remains blank

This does not clearly confirm pregnancy. Retake using first morning urine with new test stick.

Confirm Result

Check test markings against images given in instructions to correctly interpret it as positive or negative result. While home pregnancy tests are largely accurate when directions are properly followed, you can get a blood test done at your healthcare provider later to reconfirm.

Understand Limitations

Home pregnancy tests try to mimic lab hCG test accuracy, but results can be impacted by dilution, expired test materials etc, rarely leading to false results. Recheck with a new early morning urine test if still unsure.

Test sensitivity also varies based on conceptions date. Very early pregnancies may take some days before producing enough hCG hormones for home test detection. 

Observe Precautions

While rare, also watch if you face any allergic reactions following use. Avoid ingesting any test components. Wash hands after testing.

How to Interpret Results

If you test positive, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider for counselling on health, diet and confirming if pregnancy location is intrauterine with an ultrasound scan.

Follow Up

If positive, book doctor appointments for vital follow-up care. Record your LMP date. If negative results still suspiciously seem like pregnancy, retest after 1 week in case of very early conception. Discuss options with your doctor.

Using a home pregnancy test like Prega News properly helps provide fast, confidential test results in the convenience of your home. With easy usage procedures, accurate results and clear guide manuals, they have become a trusted choice allowing early detection.

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