The fluctuations in bitcoin”- Ahmed Alawadhi reveals why you shouldn’t invest in bitcoin

Ahmed Alawadhi is a financial advisor who has served on the board of multi-label multinational companies, with a diversified real estate investment background. Alawadhi, with his experience and is regarded as a foreseer, believes that the market is highly related, despite the investment route a person undertakes.

With soaring successes both in America and the middle east and the multifold experience he holds, Alawadhi recently proclaimed, and issued a warning with regard to the crypto investors, particularly Bitcoin.

“I believe that the risk of investing in bitcoin outweighs the benefits or rewards by a great scale, bitcoin remains a vague currency form, which was anonymous till now. And yet no one has recognized its true origins and purpose, and the same goes for the rise and fall. The Stereotypical assumption that a smart Japanese guy invented Bitcoin makes me doubt it further”- expounded Ahmed, revealing his primary concern.

“Moreover, there is no value to it except for the retailers who accept bitcoin as a form of payment which is a short term value only. The currency on the other hand is backed up by gold or silver or at least an official government known body to protect it and monitor the flow of it in the current market.”

“It’s better to invest in stock or real estate or even forex that is regulated by officials and have much tangible value.”- illuminated Alawadhi, giving a piece of advice. At the end of the day like the ancient Greeks said- “nothing comes from nothing!”

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