Top 10 OTT Platforms in 2021

The number of people who turn to the Internet in recent years has increased for news, entertainment, education, and much more. Video viewing over the top (OTT) is steadily increasing, with projections for the $124.6 billion online viewing market by 2025. Businesses are striving to create brand equity and give value to their audience. OTT means “over-the-top” which refers, rather than traditional provider networks such as Cable and DTH, to any media service which streams video contents like TV shows and movies over the Internet using apps or websites.

The OTTs began as content-sharing sites but quickly became their own originals. You need an internet connection and a compatible hardware part to control the content, like your cell telephones, tablets, laptops, or smart TVs. Instead of following a guide or waiting for their favorite programs or movies to air you can still watch OTT material via these channels. This is one of the many causes for the popularization of OTT networks.

VOD video-on-demand service should not be confused with OTT. Lastly, you can also watch videos on various platforms, but this doesn’t have to be on the internet. VOD can also apply to files and DVR content accessed by users. OTT is internet-specific and its contents can usually not be accessed anywhere.

These pandemic networks have reached their height during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis when people have been trapped in their homes. Many additional customers have therefore joined these networks. Since theaters have reopened but only accept 50% of their capacity as socially distant expectations are respected, filmmakers unleash their videos on OTT websites. In this way, you can watch your favorite movies right at home.Top 10 OTT Platforms In India Report: July 2021

Factors to consider before choosing the most suitable OTT Platform:

  • There are a range of features to be discussed on an OTT platform: distribution of content, Live Streaming, VOD hosting, data monetization, video API, efficient protection solutions, and streaming of white labels. The distribution of contents is an important factor to take into consideration, as it relates to the highest-quality material for the viewer. You want to select an OTT platform with a secure, global network for the provision of content (CDN).
  • It should also have a significant effect on your final decisions whether your company OTT network contains live streaming features, video on demand, or a professional video hosting system. You will have to choose an OTT video sharing site to allow live streaming if your goal is to live streaming. The API access is next on our list of main features. The Video API gives programmed access to the capabilities of the video network. Broadcasters use several different types of video APIs. You should select a site with the video API you need for a CMS device to fit your preferences.
  • Another useful option is access to the Player API. The video API functions similarly, but customization of the video player vs. the video CMS is required. Another main characteristic of broadcasters is monetization. VOD can also apply to files and DVR content accessed by users. OTT is internet-specific and its contents can usually not be accessed anywhere.
  • These pandemic networks have reached their height during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis when people have been trapped in their homes. Many additional customers have therefore joined these networks. Since theaters have reopened but only accept 50% of their capacity as socially distant expectations are respected, filmmakers unleash their videos on OTT websites. In this way, you can watch your favorite movies right at home.
  • Three primary modes of monetizing content exist, namely advertising (AVOD) (SVOD). Single activities such as sport are fine for pay-per-view monetization and subscribing to recurring programming is perfect. Ads are a perfect way to build market value with content. Finally, pricing can be played for live streaming. Not only your money available but also your expected return on investment should decide your budget. There are ALW services with a wide variety of price points, but instead of a pay-as-you-go setup, you would need to search for one with stable prices and minimum bandwidth costs.

Here are the top OTT Platforms you can choose from in 2021: 

  1. NetflixNetflix - Apps on Google Play

Created in1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, Netflix is an American media content provider, production firm, based in Los Gatos, California. The principal business of the organization lies in its subscription Streaming service which offers an online streaming service, including those created internally, of a film and television library. Netflix has become one of the most common OTT applications and has become part of the smartphone of almost everybody. This app has over a billion Google Play downloads. Netflix delivers a host of original series, documentaries, and other items.

You’re going to get all on Netflix from popular shows like Peaky Blinders, Stranger Stuff, Screw Games to your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood films. Media streaming giant Netflix came into India in 2016 and revealed an original Indian series – Sacred Games four months after its debut. Since then, Netflix has gone and diversified in India to new shows and platforms to maximize subscribers from cheaper internet plans, original shows, television reality series, movies, and more.

Subscription plan: The great thing about the app is that it’s totally free of ads. You can choose from five separate payment plans. The most convenient is the mobile-only account, which provides Rs 199 a month with only one mobile screen. The following is the Basic scheme; it provides a Mobile screen or PC with RS 499 a month.

The regular scheme then delivers two displays at a time and is available for Rs 649 per month. The premium Netflix package comes at Rs 799 a month and provides four screens and Ultra HD streaming simultaneously.

Netflix also launched a new Rs 349 package last month, with a single large or small screen available for one month. The best aspect of this Mobile+ scheme is the HD streaming which is only available in the regular and premium schemes.


  • Both Netflix videos are being streamed. The service provides customers access to the Netflix website for streaming TV shows and videos to personal computers or apps from Netflix across a number of supported devices such as smartphones and laptops, portable media players, music, and smart TV games.
  • In order to allow Netflix Mobile App users to cache content on devices on Android or iOS in regular or high-quality views without Internet access, Netflix introduced an offline playback feature. The functionality is mostly on chosen shows and movies and Netflix says that it supports more content over time.
  • With the “Skip Intro” feature, Netflix has launched customers to skip intros for displays on their website. They apply a number of techniques including manual inspection, audio tagging, and machine learning.


  • Simple to use and clear.
  • No advertisement.
  • Original program.
  • The material can be downloaded and accessed offline.
  • Various plans for membership.


  • The new contents are not immediately available.
  • The choice depends on where you are located.
  • Library outdated.
  1. DacastHow to Live Stream On Facebook with Dacast | Dacast

OTT VoD and live streaming applications on various channels and handheld devices are available from Dacast. It offers a wide variety of entry solutions to the Chinese market, enhancing your content footprint. Skilled workflows can also be created using live stream capture, video transcoding, and a complete video player. The Akamai CDN guarantees high-end streamings of video. This White-Label OTT platform also personalizes the branding operation. Dacast is a single network for broadcasting, offering both VOD and live streaming hosting.

It offers a wide variety of powerful features ideal for experienced broadcasters. It’s a password-safe site that is easy to use for safely exchanging video content with audiences worldwide. This is a professionally fitted, do-it-yourself, video entertainment facility. Within seconds you can quickly sign up and start posting live videos. The archives of these videos can also be created so that users can easily stream, skip or pause. Before embedding it in your URL, you can create your own channel at DaCast and style it with your template.

Dacast offers video resources that can be integrated with the current website and smartphone applications (they do not develop custom sites or apps). Dacast is SaaS absolutely (software as a service). You can build an account quickly and continue to function inside the app. You will have a live streaming quality with CDNs, an HTML-5 all-device player, and some monetization functionality while within. In other words, you would have solid video building blocks that you can then integrate with other SaaS instruments or tailor-made constructs.

If you choose to create your own custom smartphone or TV applications, Dacast also offers APIs and SDKs. You would however have to recruit developers for handheld television and television. Dacast is a perfect place to create a serious video company at a low cost.

Subscription: The live streaming price plans for Diecast begin with the Starter Package.

  • Launching Plan: $39/month (includes 1,000 GB of bandwidth & 50 GB of storage).
  • Event schedule: $63 a month (includes 6 TB of bandwidth upfront and 50 GB of storage).
  • Project Scale: $188 a month (includes 24 TB of bandwidth per year and 1 TB of storage).
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However, event and scale customers can also buy customized bandwidth plans.


  • DaCast has connections to Chinese CDN providers to provide you access to more than 1.4 billion potential audiences. It provides many PoPs in Mainland China.
  • You can import, organize, monetize, transcode and review your images. You may also make custom workflows using their APIs.
  • Make the live sporting coverage possible with subscriptions, announcements, and pay-per-view. You can also insert and archive your live video stream on the website as a VoD.


  • Video streaming that is free of buffer adapts the efficiency of your internet-based video.
  • Transcoding videos creates various film reproductions.
  • 24/7 network surveillance ensures improved protection for you.
  • Live lessons are hosted online and viewers can pay in real-time.
  • Pre-plan the videos to ensure that they are transmitted 24 hours a day.
  • For large videos or videos in a batch, use FTP.


  • A wide variety of features require any initial learning curve
  1. Disney+ HotstarAhead of Disney+'s India Launch, Hotstar Rebranded to Disney+ Hotstar | Entertainment News

Hotstar was introduced in February 2015 as the Star Network exclusive. It quickly became one of the country’s biggest on-demand video networks. The only channel on which Hotstar is able to offer the world’s best TV shows, film premieres, and live sports and events is that.

It is the only service in which the big three international studios – HBO, Fox, and Disney, have collaborations. Hotstar delivers one of the world’s largest and most diverse entertainment portfolios with almost 100,000 hours of predominantly eight languages content and the largest sports events like cricket, basketball, kabaddi, tennis, F1, badminton, etc. Its high-quality service is priced every month at the Rs.199 subscription fee.

It also helps users to browse their preferred content and use them on-demand, and ultimately users can build playlists of their favorite content and keep everything arranged. The video streaming capability of Hotstar is flexible and instantly settles with the existing available bandwidth. The massive popularity of this platform needs to be acknowledged because Hotstar app downloads crossed 10 million within the first 40 days of its launch.

Disney+ Hotstar is probably India’s best-known OTT website. Walt Disney also owns a wide variety of material, categorized into films, television shows, web series, sports, content for children, and news. The Streams app is available for all children. Disney’s service also gives you access to the film and shows from Marvel, Star Wars, and hundreds of Disney animations.

Disney+ Hotstar supports both iOS and Android devices and PCs and smart TV. You need to apply to one of its plans to stream content from this OTT website. If you are more of Marvel’s film universe (MCU) or want the Game of the Thrones to be binge-watched, so Disney+ Hotstar is the right one for you. The website presents both original displays of Disney and a wide variety of films.

It provides you with a first-day display option, where you can only get movies released on the site that is nowhere else available, which is the most awesome thing about the OTT App. Moreover, you do not have to think about children because the Disney+ Hotstar is specially designed for children. You can also create various user accounts so that you look at the past where you left it.

Subscription: In India, the platform currently provides two kinds of subscriptions: unrestricted ad-free access with Hotstar Premium-priced annually on INR 999 and on INR 299 and Hotstar VIP priced annually on INR 365 and restricted access to its ad-free content.


  • For offline browsing, the whole content library of the website is available for free. After starting up without a resume or continuing to watch an alternative, Disney moved quickly to fix the failure.
  • Your basic features like kids mode and multiple profiles are also available. The prospect of asking shows and films to be transferred to the library is probably the most important aspect.
  • The program provides a broad variety of library materials, including Disney and Pixar films and Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD Cable.


  • A wide variety of language material for both English and Indian. Users will turn from Indian material to the favorite English series, recognized worldwide.
  • The offer includes a variety of sports competitions. Football enthusiasts can benefit from this app because the new matches and leagues are available for viewing.
  • Content offline. To view content offline, users are able to import content to their mobile devices. This is very helpful for those with weak internet access or who are on the move.


  • Announcements prior to content. A one-minute ad is available before certain videos that are impossible to miss. Some have also stated that these advertisements may take some time to buffer with weak Internet connections.
  • Quality content. If your Internet service is sluggish, the output can be reduced, but due to heavy traffic, the image can be pixelated, buffered constantly, or lagging.
  • Issues related to customer care. Many online user reports report that payment has been made, but arrangements are not upgraded when required, customer support is not simple to contact and subscription cancelation is difficult.
  1. Unscreen.tvUscreen - The #1 VOD Platform for Video Monetization

OTT software allows users to develop their own VOD website, online school, broadcasting, and more as well as to start video applications. It is highly versatile in features such as fast encoding and streaming multiples that allow 4K UHD quality viewing on many platforms.

Unscreen also offers email marketing facilities, which can help users connect and broaden the user base. On this software, too, you can optimize videos in various languages. Their key point of sale is the opportunity to post videos and to create a website for the market. They also offer other supporting services, including OTT applications and live streaming.

The reason Uscreen was put at the end of our list was because of the consistency of the service. The true performance you get from this platform is not as good as you can see on our list on other OTT Platforms, though providing a sufficient range of features. Any users finally turn off the site as their company starts to expand. If, however, you want to try a simple way to start, Uscreen may nevertheless be a good fit.

Uscreen is the leading OTT network for launching and managing TV and mobile video streaming applications. It is one of the most rapid OTT systems with an estimated deployment time of 30-60 days. From publishing to automatic downloading the OTT takes care of heavy lifting from releasing the OTT software to automatic alerts.

Video on Demand (VoD) monetization and multinational live streaming platforms are also great choices. Different models of price include fixed price, subscriptions, rental/PV, packs, freemium and free trials are available on the Turnkey Video Monetization Platform. In addition, its fast encoding gives a 4K UHD video experience across platforms. Another fantastic feature is branding independence to tailor and balance the app with your brand.

Subscription: Three price plans provided by Uscreen:

  • Basic: 99 dollars a month.
  • Pro: 249 dollars a month, annually charged.
  • Custom: comment appeal.

Both schemes provide such basic functionality as universal CDN, geo-blocking, 99.9% uptime, limitless encoding, etc. You will also have a free 14-day trial.


  • It lowers the turnover rate by up to 35% and improves customer satisfaction.
  • It is a completely white branded HTML5 player with buffer-free Full HD online video playback.
  • Provides customized VoD models and topics to build an impressive online presence and monetize your videos. You may also incorporate a logo to suit the branding needs and change colors.


  • The functionality “Try Again for Free” allows you to retrieve the subscription-cancel.
  • It also supports screen readers and VTT subtitles with its HTML5 player.
  • Two leading global CDNs come with strength (Content Delivery Network).
  • Apple Airplay and Chromecast are supported.
  • The combined sales and checkout pages deliver an unprecedented interface to consumers.
  • SSL is available free of charge for you.
  1. Amazon PrimePrime for Android

Amazon’s Prime Video presents numerous original programs and binge-watch films. It is divided into many areas, Bollywood and Hollywood among others. Furthermore, you have an original segment in which all the original films and shows are shown on the website. Amazon Prime TV, which is the closest rival to Netflix, has taken over the market like a storm and features many prime originals such as ‘Into the Dark,’ Panchayat, Paatal Lok and Made in Heaven. Amazon Prime also has a nice GUI with a screen character guide and not just a substituting guide.

The global video distribution arm of the tech giant also aims at creating more Indian originals and obtaining more regional content. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reported that Amazon Prime Video’s investment in India was doubled during his visit in January 2020. “Premier Video is doing better than in India nowhere in the country, and here we expect to double our investments,” said Bezos. Netflix – Amazon Prime Video was released in India a year after launching the biggie OTT player.

The price is Rs.999 a year at present. India is the largest number of Prime Members in the debut year, according to the director of content at Amazon Prime Video India, and is the fastest rising of 16 countries on the website. India is a priceless country, which offers users a great value for money at its low subscription cost.

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Around 93% of the time Indians spent on online videos, they watched content of Hindi and local languages. In addition to providing centric content in English, Amazon relies on both Hindi and Regional content. Its portfolio of video content is backed by Bollywood films, a popular genre of content in India. Amazon Prime Video streaming is free of charge for the Prime membership of the e-commerce website, and also provides an unrestricted free and rapid supply of Amazon Prime Music subscription, exclusive sales and promotions, and e-book access.

The Prime Videos OTT website is famed for the original Mirzapur, The Family Guy, Tandav, Paatal Lok, One-Mic Stand, etc. There are also international television shows and films, regional content, Bollywood content, children’s content, and classic TV shows that are highly applauded. Prime Video is reportedly offered in six other Indian languages, in addition to English.

Subscription: The service has two separate packages, namely monthly and annual subscriptions for both Rs 129 and Rs 999. Amazon also provides you with access to its music app and quick transmission of your order at the Amazon online shop, in addition to subscription services. 


  • Amazon hosts an annual big two-day shopping festival dubbed Prime Day, which rivals Black Friday. It normally occurs in the middle of July, but the global coronavirus pandemic has been postponed until October 2020. You have to be a Prime member in order to join the sale that contains deals on Amazon tablets and common brands in a variety of categories.
  • Prime Music provides full ad-free access to over 1 million playlists and stations.


  • No hazard and refunds for delivery.
  • Cheap distribution.
  • Automatic Prime. Automatic Prime.
  • Priority buying package.
  • Fulfilling multi-channel.


  • Music is limited to prime music.
  • Concerns over secrecy.
  1. IBM Watson MediaIBM Cloud Video is IBM Watson Media

IBM Watson gives businesses the opportunity to expedite their research and growth, as a pioneering artificial intelligent business approach. In addition, this helps you to help anticipate and strengthen interactions. IBM Watson’s IBM Cloud-based. It is used to make more rational decisions by organizations.

Organizations using IBM Watson and their usage vary from healthcare to banking, from education to healthcare. These organizations manage their records, ownership, preparation, knowledge, and intellectual property. It provides them with control. IBM Watson has been developed to use and interpret several forms of data.

This facilitates feedback from the data obtained by companies to be used to create action strategies in order to retain and to develop a competitive edge. IBM monitors, measures, monetizes, and broadcasts the videos through a wide variety of channels. It provides various cloud streaming, database, and GPU processing facilities, etc. You can also host video, watch live, transcode, voice-over, and efficient analytics.

The features of machine learning allow you to improve your interaction with the viewers. It also tracks real-time metrics to track video output and make decisions based on results.

Watson Media has various CDNs for delivering video content to every user worldwide. In our OTT platforms compared, IBM Cloud Video is another rival worth noting. This network is part of IBM, a major technology pioneer. For both live and on-demand videos, IBM Cloud Media provides video hosting. An earlier reversal of IBM Cloud Video was the absence of monetization tools on the website. But these resources have been introduced so that broadcasters who want to produce incomes with their content have an acceptable alternative.

Subscription: IBM pricing schedules cover between $99 and $999 a month and include:

  • $99/month for platinum.
  • Gold – 499 dollars a month.
  • $999/month Platinum.
  • Custom – For customized package pricing and payment schedules, contact IBM Cloud footage.


  • This allows you to communicate with the public during a live broadcast in real-time. It has streamlined moderation, user administration, and user voting.
  • Integrated branding options allow you to adapt the channel to your video needs. You will also show videos and upcoming activities on live streaming.
  • IBM immediately handles the issue of plagiarism or copyright. Their copyright protection service automatically recognizes plagiarized material and ends copyright content broadcast. 


  • Plan videos for playback at particular times. Auto looped video streaming replay may also be initiated.
  • The smartphone player makes HD video visible on every size of the device.
  • Compilation and video intake with simplified metadata.
  • Only privately record your video streaming live. The video can also be publicly shared later.
  • No resolution caps or bitrate caps.
  • Monetize the videos with advertisements or content from third parties.


  • Extra charges for high definition viewing
  • Accessibility limited methods (minimal closed captioning support)
  1. Zee5ZEE5 App Review: Your go-to app for pure entertainment, in every regional language

Zee5 is another well-known Indian OTT site. It delivers a combination of originals, series, music, and films in twelve languages and has a specialized catalog of premium content for viewers around India. This is an in-house online entertainment service operated by the Essel group. Zee5 also depends on ALTBalaji, which provides ZEE5 subscribers with their originals, shows, and films free of charge.

The ZEE5 Video Streaming Website, which provides Indian, International, and Films, and TV shows, music, live TV, and health and lifestyle content across 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi, has been launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). There are over 1,00,000 television shows and 500 series from eight Indian languages over a period of over an hour.

Besides Indian, ZEE5 provides an outstanding range of high-quality TV series worldwide, including Turkish, Korean and Spanish HD shows exclusively in Hindi. With LIVE TV on the go, consumers can select from over 90 live TV channels and profit from GECs, movie channels, news chains, and children’s television networks in Hindi, English, and regional language.

ZEE5 has now established its status as one of the leading OTT applications. You can watch 100s of films and shows free of charge in the app. You can also watch live news on the site on various new platforms and there’s also a children’s entertainment area. Zee5 is the home for more than 100 km of on-demand programming and more than 80 Live TV channels introduced in 2018. The website provides support in many languages, voice search, live TV, and more.

Zee5 will also introduce Hypershots, which will carry Bytedance TikTok later this year. All material, including shows, films, and even news, is available on ZEE Network! You also periodically incorporated originals and news material. Zee 5 has a fan following, one of the fastest expanding OTT providers thanks to its previous television content. There are also various regional shows and films.

Subscription: Zee 5 has a range of subscription packages, including All Access Pack and Kannada Pack. It is priced between Rs. 49 (one month) and Rs. 999 (for a year). Any packages are made with Rs. 499, Rs. 599 or Rs. 699. (for six months). More details are available on their website!


  • ZEE5 provides the videos of Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Odia on the website for 12 languages. If you choose, you can choose different languages or stick to a single language at any time.
  • It is easier to keep video resolution (or quality) low in order to save mobile bandwidth, as you spend the entire day watching videos. The quality to download the videos can be described as well.
  • ZEE5 has curated the contents in many tabs so that you can quickly see what you want.
  • In addition to removing the advertisements, premium features on ZEE5 also provide subscriptions to premium content and ZEE5 originals.
  1. WowzaPairing Monarch & Wowza Media Systems | Matrox Video

The world pioneer in live streaming technologies is Wowza Media Systems. For businesses worldwide, our full-service platform provides accurate, stable and low-latency content. Wowza offers the efficiency and versatility expected by enterprises today with more than a decade of experience partnering with 35,000+ firms.

Business leaders in the television and entertainment sectors, hospitals, and emergency management are trusting our streaming technologies. And we partner with each client to ensure their progress by providing a full-service portal and tailor-made solutions. The company is private and operates in Colorado and was established in 2007.

Wowza is another fully operational, competent broadcasting OTT network. Wowza enables broadcasters to build extremely personalized workflows of streaming using third-party integrations, APIs and other specialized features.

The biggest failure of this platform is that it does not promote video monetization, rendering it an inalienable streaming candidate for internal business use. The full-service OTT platform from Wowza offers secure, flexible solutions for all industries. It is packed with its own CDNs to distribute content reliably worldwide. It has a thorough control over file size, video quality and distribution choices.

You may also use the Wowza proprietary program tailored to the seamless efficiency of live streaming. You can also scale the live streaming output of your videos through the Extensible Modular Architecture.

Subscription: Two plans are offered by Wowza:

  • Software: $125 per instance per month. Downloadable Media Server software.
  • $149 for one month of viewing (for the live-streaming service)
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For individual price options, you can also contact the sales staff.


  • To broadcast live events with limited configuration and integration in various custom apps.
  • For versatile features that are adjustable.
  • It allows you to remotely control and track the output of your film.
  • It offers enough support from onboarding to app growth.
  • The strong APIs and SDKs from Woeza allow you to develop an architecture for highly tailored video streaming. The on-site streaming servers allow you to broadcast live in a safe environment.
  • 4K graduate recordings for games and other games worldwide.
  • Its WebRTC interacts directly from the browser in real-time. The Wowza streaming engine can also be used for improvement.
  • The smartphone app of Wowza lets you start streaming live immediately. It helps you, via 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks, to record, code and stream live videos.


  • Enter IP camera streams for streaming online videos without any encoder in smartphone applications and Web applications.
  • It provides live support for any technological failure during live streaming activities.
  • Its adaptive streaming bitrate means that all users of any Internet speed enjoy seamless video streaming.
  • Ingest streams easily to any encoder and send them to any player globally.
  • It offers multi-level protection, input and outgoing stream encryption and digital rights management (DRM).
  • Multiple providers of cloud services have a secure platform for quality distribution.


  • No software for simulcast.
  • Image monetization support not available.
  • No trusted methods for video analysis.
  1. Sony LivSonyLiv Premium Subscription Price Officially Revised, Monthly Plan Now Begins at Rs 299

Sony Liv has over 18years of content such as Sony TV, Sony SAB, Sony Ten, Sony Max, Sony Max 2, Sony Six, and Sony Yay, including TMKOC and The Kapil Sharma from channels which are part of Sony’s Entertainment Network. You will also live on the Sony Six, Sony TEN 1, Sony TEN 2, and Sony TEN 3 channels on the OTT network in India, including WWE, European football and champions League, and other sportive activities.

Sony LIV’s the best OTT app for you, when you fan regular soaps or comedy events available on many Sony platforms. It provides all shows without payment, and the Sony Channels can also be streamed on the app. You do, though, have to go through plenty of commercials if you play the videos without a subscription. OTT, SonyLIV’s ownSony India offers several famous performances.

Like the Crime Patrol, the Indian Idol, Taarak, Mehta Ka, Chashmah and 10 Ka Dum, to name only a few. Live stream soccer competitions are also included such as UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Ligue A, Ligue 1, UEFA Europa League, etc.

They are already on the website for Animax. What else do you want! What else do you want! Sony launched its OTT service in 2013 and entered into the streaming industry, following Disney-backed Hotstar’s footsteps. Though it has grown slowly, the platform crossed Google Play Store over 100 minutes of downloads. Like Hotstar, SonyLIV has relied exclusively on live sports and many of the world’s leading soccer tours in India to expand. SonyLIV has recently been involved in esports and in mini games. Sony LIV is a multi-screen media OTT service introduced in 2013.

It is a combination of free and premium programming and has collaborated with SPI International to showcase another seven international TV channels, in addition to the five existing channels. The premium content is available at a monthly subscription fee of Rs.99. It features Sony safe audience displays – SONY, SAB and MAX. In addition to allowing audiences to view current affairs, Sony LIV enables subscribers to view historical events and movies.

Sony LIV has three features – Mood Wheel, My Q and LIV Guru to improve the viewing experience. With the Mood wheel audiences will look for mood/genre and time recordings. The My Q functionality allows registered users to build their own playlists and view them on devices with one unique login experience. The LIV Guru feature is the Sony Loyalty Programme, which operates with a scheme of loyalty points for loyal fans and prizes.

Subscription: You will use the available subscriptions to skip advertising and access over 100s of original shows and short films. There are three subscripts available for the app, one on Rs 299, one on Rs 699, half yearly and one on Rs 999.


  • Over 40,000 hours of SET programming and over 700 films will be offered to the vast range of Indian sports channels, which will make audiences more comfortable in terms of content consumption.
  • A large number of genres, including music outlets, are available.
  • The websites of SonyLIV and the mobile app are both basic and operable with little expertise.


  • There are no translations, which is a major drawback.
  • There are no ways to pick an adequate content quality since distribution depends on the internet.
  • Currently the video player can only be controlled by a mouse. The FAQ segment on the SonyLIV website notes that a potential update of the game contains player management options. 
  1. VootVoot Select: Voot Reveals Name, Logo for Subscription Rival to Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar | Entertainment News

Voot is an on-demand video platform that forms part of the Viacom 18 digital arm. Viacom18 is a major rising media network in India. The website offers a wide variety of content options and interests for its audience. It has the following pools of 45,000 hours of information – COLORS (Hindi), MTV and Nickelodeon. It features the most important TV shows, Blockbuster films, toons and VOOT.

Voot’s objective is now to capture the streaming video world without premium costs, using fresh and new age materials. One of the platform’s most important attractions is its original material as it spans a multitude of genres be it dramas, comedies, spoofs and so on. To date, the app has attracted some 32 million active monthly users who spend 50 minutes a day on the platform. Viacom18’s VOOT, released in 2016, says that its TV bouquet includes This important OTT platform in India is operated by Viacom18, which also operates and produces films on many TV channels, such as Colors.

Voot puts all of these programs, similar to Sony Liv, under one roof. The channel app and website helps you to watch all TV shows and movies from Viacom18 at any Colors TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom18 Motion Pictures and MTV Indies has over 45, 000 hours of content. The site provides multilingual content for a Viacom18 network’s target demographic.

Voot runs all the programs on Viacom 18 TV channels on its streaming website. Viacom 18 They have been seen in all languages from shows on MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Colors. You also have unique movies and children on your website. Voot has one of the most user friendly interfaces available via iOS, Android and desktop. They also contain plenty of original material. Mentioning Voot cannot be missed. Voot is favored by people who tend to Colors TV and MTV networks with more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

Subscription: You should buy the premium edition of the app called Voot Select to skip advertisements. By subscribing to Voot Select, you will have access to various originals, new foreign programs and episodes before TV. The monthly membership fee is as low as Rs 99 a month, and the yearly payment is on Rs 499 a month.


  • For serial TV fans, Voot features more than 17,000 hours of content. From your favorite networks, you can see episodes such as Colors, MTV, Nickelodeon and more. For brief fun there are entire episodes and mini clips. Any time you want, you can enjoy every movie.
  • There is no very clear user interface in the program. While you’re going to find a ton of stuff, it’s really hard to grasp. Voot offers you alerts and reminders on Voot on the first page. Certainly Voot doesn’t catch the eyes relative to HotStar.
  • Voot again gives you publicity during a certain show or episode. It is difficult to locate classified episodes all seasons when looking for your favorite Indian shows. At the moment, the application is a little messy. 


  • Voot ott software is a really enjoyable platform with web series and tv shows from Viacom 18 which are all an excellent enterprise.
  • Voot app typically showcases young people with shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla. The material here is magnificent and a must-see. And at low broadband speed, the software is very easy to use.
  • Voot is an excellent forum for children to watch cartoons. This website or app is very helpful and has an optional HD video, and even while watching children’s cartoon videos, you can change the language.


  • Voot ott application has real performance problems. Since Voot Ott does not have the next and last video. No backward or forward.
  • Untouchable video ad for a couple of minutes.
  • On the next day of the official publication, episodes will be uploaded. 


You should use these OTT applications to track binge, since they all have something new to share. You can select from all the apps according to your needs, films, webseries, daily soaps and daily news.

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