Mohit Behl and Nitish Behl are creating a buzz in the online industry

Mohit Behl and Nitish Behl are creating a buzz in the online industry

The pandemic has fast-forwarded the way people used to converse, shop, and build their careers online. Whilst several businesses are adopting the online mode of commerce, it is imperative to understand the world of the Internet and emerge as a progressing brand. To help companies step ahead of the noise, these Behl brothers are doing wonders in the online industry for over a decade.


Small-towners have big dreams and the guts to transform them into reality – the Behl siblings stand testimony to that.

Coming from Lohian, a small town of Jalandhar, Punjab, these siblings are transforming the way the Internet is perceived and helping brands build their strong, impressive presence online and increase their ROI at the same time.

A sneak peek at the journey of the Behl brothers.

It all started while both Mohit and Nitish were still in school. While children of their age were still figuring out the right career choice for them, these siblings took up their first job in class 10th and made 20,000 INR every month. This job helped them get a better understanding of the way the market works. Fast forward to 2018; these brothers founded JMD Digital Inc in 2018 when they were still in college, pursuing computer science engineering and have continued to create an impression in the digital marketing domain.

These sibling duos have successfully broken the myth of waiting for the right age and time. They have proven that there is no “set time and age” for anything; it is you who needs to grab the opportunity and grab the most out of it.

The Behl brothers are examples of self-taught entrepreneurship who have come a lot with their experience in the industry.

Having graduated with a Computer Science degree, the Behl brothers also hold technical expertise and are skilled in various languages, including Android, Php, Java, C++, and more. These skills have led them to create their website, which is already ranking well on the SERP.

Having created several Facebook pages attracting around 20-25 million page visitors, this duo actively improves Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social handles.

Hustling towards their path, they have realised the importance of content in the industry. “Content is everything and is called King for a reason. Everything from SEO, gaining visibility, ranking on the top of the SERP, and others, everything depends on the content, and that is the reason we focus so much on the quality of the content and pass the same to our clients,” says Mohit Behl and Nitish Behl 22 and 23 years of age respectively.

The JMD Digital inc founders also highlight how often they come across clients who want quick results and expect an increased ROI. They also tell us how deeply they understand their clients’ needs, run immediate checks of their website and send them details faster of their websites’ current state along with suggested steps that can help them achieve their goals.

What started with just two siblings has grown into a full-fledged company with top-class employees. The JMD Digital Inc group today has a separate dedicated wing that handles everything content. There is a specific digital marketing team that looks after the On and Off-page SEO aspects and more.

These digital marketing specialists leave no stone unturned in transforming their clients’ brands and help them achieve the desired results. If you are someone who is looking for a proper consultation for your online website, you must reach out to JMD Digital Inc. without any second thoughts.

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