“Success is never spoonfed, or served on a plate of delectables”-delineates Fahad Sharif!

Hardships are a part of your journey to the summit, and your endeavors lie at the core of your breakthrough. This candidly righteous phrase defines the perspective of Fahad Sharif, a prodigious and spectacular 22-year-old entrepreneur. Residing in the city of lights-Karachi, Pakistan, Fahad is the illustrious founder and CEO of Alecto Media LLC, a U.K.-based online marketing firm, and the manager of the Travel Magazine Pakistan LTD.
A three-word rule is what has governed Fahad’s journey to this standpoint. Determination, passion and Hardwork are the three words that have always been the driving force for him. “From passion emerges determination, when amalgamated with the true intent and undying hard work, one ends up in realizing their goals. If you can visualize it, you are halfway there. Never underestimate the value of these three, intermingled in the correct proportions, can definitely chaperone one to the doors of success.
Fahad, who currently is a globally acknowledged entrepreneur, with an astonishing skillset in his mere 20s, has significantly influenced the lives of thousands through his skillset. He has aided clients from over 40+ major countries across the world through content curation, social media marketing, PR, and Marketing Campaigns for Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Celebrities, skills, and people alike. Over the span of a few years, he has been an indispensable part of million-dollar ventures.
Yet, there exists no journey without hardships. Fahad actively believed that to acquire the ulterior motive in his life, he required to focus greatly. Consequently, he zeroed down on the decision of dropping out. Though his parents were reluctant, with unwavering faith and belief, Fahad decided to drop out of the institution and laid down the fundamentals of a budding social media empire.
Things weren’t a garden of roses initially. With the goal of procuring a Billion Dollar firm, to facilitate his clients, he wishes to adapt, acing the business realm in all the possible ways. Being a young entrepreneur, the experience was his sole way forward. He always believed that challenges pave the way to the goal. Commencing his journey, he, unfortunately, made a few wrong decisions, and invested on the wrong end, consequently losing a fortune. Nevertheless, with an undying determination and brimming optimism, he adapted and learned effectively from his mistakes, and strived to acquire the aim.  In time, he had established his dominance in the market and has been emerging as a young entrepreneur of the epoch.
Inspirational and driving, Fahad’s journey implies that he is meant to acquire the peak and will surely be the greatest of all time. His every step forward would be an event to keep an eye on!

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