20 Actionable Mobile App Metrices to Check for your App

The android app developers must follow several measurements to perceive how their application is doing. Measuring the execution of an application is entirely vital. If you have reasonable stacking times, glitches, or accidents, it will affect the client encounter too and eventually influence your objective.

Here is what you need to be tracking:

Downloading numbers

Downloads are a reliable sign of how your application is getting along. It is a metric that estimates client commitment. Ensure that your application is ready for the application store. Only then you can achieve significant downloads. Your application’s name, portrayal, key phrases, the symbol can be the determinant of success.

Dynamic clients

Look for some individuals who are dynamic every day and month. There are various ways you can enhance how individuals are active on your application. You must lure them to open it up. For instance, declaring week wise special offers can urge individuals to sneak in your app.

Session interims

Session interims measure the client commitment also. It demonstrates the time between every client session. Your session interim measurements will separate your dynamic clients much further. Think of something that can force clients to include your application in their regular schedule.

Normal utilization time

It is a metric that estimates to what extent every session is lasting. You’ll need to make sense of what number of screens the client is seeing amid every session. To enhance this number, android app developers must outline your application to urge more swipes to new screens.

Application churning percentage

Your churning app rate determines the level of clients who merely quit utilizing your application. A more significant scale can affect your income stream and application objective. To enhance standards, you must get to the base of the issue for why clients quit utilizing your application.

The positioning in the Play Store

Your pursuit positioning affects your download numbers. Know the application store’s optimizing calculations for every stage where your application is accessible.

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Surrender rates

Surrender rates are not the equivalent as churning rates. Such a metric estimates client commitment as well. An ideal approach to settle this is by dissecting your presentation stage and joining process.

Converting rate

You must view at your transformation technique. In case you’re endeavouring to create income from in-application buys, memberships, or shopping baskets, you must make these means as straightforward as workable for the client.

Characterization of the resources

The characterization of the resource is a metric that estimates client securing. You must decide precisely where clients are originating. It will enable you to make sense of which advertising efforts are valid and which ones just aren’t working.

Viral achievement

Viral achievement isn’t exactly the equivalent as an attribution source. It usually is from individuals who download your application on account of verbal. They mainly come through family or companions. An ideal approach to enhance this number is by making your application something that can easily interact with clients.

Procurement expenses

To compute it, take the quantity of showcasing money you are investing to gain new clients and dividing it by the number of acquisitions. Such high expenses can genuinely deplete your financial balance when you’re not watchful.

Times your app crashes

Accidents are an after effect of an issue with the execution of your application. If there is a high amount of app crash, then the surrender rate will be high as well. You must dig in to fix these issues at the earliest opportunity. To evade this, constantly monitor apps to settle any significant errors.

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Dormancy estimates to what extent it takes to make a demand and get a reaction from programming interface. You need this to be as quick to react under the circumstances. For instance, dormancy estimates how quickly a tab functions after you click it. You need to ensure that your application works over various stages without influencing dormancy.


Application speed estimates how quickly it is loading and running. Once your application fails to respond fast, it will result in a poor client encounter. So you’ve to attempt necessary measures to enhance the speediness. Utilize apparatuses to gauge the execution of your application.

Issues with networking

In case you’re having problems with your networking, it can influence both the speed and dormancy. There might be HTTP blunders attempting to associate with the networks. At the point when this occurs, it can result in crashing of your application. You must have a good cache for your app to avoid this issue.

Client help time

Estimating the help time encourages you enhancing the client encounter. To have impressive help time numbers, you’ll have to examine the client servicing process. You must check the nature of client servicing after initiating the client help process. The majority of this will bring satisfaction to clients, and they’ll keep utilizing your application.

NPS (net advertiser score)

Your net advertiser score is similar to viral achievement. It gauges the odds that a client will mention your application to another person like a relative or companion. You can request your clients regarding it.

Standards for dependability

You’re going to require individuals to utilize the application if you need it to be active and you got the opportunity to gauge your standards for reliability. It’s simpler to hold a client than it is to procure new ones. Whether or not you have heaps of dynamic clients, move your concentration to maintenance rather than secure. It will likewise be more affordable for you to accomplish.

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Occasion following

Following events or incident determines the in-application experience of every client. Try to find out what they do while investing time in the application. Following occasions can give you unique information to enhance the execution of your application during updates.


How about we return to your application store optimizing? Client surveys will affect your downloads too. So whenever you see a negative review, you must consider those remarks important. Once you disregard these remarks, not exclusively will it dismiss individuals from downloading your application; however, it could affect your churning rates also.


If you need to gauge your prosperity, you must track specific measurements and make a move to enhance those numbers. These are the essential snippets of data that you have to monitor, assess, and make modifications for upgrades. There are more matrices as well that one can think. However, if you follow these basic and important ones, then you can think of success assurance.
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