Top 10 Best Indian Fashion Influencers On Instagram To Follow In 2022

The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and we have these brilliant fashion influencers to thank for keeping us in the know with their unique and relevant content on various social media platforms.  So without further ado, let’s peek into the world of style with this list of top 10 fashion influencers in India that are killing it on the digital platforms.  Fashion and lifestyle brands are constantly on the lookout for these sassy influencers on Instagram to pump up their influencer marketing strategies.

Fashion Influencers

Check Out The List Of 10 Best Indian Fashion Influencers On Instagram:

1. Somya Gupta – 868K Followers
2. Malvika Sitlani Aryan – 529K Followers
3. Komal Pandey – 1.6M Followers
4. Kritika Khurana – 1.5M Followers
5. Nilam Parmar – 515K Followers
6. Roshni Bhatia – 583K Followers
7. Kusha Kapila – 2.3M Followers
8. Siddharth Batra – 232K Followers
9. Pooja Mundhra – 586K Followers
10. Karron S Dhinggra – 594K Followers


1.Somya Gupta @Thesassthing_ – 868K Followers

Somya Gupta's Instagram blog is getting popular - The Statesman

With 868k Instagram followers, Somya is named among the best fashion influencers in the country. She blogs about beauty, lifestyle and hacks, which serve her fans well.

Somya shares several makeup videos which are enlightening for her viewers. A few of her followers have commented, stating that they only know anything about it by watching her videos. Some have even started following her skincare routine in their own life! This is the power of an influencer – to positively influence others and guide them.

Whether in a fix, outfit or accessories or makeup, scroll through Somya’s social media profile, and you will be bombarded with loads of ideas and inspiration! She often posts about the best moisturizers one can find or jewellery under a particular amount; all these posts are beneficial, especially for those with no clue about the various skincare products. 

Somya’s relevant content gives her a whopping 7% engagement rate, with her post on the Flip Shoe Trend standing at 45% engagement with over 324k views!

This sassy Indian fashion influencer on Instagram has collaborated with the following brands: Nyx lipstick (ER – almost 5%); Bunaai, Amazon Fashion India and Alan Truman (ER – 20%); Makeup looks – M.A.C. Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, Estée Lauder India, L’Oréal India, Kay Beauty By Katrina, Becca Cosmetics, Revolution Makeup, Too Faced Cosmetics, Wet n Wild India and Rimmel London India (ER – almost 9%); Eye Makeup – Lakmé and Swiss beauty (ER – over 5%); Winter Makeup Routine – Mamaearth, Pond’s India, FLOWER Beauty, Maybelline, SUGAR Cosmetics and Palladio Beauty India (ER – almost 5%); and countless other brands.

Somya has collaborated with – Garnier India (ER – almost 12%); Joy (ER – over 6%); FOREO India Official (ER – over 12%); Ambi Pure India (ER – 4%); Glamglow on Nykaa (ER – ); Clinique India (ER – ); and more.


2.Malvika Sitlani Aryan @Malvikasitlaniofficial – 529K Followers

Ace Beauty Vlogger Malvika Sitlani Aryan Shares Her Digital Media Do's & Don'ts! - Women Fitness Org

Malvika is a famous model and a social media fashion influencer with 529k followers on Instagram. She was featured in the first season of India’s Next Top Model.

The year 2019 was an important year for Malvika’s professional life. She won the “Best Beauty Blogger of 2019”; got featured in the Filmfare and Grazia India magazines, and ended the year with a collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics. This fashion influencer loves dressing up and trying out different looks. Her IG feed is filled with content based on styling techniques and makeup videos. Her eye makeup tutorials are very insightful, and one can easily follow the steps in her video to achieve a similar look. Malvika engages with her audience at the rate of almost 13%. Her highest engaging post was about her collaborations with Smashbox Cosmetics and Nykaa with over 1.1 mn views and ER of over 235%!

This beautiful digital influencer’s humongous list of collaborations include – Myntra (ER – over 31.50%); Soneva (ER – 12%); KALKI Fashion (ER – over 13%); Smashbox Cosmetics and Nykaa (ER – over 235.50%); Payal Singhal (ER – over 65%); Maybelline (ER – over 9%); FARSÁLI (ER – over 57%); Venus India (ER – over 44%); Becca Cosmetics (ER – almost 8%); Mai Stories (ER – over 24%); and several others.

Malvika collaborated with UNICEF through the #reddotchallenge to spread awareness about menstruation and the issues women and young girls face in our country. The support of famous influencers like her goes a long way in spreading awareness and influencing change!


3.Komal Pandey @Komalpandeyofficial – 1.6M Followers

Komal Pandey Creator Stats, Biography | About Komal Pandey - Forbes India

Touted among the best fashion influencers in India, Komal is a force to reckon with. Her Instagram handle, home to 1.6mn followers, is a huge source of styling influence for everyone.

This fashion influencer from Delhi is unapologetic about her choices and takes criticism in her stride. Komal doesn’t let others’ opinions hurt or change her style. “Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!”

This Indian fashion influencer started a video series wherein she dons ensembles without sporting even a speck of makeup. Her goal is to convince girls to accept that they look beautiful even in their unadorned faces; makeup isn’t necessary. She has requested her followers to avoid praising her courage to go makeup-less as this is the bare minimum. The work of an authentic influencer, everyone! Komal’s post about her journey and style evolution was her highest viewed content piece at 1.7 mn views, engaging her followers at over 131%! Quite a few of her posts have attained over a million views! 

Komal’s “Fashion Therapy” video series is pretty popular among her followers. In every episode, she creates different looks mentioning the brands and the style she’s donned in them. The looks are unique, and you often think, “Wow! I didn’t think I could have paired these clothes to create this look!”. She’s in the third season of this show! Anytime you are in a bind about what to wear, visit Komal’s digital wardrobe, and you will never be disappointed!

Seeing Komal’s awe-inspiring work and engagement level with her audience at over 9.50%, it’s no surprise that she has been a part of numerous brand collaborations. Some of those are – Nish Hair Extensions (ER – over 8%); Olay India (ER – over 4%); Aisha Rao and Amama (ER – almost 51%); Torani (ER – over 20%); L’Occitane India and Guess (ER – nearly 9%); Amazon Fashion India (ER – almost 70%); S&N by Shantanu and Nikhil (ER – nearly 12%); Rishi & Vibhuti (ER – nearly 12%); Kalakaari (ER – over 13%); House of Masaba; H&M; Forever21; Zara and so many more.


4.Kritika Khurana (@Thatbohogirl) – 1.5M Followers

Kritika Khurana (That Boho Girl): Here's all you need to know about the 27 year-old talented social media influencer! - The Silly TV

This fashion influencer from Delhi is a pro in all things fashion and beauty. Kritika’s getups are to die for, and you will want to steal her wardrobe right away!

Kritika’s 1.5 mn loyalists on her IG home, with whom she engages at almost 6%, proves that she is a star in styling. Her IG handle @thatbohogirl suggests, she loves the bohemian style. We love it too, especially after seeing you don the mesmerizing boho dresses. She can pull off any manner with panache – be it Indian or Western. I wish we could look equally good in whatever we wear! Her “Ready for Cocktail” post was the most viewed at over 496k, engaging her audience at almost 50%!

This fashion influencer in India uploads several “haul” videos talking about the products she’s bought as well as why she loves using them. If you are unsure of what to buy from where, do make a halt at her digital homes – Instagram and YouTube both, and you will be all set! Her styling videos help you curate outfits for different occasions – a wedding, casual meet-up, or other occasions.  

This sweet digital influencer has collaborated with – DateTheRamp (ER – almost 3%); Events by Sahiba and Pretty Little Thing (ER – 11%); Jewellery from Reeti Arneja and Lehenga from Kohar by Kanika (ER – 39%); Myntra (ER – almost 6%); Amama (ER – over 18%); Faabiiana (ER – over 7%); Zara and MyGlamm (ER – nearly 7.50%); and others.


5.Nilam Parmar @Theglitzysphere – 515K Followers

Nilam Parmar Creator Stats, Biography | About Nilam Parmar - Forbes India

With 515k Instagram followers, Nilam is a social media influencer in fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty.

Nilam posts several outfit ideas as well as skincare routines on her feed. Highlighting the importance of mental health, she posted self-care ideas that we all can use whenever we feel low during these taxing years. She engages with her followers at over 6% and often uploads content based on her interactions. For instance, after posting a picture with Pentavitiv, she received a lot of DMs asking her to review the product. That is precisely what she did. She uploaded a post reviewing 2 products from Derma Essentia with ER – over 28%. 

This fashion influencer on Instagram partnered with Whisper India and Pratham Education to encourage uninterrupted education for girls through the #Mobileshaala initiative. This post had an ER of over 26.50%, showcasing that the influencers can help change the world! 

Nilam’s stories on skincare, hair care and beauty are fascinating and help us out when we are in a bind. Her travel stories leave us mesmerized and reeling under envy, with most of us unable to travel freely.  

This chic fashion influencer’s brand collaborations include – H&M (ER – 10%); Goibibo (ER – over 5%); Vi (ER – over 25%); Engage (ER – 7%); Joy (ER – over 22%); Amazon Great Indian Festival (ER – over 5%); and loads more.


6.Roshni Bhatia @Thechiquefactor – 583K Followers

thechiquefactor shared a photo on Instagram: “Let's make some #bold choices with @danielwellington #dw #danielwellington #portrait #red #statement #accessories #classics #black #elegant…” • Jan 27, 2018 at 1:09pm UTC

This fashion influencer’s journey towards fame with 583k Instagram followers hasn’t been easy. Before entering the fashion world, Roshni had to suffer through an abusive marriage. She is genuinely a gritty woman.

We all can learn from Roshni – “Never Give Up! Turn Your Curses Into Blessings!” Great going, Roshni! Mother of one, she is a known name today in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niche. She is also a fitness freak who understands the importance of staying healthy.

Have sarees lain in your closet that you have worn innumerable times yet don’t wish to discard them? Check our Roshni’s post on draping a saree in a different style for the mild winter weather. She has also posted how the same set of clothes can be restyled. This plays a vital role in supporting sustainability where fast fashion has resulted in much wastage! 

With an ER of almost 5%, this brave social media influencer has shared platforms with various brands like – OH! MY NAILS (ER – 3%); LIVA Fluid Fashion (ER – almost 4%); BIBA (ER – nearly 41%); Louis Vuitton (ER – over 6%); Dyson India (ER – over 33%); Amrutam (ER – almost 29%); American Express (ER – nearly 4.50%); Dupatta draping styles with – House of Pink, House of Tuhina, PRERTO Jewellery, Aditi Gupta, apartment27th, actual browns and Frontier Raas (ER – almost 4%); Lakme India (ER – 86%); and others.

Roshni partnered with Cosmopolitan India to speak against online trolling, which is alarmingly common today! This Instagram fashion influencer’s post on three ways to drape a Benarasi saree from Amazon Fashion India was her most engaging content piece at over 104% with 484k viewers!


7.Kusha Kapila (@Kushakapila) – 2.3M Followers

Kusha Kapila Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More - WikiBio

Named among the best digital creators in our country with 2.3 mn IG followers, Kusha initially earned fame through her funny impersonations of South Delhi girls and her character “Billi Maasi”. Kusha’s “My First Time Waxing Experience” post is her highest viewed content with over 3.6 mn views and audience engagement of over 244%!

Kusha isn’t just known for her comic timing but also as a style icon. She has worked as a Fashion Correspondent, Trend Analyst and Content Creator for various apparel firms. These have lent her a firm foundation and cemented Kusha’s belief that content is the essential ingredient in one’s journey of becoming a social media influencer.

Kusha recently adopted a puppy but received criticism from several rescue organizations for not adopting an Indian breed. Instead of lashing out, she calmly explained her point of view and even uploaded a list of organizations from where one can assume the Indian breeds. An important lesson for us all to learn – “Always Keep Calm. Never Lose Your Temper!” 

Kusha is an influencer in the real sense. She spoke about the farmers’ protest currently being held in the north. She organized a session for the small business owners to help them understand the world of marketing and how they can effectively use it to further their business. She even encourages her followers to ask questions and always answers their queries.

This fashion influencer on Instagram has partnered with brands such as Amazon Echo (ER – almost 43%); Closeup (ER – nearly 30%); Manish Malhotra World (ER – nearly 7%); Lifebuoy India (ER – nearly 5%); Palmolive India (ER – over 66%); Torani (ER – almost 12%); Visa India and HDFC Bank (ER – 68.50%); Urban Company (ER – over 62%); Spread awareness about Breast Cancer – Indian Cancer Society (ER – over 70%); Listerine (ER – almost 70%); and countless others. With her stunning style, no wonder Kusha is one of the top 10 fashion influencers in India.


8.Siddharth Batra (@Siddharth93batra) – 232K Followers

Siddharth Batra's Reels are for every man looking for some outfit inspiration this Diwali - Social Ketchup


This rebel fashion influencer with 232k Instagram followers isn’t afraid to shake the stereotypes of men’s fashion. This Indian fashion influencer uses makeup and encourages other men to do so. 

Full of swag, Sid turns a deaf ear to his ‘naysayers’ and follows his heart. If that means trying on face masks, he pushes the face masks and has even DIYed a few! He’s also tested on eyeliner! As we mentioned before, he’s fearless in the face of criticism! He’s even been featured in the media for his part in “Redefining Masculinity”. Kudos to you, Sid!

Sid always makes sure his posts have an element of fun in them. Check out his post on 5 shoes for winter – he’s showing them off along with his mad dancing skills! His “Guy Beauty” episodes wherein he explains how men can get ready for a specific occasion are popular among his followers. Sid’s content strikes a chord with his followerswith whom he engages at almost 22%! His “Bond Aesthetic” video with girlfriend Komal Pandey is his most viewed content at almost 975k views with an engagement rate of over 793%!

This bold influencer has been a part of several brand collaborations – OkCupid India (ER – over 4%); Ray-Ban (ER – almost 11%); Falguni Shane Peacock India (ER – nearly 11%); Dior Parfums; Ralph Lauren; Gucci; Burberry; Uniqlo (ER – almost 200%); Louboutin; H&M (ER – over 230%); SocialGOAT (ER – over 340%); Phy – For Men (ER – over 425%); Maybelline (ER – almost 380%); and several others.


9.Pooja Mundhra (@Thecozyvibe) – 586K Followers

Top 10 Best Fashion Bloggers India | Top Fashion Blogs 2022


Pooja is a social media star knowledgeable about the world of fashion. This Instagrammer has a following of 586k and loves uploading helpful posts about makeup and skincare routines and products.

Pooja recently started a video series on Instagram titled “Style With TCV”, wherein she uploads videos styled in different ensembles. Such video series help us improve our dressing sense and take it to the next level.

Apart from styling, this fashion influencer shares her expertise in photography through tips and tricks, which aid us to take better pictures and videos. Being an influencer, she has a jet-set lifestyle documented on her digital homes – Instagram and YouTube. Our travel bug is already restraining against the travel binds!

If you have run out of ideas for tying a shirt, check out Pooja’s “15 seconds 15 ways to tie up a shirt” video, and you will be awed. There will be just one thought running through your mind, “How does she do it? How does she come up with such unusual ideas?” The long list of this snazzy fashion influencer’s brand collaborations encompass – No Mirror Makeup Challenge with Colgate India (ER – over 11%); Park Avenue Beer Shampoo (ER – almost 4.50%); NIVEA India with Amazon Fashion India (ER – over 4%); The Body Shop India and Schwarzkopf Professional (ER – 4%); Lakme India (ER – almost 4%); Adika (ER – over 7%); Derma Essentia (ER – over 12%); Maybelline (ER – over 9.50%); and loads more.

Pooja engages with her audience at a rate of almost 6% by encouraging them to ask her their queries and even answers them. The questions vary from skincare routine to her personal favourites; she answers them all! Her “How To Style Your Black Mini Dress In 7 Ways” was her most engaging content at over 52%, having been viewed by over 233k fans!


10.Karron S Dhinggra @Theformaledit – 594K Followers

Karron S Dhinggra on Twitter: "A warm, seductive and exotic fragrance, especially like the perfume Divine Gold by Trescho speaks more about your personality than any other accessories. So here's an oriented

A lawyer by profession, Karron decided to follow his heart which brought him to top fashion influencers. This digital heartthrob is followed by 594k followers on Instagram, where he posts content related to men’s fashion and grooming. 

Karron is a treasure trove of male fashion inspiration, which he metes out to his followers. He plays a massive role in helping men dress a la mode. He uploads several guides for hairstyles and grooming details. His “Hair Wax Guide” is one of the few gems he posted on his feed. Do check it out if you are interested to know more about this hack!

Winter season is here, which means time to flaunt your jackets and sweatshirts! His “One Sweatshirt 5 Styles” and “5 Winter Colours” posts are lovely and will have you falling in love with him! Karron uploads many posts informing you of what mistakes to avoid, how to take care of your beard, and more. His posts are super relevant only because he knows the importance of staying in touch with one’s followers (ER – almost 5%).

This rakish top male Instagram influencer has been approached by several lifestyle brands like – Amazon Fashion India (ER – over 13%); CODE (ER – almost 10%); NEXA (ER – over 12%); JACK & JONES India (ER – 10%); AGARO Lifestyle (ER – over 6.50%); Pet Care – Nykaa (ER – 17%); Schwarzkopf Professional (ER – 14%); AXE India (ER – over 10%); VIVO India (ER – almost 6%); Johnnie Walker India (ER – almost 4%); Lifestyle Stores (ER – over 5%); Nykaa Man (ER – over 15%); Pantaloons (ER – over 12%); The Collective (ER – almost 8%); and numerous other brands. 

Karron’s “5 Skin Care Mistakes” post was his most famous content with over 75.2k viewers, with an ER of over 23%. His contribution to the men’s lifestyle sector has been acknowledged with him being awarded as the “Leading Fashion Influencer 2019” by JDInstitute Fashion Technology; “Best Male Fashion Blogger 2019” by Brands and Bloggers Mag; “FashionINSTA of The Year – Male” by BollywoodLife and “Best Digital Creator Male” by G Town Society.

This Indian fashion influencer’s media features include – Men’s Health Magazine, Brands and Bloggers Mag, Goodtimes, MENSXP, Times Life and Yahoo Style. He was also a part of the Green Carpet at IIFA 2019!

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