1stepGrow: The Leading E-Learning Platform for a Successful Career Transition in Data Science In 2023

The education institute is creating a wave of digital transformation with advanced technology. In a brief span of time, 1stepGrow has achieved many accolades from the industry to become the emerging ed-tech startup in India.

If you are looking to make a career in Data related fields, your first step should be to take right guidance from experts. 1stepGrow, with growing popularity, is one of the great places to get guidance. Their trainers are not only professionals from the industry but also very polite and helpful. Their course happens to be ideal for professionals. However, their training pattern is able to be quite effective for beginners looking to upskill and successfully transition careers to data science.

Let me elaborate to you why!!

This institute focuses on imparting practical training to professionals. The training based on 100% practical live session help in successful career transitions in fields like – data science, machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, business analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.

This institute focuses on building great careers for professionals with successful career transitions using real-world projects & domain specialization training. They are expert trainers for advanced technology like – data science, machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, business analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.

Data is everywhere. We generate data from myriad sources, which need to be captured accurately and put to efficient use. Data analytics and decisions based on the analytics & predictions can make or break a business.

Statistics is the foundation of Data science. Statistics is a quiet old field of study being used for analytics & prediction for more than 100 years. Therefore, while the field of statistics is not new, its connotation, applicability and meaning have changed over time.

The term Data Science was termed in the 1960s. The term is the addition of two fields – Data Analytics & Computer Science. Data science was primarily introduced as a separate field with three aspects – data collection, data design and data analysis.

Combining all three aspects, one can only imagine the vastness of the domain. Those working in data science term the field to be the sexiest job of the century.

Andrew Ng, a well-known Data Scientist & Professor, says, ” It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of the industries.”

Ravi Pradhan, MD & Co-Founder 1stepGrow, says, “The field of Data Science is a purely transformational field for professionals who want to realize their career.”

Data Science today has become one of the most promising sectors to work in. Data scientists working in this field identify this as the most satisfying career option.

As per my study, Data Science is a field that can be pursued by non-tech background professionals too. It needs the right guidance and projects to dig into.

To give an introduction: 1stepGrow is a leading professional education institute based out of Bengaluru, started by Ravi Pradhan, Co-founder and MD. The institute is dedicated to providing the best training to its students. Their flagship program is Data Science & AI. However, they train students in the field of Data Science & AI, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing.

1stepGrow’s New Age Digital Revolution

Under the guidance of Ravi Pradhan, the education institute aims to create a wave of digital transformation in industries by imparting training with practical exposure to its students.

1stepGrow provides a cutting-edge curriculum designed in collaboration with industry and academic experts. The institutes bring together these experts and AI startups together to assist their students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the data science field.

This Ed-tech company has its unique viewpoint of providing state-of-the-art technical training. Their maximum focus is on the application as per real-world problems.

1stepGrow and its USP

1stepGrow believes that every individual needs to grow with time more than ever today due to increasing changes in technology. There are new applications in each sector with respect to automation. The entire industry is based on digitization which requires digital transformation.

Thus keeping the above in mind, the institute provides its students with a practical approach to bringing digital transformation.

The courses are well designed to train for practical understanding and exposure to real-life projects that set apart the students of 1stepGrow from the rest.

Also, the students of 1stepGrow do not end the program with the course curriculum. The students are provided with the opportunity to work on real-world projects. These projects help the students with practical exposure and gain confidence in their abilities. Going forward, with the successful completion of the project, the students get certified on projects by AI startups/companies.

Ravi says that it is not the degree or certificate that gets you the job; instead, it is the practical knowledge of concepts, tools & technology with a positive attitude to solve problems that get you a job. And this is what the entire program at 1stepGrow is about.

Why Should you Choose 1stepGrow?

1stepGrow provides comprehensive online learning programs and certifications with real-time project experience. It also provides an opportunity to get hired by top MNCs and AI startups.

The work and learn live experience certificate enables the students to get an opportunity in the real world. The opportunities 1stepGrow provides are in companies like – Nielsen, Cognizant, Walmart, Amazon, Samsung, Netflix, Google, PharmEasy, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Service, UNOCUE, Razorpay, Myntra, Swiggy, CRED, Infosys, Wipro, Zerodha, TruPartner to name a few.

The excellent response that 1stepGrow has received has catapulted and speeded up the process of this Ed-tech startup towards collaborating with a significant number of companies.

In a very short span of time, 1stepGrow has carved a niche for itself. It received the accolade of ‘Emerging Ed-Tech Startups In India In 2022’ from Business Connect and yet another one recognized by Silicon India Startup City as 1stepGrow in the “Top 10 eLearning platform of 2022”.

With successful associations with big companies and startups alike, the 1stepGrow team has earned the mileage to provide greater practical exposure to its students. This, by far, is the biggest and the best any student or professional can look for while upskilling.

1stepGrow’s uniqueness is in its advance upskilling model, hands-on training and excellent curriculum. This has found much appreciation both from its students and the corporates.

To date, 1stepGrow, in its early days, has more than 200 corporate contacts that are increasing in number consistently. It also boasts a portfolio of peer startup companies and even larger established companies that it has been able to impress, given the quality of talent and skill pool that it offers.

Startups in India have found that the talent pool 1stepGrow offers is ideal and a one-stop – shop for all their recruitment needs in this segment. Therefore, this ed-tech company has been able to make quite a reputation for itself even in its early days.

These courses offered by 1stepGrow have the stamp of approval from some of the leading market experts like Abhishek Pandey – Transformation Lead of Wipro; Vaibhav Musale – Principal Consultant of Walmart; Sandeep Pathak – BI Project Manager of Cognizant; Azaj Khan, CMO of innovative Group; Sanjiv Tiwari, AVP of Property Pistol; to name a few.

Conclusion: 1stepGrow is working to provide the best and the most advanced training to its students. Before taking a decision, it is a must to connect with their career guidance team. They are not just experts but friendly and helpful by all means.

The detailed courses, the unique real-time projects, and the testimonials from market leaders signify the fact that 1stepGrow is genuinely working towards the digitalization of society.

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