Samir Badpoureh budding seeker in the world of Entrepreneurs

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Success demands passion and only a few people achieve this by putting efforts. Entrepreneurs have unique abilities and they know very well what will pave their way to success, and Samir Badpoureh stands a unique entrepreneur.

Samir Badpoureh is a 27 year old young lad who’s acing in the field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are opportunists and so is Samir, he has got a Strong Desire to Achieve the most of everything. He’s fruitfully working in the respective niche for more than 8 years and exhibits various skills in the field of entrepreneurship.

Samir displays highly professional skills in his work and he continuously works upon them to Make them better. He has got expertise Business management skills, Financial skills and Customer service skills that are crucially important for a great Entrepreneur. Samir believes in Teamwork and leadership as key points to achieve the objectives.

Being an entrepreneur Samir has a vision towards achieving great things in life and looks forward to make it happen in future. He aims to Sketch an appropriate business plan along with Hiring and retaining a skilled workforce. He craves Financial stability and utmost growth. Samir is unstoppable and wants to become highly and equally sufficient in each sector as a step towards growth and success.

Samir is a thoughtful person and wants to convey his message to the society. He believes that The world as we know it would not be what it is if it weren’t for the brilliant and creative minds of entrepreneurs. When we talk about entrepreneurs, we often equate them with business people. While both share certain qualities, there’s much more to an entrepreneur compared to a business owner. They are not exactly one and the same.

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