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Turning odds in Potential, Meet the Entrepreneur Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki

An entrepreneur is a person who is motivated to satisfy a high need for achievement in innovative and creative activities in his niche. Its not easy to be an entrepreneur, as each entrepreneur sets its own path and defines his own uniqueness. One such personality who’s excelling in this Entrepreneurial journey is Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki

Shahid Sharif is a strong willed 29 year old young entrepreneur who hustles hard to keep making his way in this competitive world. He has marked his unique personality in the IT sector.  With his base in Pakistan, Shakir has went through a long journey to where he is now.


Shahid’s venture initiated from a Pentium 2 computer. It was his first ever PC which  he got in 9th grade that gave a kick-start to his interests towards computers. Being a computer geek he describes his relation with his PC as an infatuation you feel for a lover.

Born and brought up in a small backward village of Kasur District in Pakistan, this young lad faced numerous tough challenges. Basic facilities relating to IT  sector, scarce resources, limited internet connectivity and judgement from his father who scolded him against the usage of computers whole day were some hurdles Shahid faced. Crossing the hurdles of scarce resources and family pressure, Shahid decided to pursue his fascination for computers.

For his Intermediate education in the IT sector, Shahid took a big decision. He decided to step out in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. He pursued Computer Sciences in B.Sc. in order to complete his training and intermediate education in the IT Sector. The opportunities and sources were bigger there, thus leading to development and exciting future of Shahid.


After years of toiling hard and putting his best, Shahid today owns multidimensional company known by the name- Frame Hype LLP. The company is very promising and has enormous potential in  branding, designing, developing and social media marketing services for numerous national and international clients. 

The company look-up for individuals with a potential to make a difference through their content and their IT skills. The company works to support those who cannot afford further training in the sector due to any financial and personal problems. 


Frame Hype association seeks to provide these upcoming talents with sufficient resources and opportunities in order to upgrade their skill set and simultaneously ensuring proper molding of their talents and interests.


Inaccessibility to proper resources and guidance was a big obstacle hampering Shahids dreams.He built this company with such an initiative so nobody else goes through these challenges which Shahid once faced in his career path.


Shahid is an aspirer who thrives to build and bring the best out of everything. Shahid has truly defined the statement that problems are not stop signs, rather they’re the guidelines and fol29-year-oldguidelines of this brilliant Entrepreneurial mind will lead to development of other young minds. To know more about Shahid, check his Facebook profile.

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