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The Bizzare case of ‘magic mushrooms’ growing in a man’s blood after he injected himself with the same

Can one imagine ‘magic mushrooms’ growing in one’s bloodstream?

Well, a bizarre case has been reported from Nebraska, US, where a 30-year-old man injected tea made from psychedelic mushrooms and then proceeded to inject it into his veins.

He was rushed to the hospital by his family members, who noticed that he seemed to be confused and acting strange.
It came as quite a surprise to both the hospital authorities and the family when they discovered the growing fungi’ magic mushrooms’ in his bloodstream, causing the man to experience organ failure.

According to the case report published in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, the man is also diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type one. Further investigation revealed that the man had missed taking his medications and had been experiencing a series of a maniac and depressive episodes. (episodes of euphoria and depression typically characterize Biopolar Disorder).

The family revealed that during one of such swings episodes, the man was trying to find ways and researched how to reduce opioid intake, anxiety, and depression, and read that psilocybin, the drug that is found in magic mushrooms, could be used for the same.

However, while research has shown, and also a study carried out by researchers at John Hopkins, it has been noted that the drug, particularly with the cancer patients, helped those suffering from bouts of depression, but the drug is ‘not meant to be injected.’

In this case, however, the man had brewed a tea made from the magic mushrooms and had injected the same in his body, the result the fungi started to grow in his bloodstream, causing organ failure.
After a couple of days, he started to experience fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting blood, and eventually developed jaundice. When his family found him in this state, they rushed him to the emergency.

While the medical fraternity carried out their investigation and ordered a series of tests, a blood sample, the result which caught them with a huge surprise; the mushrooms had started to grow in the man’s bloodstream.
This had led to his organs shutting down one by one; the growing mushrooms had damaged his liver and kidneys; the patient had to be eventually put on a ventilator as he was unable to breathe on his own and had his blood filtered for toxins.

The man was kept in the hospital for 22 days and later discharged with prescriptions of antibiotics and an anti-fungal treatment that he needed to take for a few days to come.

The strange case of being injected with embalming fluid

In another bizarre case, this time from Russia, a woman was accidentally given an IV drip containing formaldehyde solution (embalming fluid) instead of saline.
The solution is sometimes used as part of the process called embalming, which is used to preserve dead bodies.
The 27-year-old woman, who was given the fluid, accidentally suffered immense pain and convulsions before falling into a coma. Her body was unable to process the same, and she later died.
The injected fluid had caused her red blood cells to rupture and led to another condition where she had too much acid in her blood, leading to a string of organ failure.

Covid – 19 induced toxicity in the body

Medical practitioners in the country were astounded as the number of cases in which toxicity related to higher consumption of immune boosters and even natural ingredients and herbs led people to adopt unhealthy practices.

One of the culprits of the same was the promotion by the government on immunity-boosting practices using herbs – remember Baba Ramdev – famous covid -19 cure which later was termed as an immune booster.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had repeatedly asked people to follow an advisory issued by the Ministry of Ayush, which has suggested a range of home remedies to boost immunity, including consumption of turmeric, honey, ginger, and concoctions.

The central government had also recommended a course of ‘Arsenicum album 30’, which is a homeopathic medicine.

However, the PM’s advisory led to side – effects of over-consuming natural products. Doctors suddenly seemed to flood with patients that had experienced significant side effects leading to this advisory.

In Kerala, a doctor came across a patient who had consumed a concoction of fenugreek seeds – two glasses of fenugreek boiled water a day, which in large doses can lead to thinning of blood and can dangerously cause bleeding events in patients with or without liver disease.

In particular, another trend is the drinking of aloe vera juice, which can be very dangerous in the medical opinion since it induces liver injury.

Doctors also came across patients that had made it a habit to consume turmeric in high doses – case in point a patient who had consumed two tablespoons of turmeric with water three times a day for the last 2 – 3 months as prevention for Covid -19; as a result, he had yellow eyes but no sign of diabetes.

Donald Trumps’ disinfectant comment

The above case in point is just an example of the many times people have tried to self – cure themselves.

Following President Donald Trump’s comment shortly after the outbreak of Covid -19, he had in high intelligence commented on April 23, 2020, that disinfectants’ injections could help defeat coronavirus.

The remark triggered many in the medical fraternity, asking him to repeal the statement and issue a caution to the general public worldwide against such an act.

In India, too, Detail and Lizol issued a public health advisory cautioning people not to drink or inject themselves with the substance, leading to severe poisoning and even loss of life.

However, Donald Trump’s remark had already done some damage.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) found that in the month of April, following Trump’s statement, there had indeed been a rise in cases all over America where people had accidentally or intentionally poisoned themselves in the hope of defeating the virus.

Following Trumps’ controversial and highly debunked comment – cases of people having been poisoned by bleach, where they had used the same for sanitizing the surfaces, smartphones, and even groceries, resulting in high inhalation of the toxic fumes or consuming the food item that was laced with bleach.

Many had resorted to drinking small amounts of disinfectants, hoping it would provide a ‘shield’ against the virus.

America reported a 121% increase in toxic poisoning as a result of Trump’s comment.

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