Customers expect AI-powered engagement — can you deliver? (VB Live)

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Consumers are very aware that they’re spoiled for choice, nowadays — and a whopping 91 percent of them won’t hesitate to ditch your company immediately when they have a bad experience, and head right for your competitor. But AI-powered marketing strategies are leveling up customer service to heights traditional strategies cannot even hope to touch. Marketing has never yielded these kind of real-world results before.
At the shopping experience level, AI and machine learning allow you to dig down deep into billions of data points, and match them with each particular consumer’s personal browsing behavior. As they shop, you can automatically surface in each of their searches the most relevant and timely products or services, as well as offer pertinent related recommendations to keep them browsing once they’ve discovered what they’ve been looking for — and what they need.
Are they not finding something right away? Browsing behavior can trigger on-the-spot conversations that allow you to ask on-point questions that help narrow down the potential playing field and get those customers to where they want to be. That kind of one-to-one communication, coming when and where they most want help inside their shopping experience, also makes them feel seen, heard, and understood — the hallmarks of a superior customer service experience.
Natural language processing (NLP) is what powers the success of these kinds of conversations. A conversational chat bot underpinned with NLP technology is able to more clearly understand what a customer is asking, and what they’re trying to tell you, as well as make the experience feel more seamless.
NLP is also what helps customer service chat bots be more successful when it’s time for a customer to contact your company looking for help, asking questions, or even requiring a refund. Customers are happiest when they’re offered the opportunity for self-service in a customer service scenario, so your automated customer service options had better be high-functioning, know what your customer is asking, and be able to offer the answers they need and the solutions they’re looking for, in real time.
And then there’s predictive analytics: the beating heart of artificial intelligence, the use case that got early adopters the most excited, and the competitive advantage that’s actually become table stakes. Predictive analytics is what takes good guesses in marketing strategies and hopeful ideas and turns them into data-packed, highly accurate, and highly actionable results.
Predictive analytics has opened the door to one-to-one marketing that’s proactive and hyper-personalized, unlocking engagement opportunities at every touchpoint, when and where and how your customers want to be contacted. Companies are increasingly reporting real-world, concrete bottom-line results, as well as leaps forward in how they understand their customers, how to engage with them, and how to stay relevant at every point in the customer lifecycle.
AI has become available to companies of every size as the market has grown, use cases have expanded, and an exploding number of tech companies are competing to bring the best new off-the-shelf AI tools and services to market. Which is good news, because AI isn’t a nice-to-have any more; we’ve hit must-have o’clock, and now’s the time to learn how to launch your own AI strategies.
For more about what AI can do for companies of every size, the future of AI technology in every market, and how to hit the ground running, don’t miss this VB Live event!
Attend this webinar and learn:

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  • How AI levels up personalization and customer engagement
  • How to use AI-fueled data analytics to create tactical marketing plans.
  • How to create personalized moments without being creepy
  • How to increase real and effective relevance to customers across channels


  • Brian Witlin, CEO Yummly
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

Source: VentureBeat
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