12 Best Dedicated Server Companies For Startups 2021

Choosing a dedicated server means you’re having a whole server for yourself. CPU time, RAM, or bandwidth are not traded, which ensures that the website remains responsive at all times. Dedicated servers are separated from each other, allowing you the flexibility, without caring about a poor neighborhood, to customize your servers the way you like.

Full-access control, full anonymity, and assured server services depending on your hosting contract are the other advantages. Besides, the efficiency of dedicated servers does a decent job of keeping your website secure and predictable. If you are someone who wants hosting for websites with heavy traffic, then the best choice for you is dedicated hosting.

Best of all, with fast and informative assistance, committed hosting contracts also arrive. The best providers can often track the server for bugs, such as broken programs, and will even repair them until you know a problem has arisen. This kind of ability doesn’t come for free, and you can easily spend $50-$140 a month and more only on a simple kit, but there is some decent signup offers around.

For that kind of investment, having the right choice is crucial. We’ll spotlight 12 top dedicated hosting companies in this article that you may want to try out first:

1. OVH

As a leading multinational hosting provider, OVH has made a name for itself. OVH Hosting Inc., based in France, was founded in 1999, riding out the first e-commerce bubble. In 2006, when it opened branches in France, Spain, and Senegal, OVH spread to the rest of Europe.

Today, OVH has become Europe’s largest hosting service and has spread to North America and Africa. OVH currently maintains 17 services in data centers all around the world. OVH currently hosts over 18 million websites and has almost three million domain names licensed. For a European business, that is pretty good.

Pricing: Starting at $3.49/month, the least costly package comes with 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of disk space. The most pricey package would set you back $22/month at the other end of the spectrum, but you get 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of data. The starting price of these plans is $109/month if you are searching for dedicated servers, and you can expect much more RAM and data.

Customer Support: OVH customer service is available 24/7, but you won’t benefit much from their assistance if you are a technological newbie. Most definitely, customer care reps will give you some advice about how to solve a problem. You need to execute the solution yourself with that instruction. Real-time advice is a choice if you’re not that secure about exactly what to do. Your problems can take longer to solve if you go this path. In this client service center, there’s no hand-holding going on.


  • OVH not only provides one service, but also offers options for cloud storage, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. Pace, size, and bandwidth depend on the OVH dedicated server contracts, so you can sign up for the package you find is a better fit for you. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you are involved in joint hosting arrangements.

  • If there is an outage, you are guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and a limit of 5 minutes of reaction time. OVH servers are fast at page loads in both server responses. In the test, the average response time was below 400 ms.


  • Their interface is not necessarily the simplest to use. OVH also has a lot of common interfaces for administrators. For new customers who want to reconfigure their website, this may get frustrating.

  • And if you want to increase the hosting space on your site, you’re going to have to pay up. All around the globe, OVH hosts servers are available but accounts are limited to one location per site. You’re going to have to sign up and payout for another account if you want to set up a server in another town.

2. is Germany‘s largest and most trusted experienced European website hosting provider, which has been supplying small private and enterprise users with web hosting and internet services since 1997. In its data centers, uses electricity from green energies to fuel servers. You’re in good hands with 20+ years of hosting & datacenter experience. is around the clock here with you, committed to helping you. It provides you with the best possible routing and network efficiency. The best security monitoring system tried and checked by Hetzner guarantees that the data stays secure and confidential.

Pricing: In fact, the business relies so much on economics and value, with the lowest prices you could ever imagine. Shared web hosting begins at €1.60 a month (£1.41, $1.87), €2.49 (£2.20, $2.90) cloud hosting, €34 (£30, $39.60) dedicated servers, €29 (£26.60, $33.80) controlled servers, and the list goes on. And while the price can seem high when compared specifically with other hosting services, you really get a lot of money, mostly in the support department, for your money. Tech assistance is second-to-none and, to say the least, the care that consumers get is exclusive.

Customer Support: The well-trained data center technicians and engineers from Hetzner would be glad to provide you with technical and personal assistance through telephone and email around the clock. It is accessible 24/7 via phone, chat, or a ticket system for customer service and is included in each plan. Their answer time is top-notch, and the officials are very informative and happy to assist you with any questions you might have.


  • The best thing about it is that you are free to choose local or network storage. Along with it, you will be having an option to choose your dedicated CPU resources.


  • The only drawback is that it has only 3 datacenters but all in Europe.

3. LiquidWeb

Liquid Web provides a dedicated hosting facility that is dependable and lightning-fast. It comes packed with strong servers and lots of helpful features to ensure top efficiency on your websites. For eg, even the cheapest dedicated server contains two speedy 240GB SSD drives. A 1TB SATA backup drive is also provided, making daily backups simple and convenient to operate. Liquid Web provides dedicated servers with options for both Linux and Windows. However, as a standard, be prepared to pay extra for the Windows setup. You will have access to control panels for Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Interworx, for which you can purchase different licenses via the control panel.

A dedicated IP is part of the scheme. Cloudflare CDN support can increase the performance of your website and your server can be located in one of three data centers (Arizona, Michigan, or the Netherlands). Most notably, Liquid Web’s competent operations staff operates all dedicated servers. For almost any reason, factor in the wide variety of optional add-ons-load balancers, firewalls, VPN-and the range has more than enough capacity. Although the costs of Liquid Web can appear higher than any of the competition, in terms of hardware and service, you are totally paying for what you get.

Pricing: With an annual charge, the rates start at $169/month and $199 if you want to pay weekly. For key-controlled or unmanaged schemes, the lowest rates are. In exchange, for a cPanel license, you will have to pay an additional $38/month, which can make monthly payments very costly. However, cPanel will be included free of charge if you chose the annual package. You face higher prices (starting at $249/mo), but poorer performance on web servers relative to US plans, if you are trying to get a dedicated server in the EU. A 100% uptime pledge comes with any plan. Liquid Web, alas, does not provide any money-back guarantees.

Customer Service: For any package, Liquid Web provides 24/7 phone and chat service. They also promise a 59-second initial reaction, which they retained as they called out for their support. The following questions were answered within a couple of minutes after the initial response. The help is informative about their dedicated hosting plans and takes an additional step to assess the right match for your project hosting solution. Overall, the service from Liquid Web is very supportive, courteous, and prompt to respond to your complaints or questions.


  • Liquid Web offers a solid base on which any organization with faith and security can develop its website. According to the needs of an organization, the servers have come in many different configurations. You may go for a standard server with one CPU, 16 GB RAM, or go with 32 GB RAM for a more high-end alternative.

  • Hosting by Liquid Web will have a lot of security features for its users. These include VPNs, firewalls, malware and spyware scanners, virus recovery, and so on. There are also backups done every night, which in worst-case cases could theoretically save a lot of data.


  • The high cost of Liquid Web suggests that there will be no space for small companies to grow by this means. When more and more shoppers are now turning to local companies in order to shop responsibly. Therefore, pricey web hosting providers only reinforce the cold business atmosphere instead of encouraging a friendly climate for smaller rivals.

  • One of the reasons why it is so pricey for Liquid Web Hosting is that it does not allow cooperative hosting services. This choice, along with other benefits, would have made this particular service quite a bit cheaper. There are also other online secure web hosting providers that offer more competitive packages along with options for shared hosting.


Created in 2009, PhoenixNAP is a new company. But, it has become one of the world’s biggest web hosting companies currently. In the US and Europe, PhoenixNAP has network infrastructure and is also a great option for trans-Atlantic organizations. Colocation, bare metal servers, cloud hosting, hardware leasing, systems integration, and other solutions are provided by the company. For its energy and network connections, PhoenixNAP guarantees 100 percent uptime.

For various servers, it offers service level agreements. With 24/7 security arrangements, motion detection systems, camera surveillance, multi-factor authentication systems, and smoke detection alarms, the data centers of the company are safe. Individual and group servers are provided with firewalls. With 24/7 security arrangements, motion detection systems, camera surveillance, multi-factor authentication systems, and smoke detection alarms, the data centers of the company are safe. Individual and group servers are provided with firewalls.

Pricing: PhoenixNAP is specializing in high-end hosting solutions. With its superior quality offerings, its prices are expected. They do not provide the reimbursement, but they have a versatile price model. You will only pay for what you use on the dedicated servers. If the need arises, you can only obtain the extra pieces you need. There’s a better price paradigm for cloud providers. They are not only versatile but also encourage you to pay or pay per hour. It’s perfect for cost savings. You will even pay weekly if you pay.

Customer Service: You can contact customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email, live chat, and just two numbers. The response to help requests will be assured within 20 minutes. “Customer Success Partners” in PhoenixNAP ensure complaints are addressed easily. A selection of online services is also available. You have a guarantee sponsored by SLA that you can answer email questions within 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the plan in which you are. The talks I had with the support staff offered relevant insight that reflected integrity and experience, instead of scripted answers. You can also use the knowledge base, which also has a couple of tutorials.


  • Flexible payment choices based on existing conditions

  • SaaS advanced assistance

  • Really reactive and helpful customer service

  • DDoS Assault Defense


  • There are no choices for small enterprises and personal labels

  • Plans are not particularly adaptable to beginners


INAP strives to be a national partner for bare metal and cloud computers, including AWS Cloud Managed Solutions and Azure Cloud Managed Solutions. Internap Corporation (INAP) has been a major supplier of performing data center services since 1996, including managed hosting, placement, and cloud computing. INAP works with customers from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses to fulfill their particular expectations for highly stable, reliable IT solutions.

INAP focuses on providing support for a wide variety of sectors, including e-commerce, healthcare, online recruitment, advertisement, financial services, and online gaming. INAP’s extensive portfolio of multi-platform cloud, modern data centers, integrated network platforms, and smart managed services help organizations transfer workloads at the right location flexibly and efficiently – reducing their risks and optimizing value. In 2018, INAP purchased SingleHop, and INAP solutions fit all product reviews citing SingleHop.

Pricing: INAP goods and services are not inexpensive, as you might expect from managed cloud hosting, but you get what you pay for. And you can pay every month or every year.

Customer Support: As an existing client, by signing into your account you can use INAP support. You may communicate with the help chatbot as an option or as a mere pre-sales prospect customer.


  • “First Support Facility” SLA

  • Certifications in various sectors

  • Centers of Tier 3 results

  • Global Capability


  • No plans for common web hosting

  • Live chat-based on chatbot

6. Limestone Network

Limestone Networks is a Dallas-based service for the hosting of clouds and servers to customers around the globe. Initially, gamers populated the bid of the company, but the scope of the company has since spread to other sectors. With free backup storage space and both managed and unmanaged hosting services, Limestone Networks aims to fulfill the varied needs of the different industries to which it caters. Limestone Networks enable you to run a wide range of different types of Linux or Windows distributions on your server.

Depending on the cloud computing plan or a dedicated server, the choices available differ. You will use the internal Limestone control panel to handle your server. However, Limestone Networks affiliate Plesk and cPanel are the widely used control panels with user-friendly interfaces if this is not the best choice for you. The Limestone network is a protected and but freely accessible back-end network between the dedicated server in the Limestone network data center. It provides secure, open connectivity between the dedicated servers.

Pricing: When you make your order, you can choose to further customize the choices available, or you can choose Fast Buy and purchase the server as-is. If none of the pre-configured choices is right for you, you can contact Limestone Networks for a personalized quote. You can pay for your server on a monthly basis, or you can apply for a longer-term in return for savings on your hosting costs.

Customer Support: Clients will have access to different degrees of support depending on whether they choose managed or unmanaged support. If you would like to talk to a technical service representative, anyone is available by phone 24/7/365 (the estimated call response time of the organization is nine minutes).

Alternatively, you should use a chat-like ticketing system. With regard to self-help services, Limestone Networks maintains a knowledge center with information on common areas of concern for clients. Finally, the Limestone forum is a perfect way to keep up to date on updates and new technologies. Limestone Networks provides two separate managed maintenance plans intended to cover common server management activities, such as program development and initialization of the operating system. The most excellent choice, though, is to give you constructive server monitoring for stuff like testing and reviewing before an event occurs.


  • Professional assistance 24/7/365

  • The enterprise-grade dedicated hosting facility

  • Option to customize your hosting plan or simply purchase basic packages (there are numerous core configurations from which you can choose)

  • Less complex, clearance servers are available for budget customers.


  • Limestone Networks is a boutique hosting provider that may not offer as much (service-wise) as a larger host.

7. Vultr

As cloud popularity has grown, cloud hosting platforms such as Vultr have arisen to provide users with an acceptable solution. The cloud is futuristic, after all. It’s how the new internet works, and how it’s going to work more and more, or so we’re told. Vultr was founded in 2014, and essentially offers plans for cloud storage. Vultr is all about delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art hardware. Despite being basic in nature, the control panel offers a lot of customizable configurations and lots of details on instances or servers. The Control Panel also provides for the supervision of the staff and the transfer of rights to additional users.

Pricing: The price starts from $60/month to $240/month. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make any money return assurances. You’re best off trying their programs for a month at a higher rate and then switching to a longer commitment to bring prices down.

Customer Service: It’s got a 24/7 phone and live chat service. However, familiarity with customer service is rather doubtful. When we reached out to help them, we got in contact with a delegate on our second try. Support was supportive with our initial questions, but it left us with the follow-up questions. Overall, customer service is not really effective, but you can get your answers when you get through to them. However, that’s not the experience you’re looking for in today’s dynamic hosting environment.


  • A common purpose hosting firm would typically offer inexpensive pooled hosting, higher-quality private virtual servers, and higher-quality cloud hosting, and then premium dedicated servers. Bare Metal, on the other side, offers you a full server with absolutely unfettered access. In all of these, you get to keep devoted services that are private to you, but Bare Metal provides a higher degree of autonomy.

  • The limit you can get with this package is 1,600 GB of data, 24 cores, 96 GB of RAM, and 15 TB of bandwidth. If you need to use more, you should upgrade to a higher standard. So you’re still going to be playing with what you’re using, only at a higher hourly rate. If you just need storage, you can add the storage cube.

  • The Control Panel also provides for the supervision of the staff and the transfer of rights to additional users. Plus, it’s pretty easy to deploy more instances later, including from a mobile device.


  • Vultr does not provide live chat or phone service, so the only way to access support is by using an email/ticket system.

  • If you live outside the U.S., you can find that you don’t have the same range of choices for Dedicated Cloud or Bare Metal plans.

8. Serverpronto

ServerPronto is based in the USA and has been offering hosting services for over 15 years. They serve consumers in more than ninety-nine countries with the help of their trained and devoted employees. To date, over 10,000 clients have been served. ServerPronto uses state-of-the-art technology for its data centers and provides its customers new hardware. This is what makes them maintain 99.999 percent uptime on the websites. Multi-tier 1 10Gbps backbone and up to 1Gbps server speed ensure secure and reliable support for all customers. Their data center is SSAE-16 accredited and provides the new security initiatives, including DDoS mitigation.

Their packages are flexible, which means that if at some stage you find that the needs outweigh the specifications given to you, you can quickly update your plan. While many hosting services offer unrestricted bandwidth, most also send you restricted or pooled capacity where you can inevitably get into trouble as soon as anyone uses up a lot of server resources. At ServerPronto, you will be confident that if you order a dedicated server, you will be supported with one, regardless of whether your needs will be addressed with a shared server.

Pricing: For an extremely inexpensive price, ServerPronto delivers a single plan that is tailored to satisfy all your specifications. You get a cPanel hosting account containing 100GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth. In addition, there are unrestricted email accounts and directories at your disposal through an Uplink 100Mbos network. You can pay for one, two, or three years in advance to get a discount.

Customer Support: If you open their website, you will be instantly greeted by a live chat alternative. I don’t like the fact that I need to send my email address to speak to them. But the service was fantastic with the person specifically answering my question without asking for further details from me. You may also call them by phone or give them a message via the contact form on the website. The chat and ticket support system is available 24/7 and can only be accessed by phone during operating hours. Their social media staff is also very professional.


  • Serverpronto hosting provides unexpected offerings related to cloud hosting, web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, and tailored solutions for its clients. Not only does it provide those services, but it also offers the ultimate customer experience to ensure full satisfaction.


  • Negotiable promotions. But bearing in mind the nature of the services, word of mouth is plenty.

9. DataPacket

Datapacket was developed in 2014 with the goal of offering high-bandwidth networking at an affordable price. Starting with one data center in Prague, they have now grown to 14 data center sites around the world that house thousands of servers.

This hosting service provides a 7-day preview to help you try your unrestricted 10Gbps bandwidth. Thanks to their 5Tbps+ network in the EU and the US, you get unrestricted bandwidth. Plus, 10Gbps of bandwidth is assured to each dedicated server without aggregation. The servers are of the highest specification and have a SuperMicro case, the newest Intel CPUs, and 10Gbps Ethernet port SSDs. The provider offers quick support and guarantees distribution and hardware problems within two hours. The price bundles are affordable and there is no set-up fee or obligation. Finally, you can rely on consistent help over your phone, speak, and email.

Pricing: DataPacket makes it easier for you to decide the price of the service according to your needs. On the pricing tab, you can build your own server, see if the configuration is in stock, and get the shipping time. If you are converting and do not find the setup you like, or are unsure of the exact configurations that suit your company, you can submit your history of bandwidth use from the previous operator and get the best bid available in return. Bundling several servers together while buying makes them a lot cheaper.

Customer Support: You can also update the hardware to 24/7 monitoring and customer service at any time. It’s just a quick and fast method for the consumer to scale. Payments will be taken on a regular basis, meaning you don’t have to make upfront payments on an annual basis. And, although there is no money return guarantee, you will use a seven-day trial to test out the program.

The DataPacket sales team can only be reached during business hours, except for a live chat that is open 24/7. Other approaches include phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, and Facebook. Support is available 24/7 for current customers.


  • Quick, unrestricted networking servers

  • 24/7 multi-channel support

  • Reliable security servers at 12 sites around the world


  • No joint hosting plans or VPS

  • Not an ideal hosting facility for small websites or companies

10. InterServer

InterServer has been in the web hosting game for a long time now. Since 1999, the company has expanded to two New Jersey-based data centers and is expanding to new areas. To this day, many of the same people who founded the business are still there. InterServer is specialized in mutual, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. VPS hosting has the most choices, with 16 different levels of plans to select from. InterServer also hosts both Debian and Windows servers, giving consumers ever more options.

InterServer is specialized in mutual, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. VPS hosting has the most choices, with 16 different levels of plans to select from. InterServer also hosts both Debian and Windows servers, giving consumers ever more options. The organization also bills itself as a budget-friendly supplier. No matter which of these offerings you choose, you’ll see that all the plans are competitively priced. With low rates with all the opportunities available, it’s not easy to find anything they don’t do or do well with.

Pricing: With this stability and high efficiency, you would assume that InterServer would be a costly hosting provider. Not that. Their simple sharing package comes at just $4.50 a month – not the cheapest, but it’s not that costly, either. If you choose to go to Windows or WordPress hosting, sharing plans start at $5 and $8, respectively. VPS hosting is also accessible, with the cheapest package beginning at $6 a month. Dedicated hosting is a little more costly, at $59, but this option is usually more expensive. No matter what plans you’re going for, you’re always paying for a decent deal.

Customer Support: If you have issues with the website, the organization has a wonderful customer service team available to assist you. Customer service, which is available 24/7, comes standard for several hosting services. But with InterServer, all live chat and toll-free phone service is open at any time of day. Wait times for the average answer to just under four minutes.


  • Like several other hosting services, InterServer has a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee. In certain instances, though, InterServer goes way beyond this promise. Any consumers experience up to 100% uptime in a given week.

  • No matter what your hosting requirements are, you have been protected by InterServer. You may sign up for regular shared hosting on Linux servers, or for Windows or WordPress hosting. If you choose VPS or dedicated servers, InterServer provides a number of choices in these types as well.

  • The feedback of Interserver VPS appear to be rather positive. Customers are thrilled with the ease of use and configuration of their VPS servers. In certain cases, because of the customized nature of VPS offerings, the company’s VPS packages can be more reliable than pooled hosting packages.


  • When you sign up for one of their programs, you’re not going to get all squared away at the same time. You’ll get your domain name and hosting services together in one package, but not all at once. Domain and hosting accounts shall be licensed separately.

  • There are also disadvantages in the usage of servers below availability. InterServer load rates are periodically slower than the industry average. Often this load speed may be nearly twice as sluggish as the industry average of around 1200 ms.

  • Most InterServer clients are happy with customer service. But a few clients have faced major delays in addressing their complaints.

11. Servermania

As B2 Net solutions Servermania was founded in 2002. Today, the company is providing a wide variety of web hosting solutions. The business is renowned for providing the best hosting options at an unbeatable price. Continue the ServerMania Analysis 2021 and discuss the pros and cons of ServerMania. So that you understand more, server mania is the right or wrong option for you. Overall, the web is safe and easy to use. I spent about five minutes comparing the plans and looking at various service packages. I can ask from a live chat which is just one click away, without the information base being digged. Its advanced platform has an elegant gui and DDoS-protected all its hosting facilities.

Pricing: Often, consumers pay a lot for hosting firms or servers, but their money doesn’t have great worth. ServerMania strives to face this challenge with its flexible and cost-effective packages. Furthermore, the business should not lose functionality, so that consumers enjoy the latest features without costing an arm and a leg. Even at the bottom of the range, buyers do have a lot of good features and options, but the true advantages are at the extreme. When updating, you can unlock extra RAM and disk space and up to 4TB bandwidth conversion.

Customer Support: ServerMania is proud to have a multi-lingual team of sales and help who speak Spanish, French, Polish and English. The support workers include professionals and specialists in the server operations industry who work 24 hours a day with consumers to deliver services. Within a few minutes of beginning a conversation, Yana, a live chat expert, accompanied me to explain the distinction between popular and app hosting. On average, 15 minutes of answers to fares.


  • When the web is down when you use it most, it can be the worse case. The value of uptime is known by ServerMania. Here, then, you are promised the 100% network uptime.

  • The business has its clients with a well-trained workforce. They give their clients a long-term perspective and skills.

  • A Surge control panel is offered here which is very easy to use and install. You can quickly do it and though you’re a novice.


  • The business gives its customers competitive rates. Yet you have to pay more than the selling price when it comes to renewal rates. Almost every hosting provider is, however, common.

  • The servers or other pricey web hosting cannot be afforded for everyone. The hosting arrangements of ServerMania are not shared.

12. Leaseweb

LeaseWeb is part of the OCOM Group and a multinational supplier of IaaS infrastructure. Web hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting, CDN and colocation services is offered by the organization. In the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and Singapore, LeaseWeb has data centers. A 99.9999 percent uptime guarantee is provided by LeaseWeb. The business uses innovative technologies to guarantee stable efficiency and availability of state-of-the-art data centres. LeaseWeb has implemented many redundancy levels to guarantee reliably high performance in order to provide efficient and stable hosting services. The data centres, where power outage is present, have emergency backup generators.

Pricing: The shared hosting schemes from Leaseweb are inexpensive and can be paid for in a currency (and by way of method) where your server lies. A bank transfer or PayPal can buy Asian servers. The use of the credit/debit card or direct debit will also be charged to American Servers. You can receive a 7 percent discount by paying a year in advance. The available payment period is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, biennium, and triennial. To decide the discount for a long time, you may contact the firm. You may also email the organization to organize an unsolicited trial run.

Customer Support: LeaseWeb provides technical assistance via mobile, email and live chat 24/7. The organization answers quicker with higher stage service plans for support requests. LeaseWeb provides a broad variety of self-help knowledge.


  • Outstanding uptime

  • Plans may be increased or reduced by monthly arrangements

  • Highlighting strong servers

  • Can configure wide server requests


  • Certain clients complain about service efficiency

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