Which Are the Favourite Sports for Indians to Bet On?

Since the inauguration of cricket some three hundred years ago, it continues to enjoy a special spot in the subcontinent’s spectators’ minds and hearts. While hockey is India’s national game, cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport. The nation has, on several occasions, won and hosted the Cricket World Cup. The Indian men’s team has attained 8 gold medals in field hockey at the Olympic Games, making it their most successful sport. For indigenous sports, Kabaddi tops the list.

Indians love sports so much that the entire nation is known to come to a standstill when their team is playing in major competitions. Similarly, sports betting is of much interest to fans in India. Regardless of the legality issues that may surround this billion-dollar industry globally, there are several ways to indulge in the sport. So, what are the favourite sports for Indians to bet on?

  1. Cricket

Cricket fans, like the players, understand how vital being cautious is. Before determining how to play, the pitch, the weather, and the opposing team are all factors to consider. Likewise, in sports betting, exercise caution in selecting how and with whom to place your bets. You can use cricket betting analysis from several sites. is a good guideline for this since it provides you with lots of cricket analysis magazines in order to be successful in cricket betting.

During matches, high emotions flow. So much so that it isn’t a rare occurrence to witness TV sets breaking, calls for penalties and dismissals, and rallies against players when the Indian team is losing. When the team wins, all is well. With the complexity of the situation known, it is a certainty that there is heavy traffic where cricket betting is involved. Spectators consider themselves self-declared specialists in the sport. It is normal for them to spit suggestions to the players as though they themselves had a really successful experience in the field years before. When it comes to cricket betting, betting on mobile is very popular.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is similar to golf in that it is an individual game and not a team game. As such, a punter need not worry about some players weakening the team. Instead, in tennis, he will only worry about a player or two before placing his bets. The most coveted tennis games are the 4 major Grand Slams. Indian enthusiasts find them perfect for betting on. When placing a bet, don’t just wait for the finals or semi-finals; bet even on the early games with ample understanding of odds and winnings.

  1. Soccer

Despite India not having a world-famous team, they follow soccer games religiously, with their preference being the Premier League. For betting, the Premier League offers the most lucrative opportunities. Bookmakers cover each game in the Premier League, contributing to numerous betting opportunities for punters. Moreover, an in-depth overview of each player is easily available online for supporters, which helps you put the best possible bet before a match. To increase your chances of making money, it is best to bet on various games and place multiple odds.

Betting on soccer can be quite tricky, and you need to be absolutely confident with your choice before you stake. Suppose you have the tendencies of a compulsive gambler. In that case, it is advisable to stay away before you find you have lost your life savings. Punters are encouraged to conduct in-depth research on players and teams, past performances, and previous standoff results to equip you better to make informed decisions.

  1. Hockey

While there may be a bone of contention as to whether hockey is the country’s national game or not, it is highly honoured in the Indian sports arena. Online betting on hockey attracts great traffic and immense interest from the public. While the game has a low-scoring nature, this makes betting on it more thrilling due to the increased risk. As a result, the industry continues to grow lucratively.

Betting on hockey avails a variety of the kinds of bets that can be placed. This is dependent on the odds given to the losing and winning sides. For instance, in Money Line Betting, the punter guesses the winning team. Teams are classified into underdogs and favourites. Then there is Puck Line Betting, the most popular type of betting in hockey. The difference between the two types of betting is that the latter has better odds due to a +1.5/-1.5 spread.

  1. Horse Racing

Horse racing has grown a global following, with multiple horse racing events worldwide, including Australia, the UK, the USA, and Dubai. Indians have in the past placed bets blindly, picking horses based on published odds and the horses’ names, known as beginner’s luck. Sometimes, you may get off on a considerably good start on beginner’s luck. However, successive wins require sufficient research on the jockeys and horses before placing a bet. Some of the common horse racing games for betting include the Melbourne Cup, The Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup, and the Japan Cup.

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