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Groundbreaking Debut: Soundarya, Kannada’s First AI News Anchor, Joins Power TV

Groundbreaking Debut: Soundarya, Kannada’s First AI News Anchor, Joins Power TV

On July 11, 2023, Power TV, a prominent 24/7 Kannada news channel, made a groundbreaking move by introducing Soundarya, the first AI news presenter in the Kannada language. This development marks the entry of Artificial Intelligence into Kannada newsrooms, further revolutionizing the media landscape. 

During her inaugural news show, Soundarya confidently introduced herself as a “robot anchor” and discussed the far-reaching impact of AI on the TV news industry. Drawing parallels with the trend in North Indian news channels, where robot anchors have garnered attention, Soundarya expressed her excitement about becoming South India’s pioneering robot news anchor through Power TV.

Groundbreaking Debut: Soundarya, Kannada's First AI News Anchor, Joins Power TV

Soundarya’s debut as an AI news presenter signifies a major stride in media technology, paving the way for further integration of AI into news broadcasting. With the ability to generate real-time news updates, AI-powered anchors like Soundarya have the potential to streamline news delivery and improve efficiency in newsrooms. 

While this technological advancement sparks curiosity and enthusiasm among viewers, it also raises questions about the future role of human anchors in the evolving media landscape. As the world witnesses the progressive adoption of AI in newsrooms, Soundarya’s introduction on Power TV is a testament to the rapid strides of technology in reshaping the journalism landscape.

Following the launch of Soundarya as an AI news presenter on Power TV, the news channel initially introduced her as “South India’s first AI anchor.” However, some social media users were quick to point out that similar experiments had already been undertaken by Malayalam and Telugu news channels, which featured AI-powered anchors. In response to the feedback, Power TV later amended its statement, describing Soundarya as “Kannada’s first AI news anchor.”

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The correction reflects the growing interest and experimentation with AI in the media industry, with various regional news channels embracing this technology to enhance news delivery and engage their audience. As AI-powered anchors continue to make inroads into different language newsrooms, they are likely to become more prevalent across diverse media platforms, transforming the way news is presented and consumed. 

Soundarya’s introduction on Power TV demonstrates the dynamic nature of technological advancements in the journalism sector, prompting news outlets to adopt and adapt to innovative solutions in the pursuit of efficient news reporting.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in newsrooms is gaining momentum, with more regional Indian channels embracing the technology to introduce AI-powered news anchors. Following Power TV’s launch of Soundarya, another channel, News First Kannada, unveiled its AI-assisted anchor, Maya.

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This year has witnessed several significant developments in the AI news presenter space across India. In March, the India Today group introduced the country’s first AI news presenter, Sana, for their Hindi channel, Aaj Tak. Building on this trend, in April, Malayalam news channel MediaOne TV made a similar move by introducing a male AI news anchor. 

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The integration of AI-powered anchors into news broadcasts is transforming the traditional landscape of news delivery, indicating a growing focus on innovative technologies within the media industry. As these advancements continue, AI is likely to become an integral part of newsrooms, revolutionizing the way news is presented and consumed across different regional languages.

The introduction of AI-powered news anchors is gaining attention and generating excitement in the media industry. In a recent development, Odia news channel OTV made waves on the internet with its AI newscaster, Lisa, who delivered a flawless presentation in both Odia and English languages. 

The use of AI in news broadcasting is redefining the way news is delivered, and such innovative implementations are capturing the interest of viewers and industry professionals alike. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more groundbreaking developments in AI news presenters, further revolutionizing the news industry and enhancing the overall news-watching experience.

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Indeed, AI news anchors in India are currently in the experimental phase, and their full integration into breaking news segments may take some time. At present, news channels are utilizing them for presenting short news bulletins, often incorporating voiceovers recorded by human journalists, which are then lip-synced by the AI presenter. While this technology offers exciting possibilities for enhancing news delivery, there are concerns from certain quarters about its potential impact on human jobs in the industry.

As AI technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, news organizations need to strike a balance between leveraging the benefits of AI-powered news presenters and preserving human jobs in journalism. While AI can streamline news production and improve efficiency, it cannot entirely replace the unique skills and perspectives that human journalists bring to storytelling. 

Ensuring responsible and ethical AI implementation will be crucial to address these concerns and harness the potential of this technology without compromising the value of human journalism.




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