JIGLI and KHAJUR: Brothers from the same Mother, who work together in the film industry weather

Working in a team with someone close and who understands every idea that one has could just be a life changer!  What’s better than the example of the brothers who work together to direct and produce movies and TV shows that bring in huge success. 
Yes, we are talking about Director Nitin Jani and producer Tarun Jani better known by their common name ‘JIGLI and KHAJUR’.  Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani brothers are an astounding team of director and producer. 
The ‘JIGLI and KHAJUR’ are very popular in the film industries for their magnificent work. They have worked on numerous shows and films since the past 10 years. The contribution of these brothers to the film industry has been absolutely remarkable and artistic.
Working alongside our own siblings gives another level of confidence! . Besides, they have worked on other projects like ‘Aavuj Reshe’ a Gujarati film that did wonders after its release.  
Their YouTube channels, titled as ‘Jigli and Khajur’, ‘Khajur Bhai’,’Khajur Bhai Vlogs’ are very much popular among the native Gujarati people. The brothers individually and as a team have managed to reach millions of followers on their YouTube channels!
The Jani brothers or the ‘JIGLI and KHAJUR’ have travelled a long journey of life and success together. They have set new milestones and have constantly been unstoppable in reaching new heights with their amazing work.

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