Republic Bharat vs Aaj Tak: Here’s Something We Should All Know About The Controversy

In this article, I would like to raise the question of where the status of India Television Media is going? There are so many important issues our nation is experiencing, but the media is fighting with each other just to prove its excellence and prominence. In fact, not only this the state government of Maharashtra, why are they all of a sudden running behind exposing fake TRP to prove what or to control what?

In this article, I will be talking about the various aspects of the Republic Bharat vs Aaj Tak controversy.

Republic Bharat


The nation is full of burning issues that affect masses like GDP, Hathras rape, Farmer’s Bill strike, and more. Then why this media house is stuck to the NCB’s celebrity drugs racket and trying to solve the Sushant Singh Rajput Murder Mystery? The nation wants to know about the Sushant Singh Rajput Murder Mystery, but that doesn’t mean that the media house can completely ignore the Hathras rape case or any other prominent topic! Just a small piece of information is efficient revealing who all celebrity is involved in the drug case, and just a 5-minute broadcast is sufficient to inform the citizens that Rhea Chakroborty is released on bail by the court. What is the need for broadcasting this information the whole day? Having debates on the same topic and just talking about the celebrities who are under NCB’s radar? 

No doubt Republic Bharat has shown tremendous courage to question Uddhav Thackeray’s government who has nearly spread the message that no one is allowed to question the state government. If someone does so, he/she irrespective of the status of the person will be threatened by the government after the Kangana Ranaut case. Arnab Goswami has literally with lots of courage and openly asked questions on the flaws of Uddhav sarkar, not after Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death, but before that too the whole channel has bluntly and freely pointed on the state government with no fear. But the question is, why is the media house so much behind the celebrity drug case? 

They are doing good but should not miss the other prominent topics happening in the nation. The debates should be organized but to discuss more important topics like a rape case, farmer’s bill, GDP, and any other issue. 

A news channel role is to present and share every prominent information with the public that is happening in the country. A news channel is not the secret investigative team to solve the murder mystery cases with their own set of predictions. They are meant to reveal the truth not to give various assumptions about the truth and not to discuss about the possibilities of what all happened, can be happened, is have happened.

Now let’s move on to the other news channel, which is a part of the controversy.

Aaj Tak


Have you ever thought of interviewing someone who is involved in a murder mystery as the main suspect? No? Aaj Tak did it! 

Do you remember the Jiya Khan suicide case? Who was the culprit of her suicide? Was Suraj Pancholi gave an interview at that time? No, because Jiya Khan’s suicide case didn’t get too highlighted and the suspect or culprit was easily saved from the case. But the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case was a big highlight, and almost everyone was talking about it. Therefore, to gain views and play the TRP game Aaj Tak conducted a pre-planned interview with Rhea Chakravorty. Why? What was the need to have an interview with a suspect? 

However, Aaj Tak did a commendable task when they visited Hathras for the live coverage and highlighted the issue that happened a lot. Many reporters including Chitra Tripathi went to Hathras to cover the incident where government officials stopped them, misbehaved, forcefully took them into the cars, and left them far from the Hathras border. The alerting part was there were only female reporters who faced the misbehave by the government officials and Uttar Pradesh Police. Still, they showed a lot of courage and fearlessness and stick to the whole incident happened. Police forced the cameraman to shut the cameras, but the reporters were much active to question the police and didn’t let the cameras get closed so that they can show the live incident happened with them.

Aaj Tak was very much vocal about the Hathras rape, but the thing was they made people question them before the Hathras case broadcast due to the pre-planned interview with Rhea Chakravarty. However, Aaj Tak never cleared on which side they were but presented themselves as a very neutral news channel which is fighting for the truth to come out.

The media plays with the women’s card!

The women card is played several times and twisted to support individual interest by the Indian media. Yes! We are talking about women empowerment and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, but Indian media is portraying and highlighting issues related to women just to gain views and TRPs. 

The Rhea Chakravarty and media persons! 


Not a long time ago, we all saw how Rhea Chakravarty used to get the fence in by the reporters of various media channels. Yes she was a suspect, but the thing we should not forget is that she is ‘SHE’ and not ‘HE.’ 

Again there were examples of how Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were taken with all due respect to jail and court for the hearings. What is the reason behind the respect and treatment given by the media? The crime? No! The gender!

If you are counting Rhea Chakravorty as the murderer of Sushant Singh Rajput, then who is Salman Khan? he is the murderer of an animal! The strange but bitter truth that we live in a country where the disclaimer starts with the statement that no animals were harmed during the shooting of the film, but the superstar himself drink and drive and kills an animal. Whereas, a girl who has not yet been proved as the culprit is treated with no basic gender respect! 

If a girl is surrounded by so many men who are almost trying to discomfort her with their behavior, is it, we called women empowerment and respect that should be given to a woman? 

The question here is just to gain TRP or views a girl was discomforted, and not a single media channel raised a question on this! Why? Is it the role of media? Or just the media is totally bound by making money and generating revenues?

BMC VS Kangana Ranaut


Why did BMC threaten Kangana Ranaut? There were so many other actors who raised the question on the government then why did the government target Kangana Ranaut? Just because she asked the questions with no butter coating and bluntly expressed her views. No! Because she is a girl! Why did Shivsena supporters say that they will break her mouth? Is this the way you should talk? 

Why did BMC suddenly found the illegal construction of Kangana’s office? Were they all sleeping when she filed the registration? Why did this disrespect happen with a female and not a male? 

The disrespect with the female media persons!


A few months back, we have seen how two reporters of India Tv faced misbehaving from the people while reporting from Shaheen Bagh. This didn’t stop here! Many times female correspondents have to face all this misbehave either from the people or from the government officials! Why don’t people try to mess with male reporters? Isn’t gender playing a big role here too? Yes, it is!


A few days back a reporter of Aaj Tak faced irrespective behavior of the government officials and Uttar Pradesh police when she was broadcasting from Hathras on the rape case issue. 

Not even this an illiterate maulvi comes in the show messes with the highly qualified Rubika Liyaqat in the name of religion and leaves. Why no maulvi tries to mess with some Muslim journalist? Here’s the gender power that is enjoyed by the males of the country.

Now you must be wondering why I pointed these few incidents? Here’s the answer:

Media pays with the women’s card as they want to! This is done because to top the TRP game. Why did the media person try to discomfort a female celebrity suspect and not the male celebrity suspects? Why then there were no questions asked about what happened with Rhea Chakravorty? Because this was giving them a TRP boost! Again why was the Kangana Ranaut’s and BMC battle got highlighted? Only to boost the TRP with the conflict between Kangana Ranaut and BMC! As media highlighted how a woman was threatened! Next comes is why Chitra Tripathi was sent to the Hathras after they found their female correspondent was misbehaved? Why didn’t they sent a male to tackle the whole situation and police? Just because they can play with the women card that how women in India face misbehaves if she is fighting for truth. Why didn’t they took any action against what happened and why kept on reporting? However, it was the commendable task of both Chitra Tripathi and another reporter to fight and raising their voice against the behavior of the police authorities. 

The media only works on TRP, wherever they get the TRP from they highlight that point only. The thing that should be highlighted by the media was the Hathras rape case and many other threats that are happened to the women of the society? I ask which media house did highlight and conducted debates when Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter was given rape threats? Just like the way Sushant Singh Murder mystery is in the spotlight why was Jiya Khan’s suicide case was not even questioned properly? 

Therefore, the media plays with the women’s card if it gets them to boost the TRP of the channel. 

Now, let’s move further with the Republic Bharat controversy!

The Maharashtra Government


Have you all heard about dictatorship within a democracy? Maharashtra government is trying to do that only. Why there was a threatening situation happened with a girl who raised a question against the Maharashtra government? Why all of a sudden, the police realized that there is a channel that is indulged in getting fake TRP? That too even after Rhea Chakravorty got out on bail?

Apart from this the police commissioner of Mumbai, Param Vir Singh didn’t mention other names which were included in the Hansa list. Later the republic media network issued a press release that clearly mentions that India Today was the one whose name was actually mentioned in Hansa list. Arnab Goswami reacted and shouted a lot on his channel against Param Vir Singh.

The thing we should be focusing on is why all of a sudden Uddhav government focuses on the TRP scam that too after Rhea Chakravorty got released from jail. Where was Uddhav sarkar when they were supposed to take action against the Palghar mob lynching? They didn’t go for any investigation and just shut down the case with no solid actions taken?

Why is the central government sleeping? Maharashtra government is a zero-tolerance for anything that goes against them, then why not the central government should catch hold the people who origination Delhi riots? Why are those people living freely who used to say Hindustan tere tukde honge inshallah!

If the question comes on the religion and people say that BJP government is supporting Hindus then why have they left those people out who clearly said at JNU campus that Hindutva ki Kabar khudegi Hindustan ki dharti par?

The main question arises here that why both central and state government are not working on issues like GDP, women safety, education, poverty, and more. The state government are trying to support their personal agendas, and the central government are letting anti-nationalism grow in the country.

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