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Rashi Narang: The Animal Lover Entrepreneur

The “boring” was extremely accentuated, and out of it shined Rashi Narang’s passion for dogs and alternative pets! “We are India’s exclusive luxury complete for ‘pawsh’ and fun dog dressmaking. Our merchandise varies from cozy and customised dog beds, stylish collars and leashes, trendy dog attire, to associate awful vary of accessories for pets and pet lovers! Heads Up for Tails could be a tiny business created with countless love and keenness for what we have a tendency to do!” says Rashi, introducing Heads Up for Tails. Heads Up for Tails was launched in 2008 when a year of analysis and understanding the pet

Rashi feels that the pet business in Republic of India remains at an awfully emergent stage however is slowly and sure as shooting growing! “There could be a heap a lot of awareness than once we 1st come into being. Dogs have become a part of the family currently, that is basically a pleasure to see!” she adds.

Forming a team was terribly difficult, and for the longest time Rashi managed each side of the business on her own. “We have a superb team now- and I am terribly happy with every of them. every of them came to bear with American state through friends and family. the foremost vital issue on behalf of me is that every of them love dogs, and are terribly enthusiastic about what they do!” adds Rashi, introducing her team.

The all-girls team includes: Shreya, an enormous dog lover United Nations agency pampers her a pair of beautiful dogs over anyone else. She includes a degree in psychological science from the University of national leader, and handles Business development at Heads Up for Tails. Tanya could be a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has three beautiful dogs United Nations agency she adores! A compulsive, with a love for Fashion, Tanya makes some real special stuff for HUFT! Meher loves animals- could or not it’s camels, birds or dogs, and virtually includes a miniature installation in her house! a tremendous creative person- Meher has been the in-house photographer for Head’s Up for Tails ever since they started. Aakriti could be a freelance TV producer and writer/ blogger primarily based in metropolis. At HUFT she combines her passion of writing along with her love for Dogs and handles content writing for his or her web log. “It’s very fun to possess associate all women’s team! a lot of to lady power!” says associate passionate Rashi.

HUFT has regarding five hundred merchandise on supply and new ones are other hebdomadally. “Our best sellers are our collars and accessories like bandanas, and bowties! Our beds are highly regarded too. we have a tendency to customise beds to suit into people’s homes so they match with their home ornamentation. we have a tendency to conjointly take variety of customized orders for attire etc.” adds Rashi.

For the Heads Up for Tails complete, they indigenously manufacture most of the things. For alternative brands they purchase the inventory and stock all merchandise in house so that they will be certain of its availableness and excellent condition before causing out orders. “This is unquestionably dearer for a little company like ours, however it’s vital on behalf of me to be ready to ship out orders in time, and to examine the quality/condition of the merchandise before I do. Moreover, since the business is fairly unmethodical, several suppliers don’t have a supply system in situ and are sadly terribly unreliable. I hope this can amendment soon!” says Rashi.

“I am associate animal person- I’ve continually been drawn to them and that they to American state. Ever since I will keep in mind, I have been rescuing very little puppies or hurt/injured dogs, feeding stray animals etc. It offers American state vast pleasure and that I continually want I might do a lot of. it’s my dream to be ready to home and shield tons and plenty of animals in would like, and I am saving up to open my dream animal shelter. Meanwhile, we have a tendency to support each animal connected cause that we are able to. we have a tendency to are a little company, and funds are restricted therefore I am unable to do a lot- however we have a tendency to gift merchandise, partner in events, facilitate find homes for stray or abandoned pups, sponsor medical treatments etc. It very isn’t enough thought. Lots a lot of to come!” Rashi adds on a final note.

Rashi Narang had a first-class journey from learning within the London college of economic science to operating in a very international bank however her passion for pets brought her to entrepreneurial ground eventually. She owns India’s exclusive luxury complete of fun dog craft. because the founding father of “Heads Up for Tails” and a mother, she has seen several ups and down and full-grown with each smart and unhealthy expertise.

Rashi has all girls team and every one among them could be a dog lover. Presently the startup caters to ten,000+ shoppers and has created a mark with its innovative merchandise and impeccable service. we have a tendency to inquired however restricted resources and minimum support semiconductor diode her to be one among the foremost loved girls’ entrepreneurs of Republic of India and located some attention-grabbing and psychological feature stuff for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Be extra-ordinary: notice the sting then push past it! Soak it all up! There’s most to find out a day. If you stop learning, you can’t grow. Execution is that the most significant a part of your day. you’ll have 1,000,000 nice ideas however if you can’t execute them, they’re value nothing!

Dream your dream. Follow your heart. Imagine. hear the wind. Drink sunsets. Be free. Let the marvel ne’er stop. Believe. want on each star. produce journey. Be Kind.



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