Ram Raaj Uttar Pradesh is becoming a rape capital rapidly & Yogi Baba is Cool and worry-free about it

Imagine a situation where a gruesome act of violation, a rape, has been committed, the act itself is enough to send a shiver down the spine of the woman against whom this act has been committed, but while this act has happened, the woman has also had her private parts brutalized, her back and her legs broken; she has been injected to make her dizzy such that she is unable to identify her attackers and she later writhing in pain dies.

Yes, this is precisely what happened to this young college going student who had gone to pay her college fees, a girl who was also supporting herself via working in a private firm; little did she know that on the said day, she would be forcibly abducted by men in whose hands she would undergo the torture of the extreme; only to be dumped in an autorickshaw half dazed and telling her mother that the pain was too much to bear and that she will not survive this ordeal, she after this atrocity died.

Uttar Pradesh, it seems, is fast becoming the capital for atrocities committed against women. The whole of the country was shocked and ashamed of the brutal rape and death of Hathras girl, and the entire case was widely covered in all news channels and print media.

Despite the sensitivity and gruesomeness that the case depicted, the act itself got sidelined and shadowed by the political controversy and the police’s questionable role in handling the Hathras case.

Even as the nation was digesting the painful episode involving a young girl, two more cases were reported from the state in quick succession.

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Shocking reports came in from Azamgarh, Bulandshahr, Balarampur; in Azamgarh, a young girl aged eight years was raped by a 20 – year – old man in a village in Jiyanpur area of Uttar Pradesh. The accused had told the child’s mother that the young girl would be taking her bath in his home; when she returned, the young girl was bleeding and writhing in pain and was later taken to the hospital where the doctors stated her condition to be serious.


In Bulandshahr again, a minor girl aged 14 was raped by her neighbor. In Balrampur, a 22-year-old college-going Dalit student was gang-raped, brutalized, and killed. This 22-year-old student was not only studying but also working in a private firm; she arrived back home in an autorickshaw in a semi-conscious state; she had a cannula (which is a tube that can be inserted in the body to deliver or remove fluids); It seems that this young girl was given a lethal injection before she was raped.


The girl was intercepted by 3 – 4 men who forcibly put her in a car, injected her, raped her, they broke her back and legs, and sent her back in an autorickshaw.

The girl is reported to have told her mother in her semi dazed state that she was ‘in a lot of pain and will not survive,’ she died.


Here are the facts – 

  1. 11 Rape cases are reported every day in Uttar Pradesh
  2. 1 Rape happens every 16 minutes in India, and Uttar Pradesh tops the list
  3. 14 girls are targeted every day on an average
  4. 7.3 % increase in rape cases over 2019 – 20 
  5. 87 Rape cases were reported daily in 2019
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As per the data released by the NCRB, UP tops the list of states that is the most dangerous and cruel with as many as 87 rape cases reported daily in the year 2019, but the figures for 2020 will be much higher going by the number of cases reported in the media and many that have not been covered by the media.


However, the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, has taken it upon himself to introduce the ‘love jihad’ law but has not said much on the rape cases that are being reported every day from the state.


He has not come in support of women, and neither has he cautioned the men of committing such cruel acts; no laws have been contemplated upon to ease the situation and the predicament that the women of the state are facing every single minute of every single day.


Why is he silent on these issues? Do the women of the state not figure as a priority? Is there wellbeing and safety not important? Why has he has not directed the police to act swiftly and with sensitivity towards these events?

These questions are valid and important, and it is equally important and essential that the state take these matters seriously.

While strict laws are needed, it is also crucial that the men are sensitized towards women; women are not commodities that can be used and vandalized, thrown, or killed. 

It shows the deep-rooted evil social structure prevailing in the country in the present times.

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Villages are not safe; cities are not safe. Our entire nation is not safe for this gender, which struggles every day either molested or raped, left to deal with the situation and the consequences on their own.

Education has not helped, Financial independence has not helped – because until the society is not ready to give women her fundamental right to safety and security, all the strides that we have made so far – ‘Beti Padao Beti Bacho’ will not help.


The ‘Jungle Raaj’ will continue to take its victims, minor girls, women even the aged women are not safe against this brutality as is evident by the latest incident of rape in Badaun, where a 50-year-old Anganwadi worker was allegedly gang-raped by a priest and two of his associates and later murdered.


It shows the vulgarity, the thought process, and the hunger that these men have and the ill they feel towards women, who are treated like animals, butchered and slaughtered every day to satisfy their grim fantasies.


Is it not enough? How much more needs to happen, how many more women need to be vandalized in the state of UP and the country?










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