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Top 5 Best Cleantech Companies in India 2024

Top 5 Best Cleantech Companies in India 2024

As the world grapples with the pressing issues of climate change and environmental degradation, the importance of cleantech companies has never been more evident. Cleantech, short for “clean technology,” refers to companies and initiatives that harness sustainable practices and innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact while providing solutions to global challenges. In India, where rapid industrialization and population growth have increased the demand for energy and resources, cleantech companies play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future

Here is a list of the top 5 cleantech companies in India as of 2024, exploring their innovative solutions, impact, and contributions to the green revolution.

  1. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited
    Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. launches cost-efficient solar off-grid solutions - The News Strike

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited is a leading cleantech company that has been at the forefront of India’s sustainable energy revolution since its inception in 1989. As a subsidiary of the esteemed Tata Group, the company embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship in the realm of solar energy.

Tata Power Solar is renowned for its state-of-the-art solar solutions, driving India’s transition to clean and renewable energy sources. With a robust focus on research and development, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of solar technology. Their advanced solar panels are highly efficient, harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity with remarkable precision and sustainability.

One of Tata Power Solar’s key contributions to the cleantech sector lies in its rooftop solar solutions. These innovative systems empower residential, commercial, and industrial customers to harness solar energy at the source, reducing reliance on conventional grid power and, in turn, decreasing carbon emissions.

By 2024, the company will continue to demonstrate leadership in sustainability, exemplifying how cleantech companies can drive positive environmental change while promoting energy efficiency and economic growth. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited stands as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for India and the world.

  1. Suzlon Energy Limited
    Suzlon Energy share price crashes 5% after rights issue announcement - check price, ratio | Zee Business

Suzlon Energy Limited is a pioneering cleantech company that has played a pivotal role in India’s renewable energy landscape since its establishment in 1995. Focused on harnessing the power of wind, Suzlon has emerged as a global leader in wind energy solutions, contributing significantly to India’s sustainable development.

At the core of Suzlon’s success are its advanced wind turbines, designed for high efficiency and reliability even in low-wind conditions. These turbines are a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of wind energy technology. Suzlon’s innovations extend beyond land-based wind farms as it ventures into offshore wind projects, tapping into the vast wind potential along India’s coastline.

One of Suzlon’s key contributions lies in the development of wind farms across the country. These projects not only reduce carbon emissions but also foster economic growth by creating employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas where many wind farms are located. 

By 2024, Suzlon Energy Limited will continue to be an integral part of India’s transition to clean and renewable energy sources. The company actively collaborates with government agencies and private enterprises to promote wind energy adoption, furthering India’s clean energy goals. 

  1. Adani Green Energy Limited
    Adani Green Energy Reports 47% Increase In Cash Profit

Adani Green Energy Limited is a prominent cleantech company in India, and its presence has significantly influenced the country’s renewable energy landscape since its establishment in 2015. As a subsidiary of the Adani Group, this company is dedicated to leading India towards a sustainable energy future while actively contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

Adani Green Energy has made noteworthy strides in the renewable energy sector, with a specific focus on solar and wind energy solutions. One of its key innovations is the development of solar and wind hybrid projects, harnessing the complementary strengths of these two renewable sources to maximize energy generation. These projects not only enhance energy reliability but also showcase Adani’s commitment to technological advancements in clean energy.

The company’s contribution extends to the creation of some of India’s largest solar parks, significantly bolstering the country’s solar energy capacity. Furthermore, Adani Green Energy has expanded its operations beyond India’s borders, venturing into the global renewable energy market and solidifying its position as a key player on the international stage.

By 2024, Adani Green Energy Limited is poised to achieve 25 GW of renewable energy capacity, marking a substantial contribution to India’s clean energy goals. The company’s initiatives have not only reduced carbon emissions but also created job opportunities, driving socio-economic development in the regions where its projects are located. 

  1. Hero Electric
    Hero Electric and Mahindra ink pact to collaborate in EV space | Business News - The Indian Express

Hero Electric, founded in 2007, is a pioneering cleantech company in India that has been instrumental in driving the adoption of electric mobility solutions. As one of the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, Hero Electric has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing eco-friendly and sustainable transportation alternatives.

At the core of Hero Electric’s mission is the development of affordable and accessible electric scooters. These vehicles offer a clean, efficient, and economical mode of transportation that reduces carbon emissions and mitigates the environmental impact of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Hero Electric’s innovative electric scooters cater to a wide range of consumers, from urban commuters to delivery services, contributing to cleaner air and reduced noise pollution in congested urban areas.

Hero Electric’s dedication to advancing battery technology is another hallmark of its cleantech initiatives. By investing in research and development, the company continually improves the range, performance, and lifespan of its electric scooters, addressing the primary concerns of electric vehicle adoption.

By promoting electric mobility, Hero Electric is not only reducing emissions but also aligning with India’s goals of electrifying its transportation sector. The company’s commitment to affordability, innovation, and sustainability places it at the forefront of the cleantech revolution in India, offering a cleaner and greener mode of transportation for the country’s growing population.

  1. ReNew Power
    ReNew Power becomes World's first clean energy firm to be recognised as Lighthouse by WEF | industry news updates - India's best industrial news video channel

ReNew Power, founded in 2011, stands as one of India’s premier cleantech companies, significantly contributing to the country’s transition to renewable energy sources. As a leading player in the renewable energy sector, ReNew Power has established itself as a key driver of India’s sustainable development.

ReNew Power boasts a diversified portfolio that includes wind, solar, and hydroelectric power projects, ensuring a stable and sustainable energy supply. Their commitment to research and development has enabled them to continually push the boundaries of renewable energy technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their projects.

One of ReNew Power’s notable contributions to the cleantech industry is its focus on energy storage solutions. Recognizing the intermittency of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, the company invests in cutting-edge energy storage technologies. This investment ensures a more reliable and consistent energy supply, which is essential for grid stability and a cleaner energy transition.

With a cumulative installed capacity of over 10 GW of clean energy by 2024, ReNew Power is making a significant impact on India’s renewable energy goals. Their focus on sustainability extends to corporate social responsibility efforts, positively influencing local communities and underscoring their commitment to a greener and more sustainable India. ReNew Power continues to be a vital player in India’s cleantech sector, demonstrating how innovation and sustainable practices can lead the way to a cleaner and more prosperous future.


As India strives to transition to a sustainable and clean energy future, these top 5 cleantech companies in India in 2024 stand as shining examples of innovation, commitment, and impact. From harnessing solar and wind energy to electrifying transportation and driving green finance initiatives, these companies are shaping a greener and more sustainable India.

Their efforts not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also create jobs, drive economic growth, and inspire other businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices. With their continued dedication to cleantech innovation, these companies are instrumental in India’s journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, setting an example for the global community to follow.



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