11 Useful Tricks to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate for E-commerce

Want to attract and convert more smartphone users? Well, consider yourself lucky because Google reports that more searches now originate from mobiles than desktops. There’s just one problem – the conversion rates for a mobile platform is generally less than half of desktop rates. According to Google, most smartphone users avail products from their intended brand or company, while only 9 percent browse an app or website that does not fulfill their needs. Nearly 33 percent of customers visit competitor websites if they fail to find what they were looking for.
So, there is still a chance for your business on mobile to achieve a part of the industry by providing a unique experience to visitors. Hence, start future-proofing your marketing strategy by improving mobile conversion rates.

1- Simplify Website Usage

Usability plays a big role in any online interaction, irrespective of mobile or other gadgets. The more usable your site, the easier it is for visitors to achieve their objectives when they access your site.

  • Allow the customers to recover from small errors, such as inputting incorrect details.
  • Let them accomplish what they desire even when they access your website following a break.
  • Make the process as efficient as possible so that customers face no trouble once they get the hang of your site.
  • Start by focusing on selecting elements, like when a customer clicks on an option in your ecommerce site.
  • Leave plenty of space in the website design so that users do not make an incorrect selection as soon as they tap somewhere.
  • Add clickable CTA to make the conversion as simple as possible.

2- Include a Strong CTA

Always remember that conversions on mobile depend considerably on CTA effectiveness. So, use this method to tell customers how to proceed after giving them some compelling reasons to act on the remainder of the webpage. A proper call to action for mobile should:

  • Use power words and action words to inspire conversion
  • Clearly explain the advantages of taking action to users, and
  • Result in immediate delivery of promised products or services

Make sure the mobile CTAs, in particular, are tappable and lead to other mobile-compatible pages, such as a ‘thank you’ page, a page that delivers on your promises, some other relevant page on the site.

3- Improve Mobile Site Speed

Love speed? Well, so do your website visitors! Creating a speedy website can improve your mobile conversion rates. After all, overlooking the fact that Google is biased towards speedy websites, 40 percent of users jump sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Create a fast mobile site to achieve 50 percent more engagement than other websites, and improve your chances of more mobile conversions.

  • Start by testing your URL speed by entering your site address in the mobile page speed checker from Google.
  • Make it a point to use mobile-optimized and responsive designs and themes.
  • Improve your page speed by optimizing the images on your mobile site, employing a content delivery network, and installing a system or caching plugin. If you’re using the WordPress platform for your website, implementing these improvements should prove easier than Joomla and Drupal.

4- Foster a Sense of Trust

Always know that the more people believe you, the more likely they are to take the necessary action. Use the following techniques to develop trust:

  • Let the people know with proof that their personal as well as financial details are safe and sound.
  • Make use of reviews, testimonials, and other social proof to reassure potential buyers that they will not regret doing business with your site.
  • Include your contact information clearly to prove you’re running a legitimate business from a legitimate place.
  • Include tap to call on the website. Owners of mobile devices prefer knowing that someone is there to answer their questions on the other end of the phone. Not only does this improve trust, but it also increases sales and conversions.

5- Add Autocomplete Feature to Your Site

Help the visitors find what they’re looking for and increase their chances of conversion. One method involves using autocomplete in the search functionality of your site similar to the way Google works. Give your users the opportunity to see the options available and select one while they’re typing, thereby reducing the time taken to locate items.
WordPress users will find it easier to implement autocomplete on their site, using a plugin such as ‘autocomplete’. Alternatively, they can resort to online filtering tools, so customers acquire relevant items with every selection. The more specific the product results, the greater the chances of conversion.

6- Focus on Website Design

Never underestimate the power of first impressions, which is precisely why you should focus on mobile website design.

  • Avoid bad designs, and implement formats that allow customers to easily locate what they seek on your website.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-responsive and launch mobile-friendly onsite marketing campaigns as well.
  • Focus on the user flow to make sure mobile visitors find relevant information that helps them convert.
  • Never let your campaign destroy the mobile visitor’s browsing experience, because that might force him to leave and never return.
  • Check out some specially designed mobile popup templates from OptInMonster and gain inspiration.

7- Keep Payments Simple

The easier it is to pay via mobile, the better your conversions will be. Customers don’t enjoy long-winded payment methods that are too confusing to comprehend. In fact, it breeds a sense of distrust and they start to believe that the ecommerce site might not be as reliable as previously advertised. So,

  • Do not create a complicated checkout process because that’s a deal breaker for most people.
  • Allow for multiple payment options, such as Shopify POS so that customers can complete the transaction as quickly as possible.
  • Considering how the availability of digital wallet options has tripled ecommerce conversions, simplify the payment models offered by your mobile ecommerce website as soon as possible so that customers can access the check in and checkout quickly.

8- Create a Sense of Urgency

Use people’s fear of missing out against them by adding a sense of urgency to your mobile marketing. Use limited offers to trigger their fear of missing out (FOMO), devise offers within offers like extra discounts for mobile users who’ve already opted another offer before. Employ the proper verbiage in your CTA so that customers spring into action.

9- Add Striking Images

Include great images not only to draw the mobile user’s attention but also to form a connection with them. Always remember that content containing images receive 94 percent more views than the ones without any visuals. Use high quality images that clearly show off the product to the customer, and elicit the right kind of emotion among site visitors. Also, try including images of other individuals because we are all hardwired to look at people. Don’t forget to compress and resize the images before uploading them so that the loading speed of the pages isn’t affected.

10- Include Videos

People love videos. In fact, a lot of the users’ active hours online are spent watching videos online. So, why not resort to a format that you know works and increase the chances of getting viewers interested in the content? And with the help of tools like Magisto, this should be a piece of cake. All you need to do is:

  • Harness the power of the format to tell your brand’s story.
  • Show people why your product is worth buying.
  • Incorporate the video in a way that speaks to the customers and compels them to take an interest in the item.
  • Try placing the corresponding video underneath the product image so that customers do not miss.
  • Ensure the video gallery includes how-to videos, installation videos, and demos so people can make an informed decision whether the product meets their requirements or not.
  • Keep the information shown in the video short, easy to follow, and digest.
  • Add user-generated videos to set up a reliable, authentic experience.
  • Optimize the videos for a smooth mobile browsing experience.

11- Allow for Mobile Opt-ins

Enable opt-in forms to convert more mobile users. Make use of the advanced targeting rules to develop non-intrusive mobile marketing campaigns that adhere to the latest rules from Google. Be sure to keep the optin form as short as possible since the fewer things visitors must do, the greater their chances of taking action.

Concluding Remarks

Improve your mobile conversion rate to expand the aggregate number of sales from your site traffic. While it isn’t always easy to advance or improve your ecommerce conversion rate, following the rules above can help you with your objectives considerably and grow your ecommerce business.
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