Apple’s Black Friday deals have already gone live in Australia – here’s a sneak peek at all the discounts

  • Earlier this week, Apple announced a four-day “shopping event” that would kick off on Friday, November 23.
  • In Australia, where it is already Friday, Apple’s big shopping event has gone live.
  • The offers basically consist of gift cards that can be applied when purchasing specific products.
  • None of the gift cards can be applied to any of the company’s latest products, like the iPhone XR or the 2018 Mac Mini.

Apple’s pre-announced four-day “shopping event” has already gone live in Australia, where it is currently Friday.
If you were hoping Apple would discount any of its newest products, like the iPhone XS or redesigned MacBook Air, prepare to be disappointed.
Apple’s Black Friday event basically consists of gift cards, which can only be applied to certain products. While all of the discounts are listed in Australian Dollars, 9to5Mac did the conversions to find out how much the gift cards are worth in US dollars. (We’ll update this story and all the below information once the shopping event officially kicks off in the US on Friday.)
Here’s the full list of Black Friday gift card “discounts” across Apple’s product lines in Australia:
Apple TV: $25
iPhone: $50
Apple Watch: $50
Beats headphones: $50
HomePod: $50
iPad: $100
Mac: $200
Unfortunately, all of these gift card deals can only be applied to older models across these product lines. So even though you can get $50 off an iPhone, it will only work for the iPhone 7 and 8 models, and their respective Plus variants. The iPad gift cards can’t be applied to the new iPad Pro models, and the Apple Watch discounts don’t work towards the new Series 4.
The good news is that the Apple TV gift cards can be applied towards both Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, and you can also get gift cards for the most popular types of Beats headphones, including Studio 3 Wireless, Solo 3 Wireless, PowerBeats3, and more. Apple also has a handful of nice Mac discounts, in case you were considering the older MacBook Air model, or even an iMac or iMac Pro.
But otherwise, if you were hoping for a discount on the new Mac Mini, or possibly even the iPhone XS or XR, it’s best you look elsewhere. Thankfully, there are plenty of stores and sites out there with Black Friday discounts on Apple products.
Source: Business Insider
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