5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

These days a lot of people have switched to a new, but inevitable form of technology known as mobile devices. What was possible to be done only on computers and a wired internet connection previously, can be done on devices that are as small as a credit card. As a result, the reach of any and all business ventures have increased exponentially in the last couple of years.
When the market has transformed like this, so vigorously, the impact of physical ads such as boards, hoardings and fliers’ value has gone down drastically.
Enter Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has revamped the entire market, and this certainly is for the better. With Digital Marketing, a lot of the effort that was initially involved to get ads up and running, and their humongous costs have gone down.
Besides this, there are other factors involved as to why you should be incorporating Digital Marketing in your business right now. Read on to know more about this.
1. Digital Marketing Incorporates Pure Engagement
By deploying Digital Marketing in your business, you will definitely be able to indulge in complete engagement with your customers. You might be wondering if engaging with customers really is a necessity; the truth is that it is! To build up your image, as a company, you would definitely need to make use of all that Digital Marketing has to offer, and one of those things is to engage with your customers more frequently and eloquently.
At the end of the day, customer engagement is all that matters as they are the ones who are eventually going to invest in your product and contribute to your company’s cash flow.
2. Most of your Prospect’s Activity is Online
According to statistics, at least 70% of the people who have access to the Internet and/or own a device that can connect to it, such as a smartphone, are online and use the internet for activities such as Social Networking, Emailing, and general browsing. Another interesting statistic here is that most of the people who are involved in these activities are of the 18-29 age demographic.
Let’s take up Social Networking. Facebook and Twitter stormed the markets almost a decade ago, and smart businesses realized that they can promote their businesses as well. That is why whenever you use any social networking website, you tend to see a lot of ads that are curated to your activities online. Based on your activity, you might see small businesses promoting something that is similar to what your interests are.
3. Google Gets Rich. Do You?
A lot of people have the notion that getting Google to display your website as an ad on search results is a great way to market. It is, but what is the cost to return ratio? In most cases, it is very low, or in some extreme cases, it turns out that the cost is higher than the returns. This is not an ideal way to promote your business. Businesses are nothing if there is no incoming of revenue; that is, it does not make sense if people know your business alone. It has to generate some profit. Businesses tend to lose a lot of money by merely wasting on Google Display Ads.
The truth is that you can make your website appear on the first page of the Google Search (that is if people know the right keyword to use to search for your website) if you merely accomplish your SEO tasks perfectly. Search Engine Optimization is as important a key ingredient for your website’s development and reaches, as much as a rough surface is to light a fire!
4. Organic Likes, Subscribes, and the Whole Nine-Yards!
Once you have established your business, brand, and website on various social media platforms, it is very much important to also get people to like the page (if you use Facebook), and/or subscribe to your channel (if you use YouTube to promote some video content).
A common tactic that people sadly resort to is trying to use services that provide fake likes, and fake subscribers. These services charge a fee and provide somewhere up to 25,000 likes or subscribers up to a maximum limit.
The problem with this is that to simply put it, Google and Facebook are two very smart services and have code that will be able to identify these bot likes and subscribers. Besides finding out the usage of these tactics, Google and Facebook will also severely penalize you for it. Hence, it always makes sense to use legal methods to promote your website and content on social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Impatience never works.
5. You Get Qualified Leads Through Digital Marketing
Through the effective promotion of your businesses online, you would have been able to establish yourself quite well, and hence this would lead you to get people who are genuinely interested in your business and make them invest in it.
Once that trust and effective brand awareness have been accomplished, you would be able to procure leads that are qualified as much as they are genuine. Getting these leads is very important as junk leads that are not genuine would be much tougher to evaluate and classify them into proper categories.
We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Spini specializes in the field of Real Estate, Interiors, Loans, and we also offer Digital Marketing services. Our top clients include the Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam, NEST Builders, and Coral Safari, the latter of which won a National Award for the ‘Most Unique and Innovative Tourism’ Award for the year of 2016-17. We live by the policy ‘We don’t sleep until you do’. Just kidding. We never sleep.

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