Apple’s issues a software update to fix a problem where the news iPhones wouldn’t charge when you plug them in

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  • Apple is rolling out an update to iOS 12 that contains a fix for charging issues.
  • Some users had reported that their new iPhones wouldn’t start charging unless they woke their iPhone’s display, or disconnected and reconnected the Lightning charging cable.
  • The update should be available for most, if not all, iPhone users now.

Apple is rolling out an update for iOS 12 devices on Monday that contains a fix for a charging issue reported on social media and support forums by several iPhone XS and XS Max users.
Apple describes the fix, released as an update for the iOS 12 operating system, thus: “Fixes an issue where some iPhone XS devices do not immediately charge when connected to a Lightning cable.”
The specific issue was that these new-model iPhones wouldn’t start charging if they were sleeping with their screen turned off. The only way to get the iPhones to start charging was to wake the display, or to unplug and replug the Lightning cable.
Popular tech YouTube creator Lewis Hilsenteger of the Unbox Therapy channel posted a video regarding the charging issues, and found that several of the nine iPhones he tested showed issues with charging.
The issue was problematic for some users who would plug in their new iPhones at night time to charge overnight, only to wake up to a phone with a depleted battery.
The fix contained in the iOS 12 update is the only acknowledgement that Apple has given the issue. Still, the update comes three weeks after the new iPhones’ release, and Apple was quick to resolve the issue.
The update began rolling out on Monday starting at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. You can force your iPhone to update to the latest version of iOS by heading to Settings, tapping General, and tapping Software Update.

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Source: Business Insider
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