A spoof on the iconic ‘Get a Mac’ campaign debunks CBD & HTC misconceptions

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Americans are primed for nostalgia these days, whether it be the return of Murphy Brown, a reboot of Magnum P.I., or, in the case of hemp-derived CBD manufacturer Diamond CBD, the iconic “Get a Mac” campaign from the mid-aughts that pitted Mac and PC against one another.
Diamond CBD, a nationwide leader in hemp extraction and distribution of CBD products for the health and wellness market, launched a new educational awareness campaign as a cornerstone of a call to action for quality and accountability across the industry. The series of video shorts introduces mainstream consumers to the differences between THC and CBD in a light, humorous way, playing off the well-loved Apple commercials of the last decade.
And why not? As the National Review wrote last year, “Nostalgia is our national mode.” However, our communal trip down memory lane is not so much about being stuck in the past as it is about revitalizing our present. As Scientific American reported recently, studies show that nostalgia helps to “[raise] our spirit and vitality.”
That makes nostalgia the perfect way to introduce those that are unfamiliar with CBD and want to know more about why it’s beneficial to overall health and wellness. What Diamond has created are not just educational videos, but journeys to places and times that we all remember and love, allowing us the opportunity to open our minds and receive answers to many common questions while debunking  myths in the process. It may all sound a bit out there, but it makes perfect sense.

Before nostalgia, a quick lesson on THC and CBD

It’s understandable why people may be confused about the differences between THC and CBD because they are both derived from the same plant. Many base their knowledge on misinformation, myths, and general lies circulating around the public. But, in truth, it’s all very simple.
Both marijuana and hemp come from cannabis. Hemp is CBD-dominant and marijuana is THC-dominant. Everything else is noise.
Years of fear-mongering and political backlash have given CBD and hemp a bad name in the eyes of the public. However, that’s all about to change as Congress prepares to legalize hemp through the passage of the farm bill this year, ending years of confusion.
“It’s been a long, hard-fought battle, but with the passing of the farm bill this year, Congress is about to correct a decades-long mistake in which they classified hemp the same as marijuana,” said Brandon A. Dorfman, editor of PotNetwork News who’s been following the story for some time. “Mitch McConnell promised to include the hemp provision in the bill and so far he has come through.”
Once consumers understand that CBD is the cannabinoid that does not cause a high (unlike THC), it helps to change their entire perception of the compound.

Bringing nostalgia — and CBD — to the masses

Diamond CBD wanted to not only educate people but to give them a reason to watch these videos. Already an industry leader with such products as Chong’s Choice CBD — the CBD brand developed by industry icon Tommy Chong — as well as their Medipets line of CBD for pets, the company wanted to take the next step towards becoming a trusted consumer brand.
In a sentimental nod to the classic “Get a Mac” ad campaign originally developed for Apple, the “I am THC, I am CBD” campaign uses two actors to embody the personas of THC and CBD, with brief, humorous exchanges that ultimately result in CBD prevailing over THC in some way.
These video shorts raise the standards for the CBD industry as a whole by recognizing the many health and wellness benefits produced by the CBD compound, as well as comparing it to the universally known THC chemical in an approach that is easy for the audience to understand. There’s no need to complicate the explanation of these two chemicals, so, therefore, these videos are ideal for anyone seeking an education on the facts.
Where these videos really shine though, is in their unique use of nostalgia. The “Get a Mac” campaign is still fresh in the minds of many, but with just enough nostalgia to make people remember a certain time in their life. It’s a great way to bring together both emotion and education in an innovative ad campaign.
The “I am THC, I am CBD” campaign is available for everyone on the Diamond CBD website, as well as on other high-traffic channels frequented by target demographics.

A small dose of CBD

Diamond CBD is operating on the premise that entertainment can educate, better than long, complicated text. In the future, Diamond CBD hopes to create more videos in this campaign, as well as other video shorts that incorporate fun and creative ways on how to use CBD. Because Diamond CBD focuses on the research and development necessary to bring CBD to the mainstream, it’s crucial to keep the industry alive and well by maintaining a consistent flow. Alongside that notion, it’s important to be aware of the trends and appeal to people of all ages and lifestyles.
With the wide variety of Diamond CBD products, we believe it’s critical to let the public know about what CBD is, what it does, how much it costs, and why it may be beneficial. Using CBD oil can help improve your general health and wellness in a number of ways. But perhaps most important in putting to rest the many misconceptions, the videos effectively convey that CBD oil does not have the psychoactive components occurring within the THC compound that can alter the mind in a way that can distract from the more important things.
Source: VentureBeat
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