Why Is NEET Putting So Much Mental Pressure On Students 2020?

Why Is NEET Putting So Much Mental Pressure On Students 2020?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is an entrance examination for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS or BDS courses at either government or private institutions. The Medical Council of India has made this examination mandatory from 2013. This examination is considered to be a very appropriate way as it equally prioritizes every section of society. 

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How Many Medical Seats?

There are seats allocated on three prospects

  • Government quota
  • Government quota in private colleges
  • Management quota

There are very few thousand government seats having fees in thousands but has competition in a huge number. There are few government seats in private colleges which may cost up to 7-8 lakhs per year. Deemed colleges have fees of about 20 lakhs per year. The few thousand seats also get allotted according to reservation rules which can lead to injustice to the more mark scorer sometimes.

How do the seats get allotted in the medical college?

The seats get allotted based on the rule of reservation given by the government of India. Open category-31%, backward caste-30%, most backward caste-20%, scheduled caste-18%, scheduled tribe-1. 

There is a method called the ‘loop rule method’ which is used during the counseling. This method is basically filling up all the seats in the open category, no matter what the caste of the student is, and filling up the seats in the other reserved category only after the open category seat gets filled. How could this be called a fair way? Isn’t this a major disadvantage for the students who are competing in the unreserved category? The NEET examination is fair but the only thing that isn’t fair enough is the counseling part. There are two major mistakes that need to be rectified.

The First Mistake:

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For instance, let’s consider two students who want to get admitted into the same well recognized medical college. Student A (SC) has scored 400 and student B (OC) has scored 600. The OC seats are already filled by other reservations. Now more priority is given to student A who has scored 400. What should student B do now? Doesn’t his hard-work go unrecognized? Isn’t India fighting against the caste system? The only fair thing that should be done is to let everyone participate in the open category and only then we could call this examination a proper way of selecting future doctors.

The Second Mistake:

The government definitely needs to provide proper information before the exam itself and only then, the student would be able to avoid unwanted chaos in the future. The new rules should be only implemented in the upcoming year with proper information provided that the details are given prior to the examination. The mental health of the youth should also be taken into concern.

One such sudden new rule is that of the total seats in Tamil Nadu, 7.5 % should be given to the government students. Though it may be a great advantage to the government students, it fails to give justice to the other students. A government student who scores 160 get admitted to the topmost college in Tamil Nadu and the other student who scored around 500 doesn’t even deserve a seat anywhere.

The only way this needs to be corrected is by providing every student a common education and not bringing up such rules which are unjust. Instead of making the reservation, the government can bring a proper education and coaching to the government students. 

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How Can the Students Help Each Other?

85 % of the seats are given to state quota and the rest 15 % is given to all India quota. The students who have scored high marks could enter the same desired medical college through all India quota so that the rest of the seats can be given to students who have scored fewer marks than them.

From next year, NEET compulsory for admissions into AIIMS and JIPMER too- EdexliveIs Mental Health of Students At Stake?

This pandemic has affected the student both in mental and physical ways. This 7.5 % reservation, though it gives hope to a few students, destroys the majority of student’s dream. The lifelong dream can not be broken for a new rule that’s being implemented for some political reasons. The rule can be implemented but as said only after prior proper information so that the students can make up their mind and get into other fields.

Is NEET Examination Highly Competitive?

NEET examination has become a highly competitive entrance examination because people all over India is focusing on this one exam after the cancellation of AIIMS and JIPMER. With this 7.5 % reservation, the total purpose of NEET is defeated. The government should have informed it earlier or should have arranged some more medical seats before implementing it. The ruling authority helps the government students as they do not have enough money to get admitted to private medical colleges which costs almost a few lakhs. Fair enough? Yes. Nobody’s dreams should be killed and this will absolutely be a ray of hope for many students too.

The government should look into every part of the society and execute them so that it favors not just a single section but everyone. The NEET examination has received objections from certain people of Tamil Nadu. The prime concern is either given to the great IQ of the student or the money bribed by them. What will the students who are on average do?

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Having said that NEET examination isn’t a problem for any student who can grab the concept and learn. The only worry is that even after getting a good score in NEET, one couldn’t get into a college is the biggest trouble. The government can provide at least 250 extra seats as it can provide relief to the borderline students. The one motto that needs to be remembered by the government is, striving to achieve justice for all people.



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