IPL:5 Things you should Know before Auction 2021

IPL:In the next few months, the 14th edition of IPL is going to hit. And we all are going to be very busy watching live IPL cricket matches, IPL betting, and discussing great games.

However, before the IPL match arrives, it would be a good idea to know some facts about the IPL auction.

In this article, I will be sharing 5 things that you should know before the IPL auction. This will help you to get more and more information about the IPL 2021.

Sounds good? So let’s just head into the topic:

1. Retention of the players IPL

In case if the mega auction does not take place for any reason, then all the teams will be allowed to retain a maximum 3 players. The three players will be only those who have played for a team in the previous seasons.

Also, you should know that the first retained player will be signed in the amount of 15 Crore INR. And the second retained player will be signed for 12.5 Crore. And the third retained player will get 7.2 crore INR.

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Moreover, if the franchise wants, they can also negotiate the salaries with the retained players. And if both the parties agree, then the player can also be singed at a lesser amount of price.

You should also know that whatever amount the players will get retained for will be taken away from the overall budget of the franchise.

2. Right to Match Card

Apart from retaining three players directly, a franchise will also have other options like using the right to match or an RTM card in the auction. Using this card, they will be able to retain two more of their players. But the only condition is that the franchisee will need to match the price at which the player has been sold in the auction.

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For example, if MS Dhoni is not retained by CSK directly and some other franchise buys him for about 10 crore INR in the auction.

Then CSK will still have the chance to retain MS Dhoni. However, the franchise will have to pay 10 crore INR from their budget.

3. Date of the mega auction

However, there is no information about the auction date as of now. But, as IPL 2021 is going to start in the next few months. Hence, the auction is said to be held in the month of February.

Also, according to the rumors, the earlier auction was said to be held in December 2020. But as you can see, that did not happen. So we are expecting a date in the month of February.

However, there is no confirmation about the date from the officials of BCCI.

4. Decision on an extra overseas player

Every franchise will also be buying a few more overseas players in the auctions. Also, it is said that the significance of overseas players might increase in the next season.

And so far, only 4 overseas players are allowed in the playing XI in the IPL games. However, there have been talks that BCCI is contemplating allowing an extra overseas player in the

Every franchise might be looking to buy a few more overseas players this time around as the significance of overseas players might increase in the league in the next season.

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So far, only 4 overseas players are allowed in the playing XI in the IPL games, but there have been talks that BCCI is contemplating allowing an extra overseas player in the playing XI moving ahead as so many world class players keep warming the bench the whole season just because of the 4 overseas player rule.

5. Ninth IPL team

Also, we might get to see a ninth IPL team in IPL 2021. If that happens, it will be pretty interesting to see. If the rumors are to be believed, then BCCI is really serious about bringing another team into the league, and the base of the new team might be Ahmedabad with the new Sardar Patel Stadium as its home ground.

Adani Group and the south Indian movie star Mohanlal are believed to be interested in buying the new team and if it does get materialized, IPL will be a much longer tournament from next season onwards.

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