5 Tips on How to Manage a Security Company in 2020

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that “Overall employment of security guards and gaming surveillance officers is projected to grow 4 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Overall job opportunities should be excellent, especially for security guards.” With positive projections, guard force management must focus on tackling and better common challenges faced on a daily basis. 
From hiring and training skilled employees to create a work schedule, tracking hours, maintaining communication and much more, there’s a lot on your plate. And let’s not forget about focusing on the bottom line and coming out on top. By examining successful security guard companies, we compiled five top tips that can help you with guard force management. 
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5 Tips on How to Manage a Security Company in 2020 

  1. Use technology. 

As security guards are usually on the go and don’t sit behind a desk all day, they can feel disconnected from the company and its goals. Plus, they’re usually filling out paper form after paper form – from expense reimbursement to incident reports or hazard reports and more. Not to mention, they need to track their hours and physically request time off. 
It’s a lot to juggle, but that’s where technology comes in. There are many apps available for security guard employee management. The best solutions include key features needed to succeed as a security guard: real-time communication, time tracking with GPS, scheduling capabilities like dispatch and workflows (online checklists, reports and forms) and manager reports. 
Read more about the top 10 security guard apps in 2020 before making a decision. 

  1. Create crystal clear goals. 
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By creating key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your employees are on track to meet the goals set makes judging performance more calculated. KPIs make it easier to measure and discuss a plan of action that works for you and your employees. The KPIs you set should motivate your employees, fit each individual, and should align with company objectives.
When you set specific and challenging goals, your employees will be far more productive. However, only 7% of individuals fully understand their company’s strategies and exactly how they can help to achieve the goals set. In order for your employees to be effective, make sure everyone is aligned with the company, as a team and individually. Therefore, everyone is working together toward the same goal and can easily understand how their work contributes to the bottom line. 

  1. Reward your top employees.

Make sure to praise an employee when they do something exceptional – like beating the sales goal. However, ensure it’s done straight away and publicly. If your company has an “Employee of the Month” program then you can send a message to the top employee immediately and can update the photo of the new month’s winner.
If a customer shares a positive experience with an employee and how much they helped them, be sure to share this with the entire team to help boost employee engagement and recognition. If you’re using technology, like an employee or communication app, you can easily send a company-wide message so all employees can comment and like to help lift engagement. Additionally, other employees will feel motivated by the attention the top employee is receiving as they will want that same kind of attention. 
On top of that, you can also try the following:

  • Throw a party.
  • Organize a company event – like horseback riding, bowling, paintball, etc. 
  • Give out gift certificates or scratch-offs.
  • Host a giveaway. 
  • Have the entire team volunteer at a shelter or charity together.
  • Give them a handwritten note.
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Offer the following incentives as rewards for a job well done on a regular basis to help the company culture and to create a positive environment. 

  1. A positive work environment is a must.

Creating a positive work environment can do so much for your company, more than you think. On one hand, it helps to boost employee engagement and morale. On the other, it helps to lower the turnover rate – this is CRUCIAL as the national annual turnover rate for most private security firms is over 100% and can even reach up to 400% for smaller startup firms.
When you create a positive work environment, you help build comradery amongst your team who respect one another and each other’s skills. This helps employees have pride in their work because their co-workers admire their skills. A few tips to help create this environment include celebrating birthdays, commemorating personal achievements like marriage, buying a new house, or the birth or adoption of a baby. 
The above are tips to help develop personal relationships and company loyalty, however you can go even further by listening to your employees’ feedback, being transparent in company matters, show trust in your team, and even smiling – if the leader acts positive, instead of grumpy and negative, the work environment will likely be positive too. When employees are in a positive work environment, they feel more positive and this also reflects in their work.

  1. Delegate when possible. 

As a manager, you need to know how to delegate. It’s your responsibility to oversee all departments and ensure the employees report to the head of the department instead of coming to you for everything. Therefore, hold a daily meeting with the department heads to ensure everyone is aligned across the board – inform them of a huge event at a location that your company is responsible for so they are aware of additional foot traffic and can act accordingly. 
When the department heads are aware of what’s going on, they can manage employees far more effectively and efficiently. With some more room to act as they see it, the department heads will be more comfortable and can ensure everything runs smoothly. However, don’t just leave your department heads high and dry, it’s okay to occasionally pop in to check on their progress. 
While there’s no magic answer, by implementing the above tips, you can reduce the headache of effectively managing your team.
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