Amazing Life Lessons Learned From Netflix Series Sacred Games 2

Sacred Games is an Indian web television thriller series based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel of the same name. The first Netflix original series in India, it is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, who produced it under their banner Phantom Films. The novel was adapted by Varun Grover, Smita Singh and Vasant Nath. Kelly Luegenbiehl, Erik Barmack and Motwane served as the executive producers.
Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) is a troubled police officer in Mumbai who receives a phone call from gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who tells him to save the city within 25 days. The series chronicles the events that follow. Other cast members include Radhika Apte, Girish Kulkarni, Neeraj Kabi, Jeetendra Joshi, Rajshri Deshpande, Karan Wahi, Aamir Bashir, Jatin Sarna, Elnaaz Norouzi and Kubra Sait.
Upon release, the series garnered positive reviews from critics, with praise for the performances. The show holds a 92% certified fresh rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes based on 25 reviews, with an average rating of 92 out of 100. The critical consensus reads: “Gorgeous, grim, and unexpected, Sacred Games is saved from its procedural premise by its dense plotting and superb cast.”
Millennials all over the world went mad about this one crazy series, showing one person (Nawazzudin Siddiqui) claiming his incarnation as God. “Kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai ki apun ich hi bhagwan hai”, shows breeding of ill mentality which is majorly responsible for excruciating acts. Not only this, the beginning of the show has scenes which triggers the animal cruelty taking part nowadays. Sacred Games has shown the real life of the economic capital of our country, in the garb of a fictional veil. Other than this, a wide range of emotions have been outcasted through the show, raging the sentiments of many people. Amongst all this chaos and drama, Sacred
Games has made us learn some real life lessons stemming from the political as well cultural niche of India. Here are the 20 facts that can be easily concluded from this Thriller cum psychedelically destructive web series.
1. Indians are always sex maniac, sex obsessive or better can be called as nymphomaniac
Sacred Games has shown a side of its characters where they are drawn towards sex just for the heck of it. Even in critical situations, the leads did not held back to show their pervert nature. Whether it is Ganesh Gaitonde or Bunty, or any member of Gaitonde group, they are mostly obsessed with sex. Even in jail, Gaitonde makes sure to get his wishes satisfied by hooking up with Zoya.
Jail me itne kutte jaisi halat thi ki chodne ki taakat bhi nahi bachi thi.
Apun kidhar tha, Maalum nahi? Apun ko bas gaand maarni thi.
This comes at a time when we can witness in this reality where the population of India is about to surpass that of China’s.
There are so many rapes happening in the country that India has become the Rape Capital of the world. Whether its Home, Office, Parliament or a public park, Indian’s mind is always thinking about sex.
2. Sacred Games has shown that Indians irrespective of their job title are swooned by abusive words and love using swear words
Sacred games got amazing popularity due to excessive use of swear words, even the female characters in the series are seen abusing everywhere in the series.
Teri gaand mein chhatri daal ke nahin khola na toh mera naam Bunty nahi.
This habit of Indians has become one of the major reason why many of us have observed these kind of offensive behavior being so casually adopted.
3. Indian law and order has many loop holes
The erratic nature of Indian judiciary has been distorted in the series to such an extent that it has brewed some factual beliefs about the same. No doubt that the Indian law and order has been on the radar for its glitches, however Sacred games has taken this to another level. The rise of people like Gaitonde, Bunty, Trivedi, Parulkar, Kanta bai shows how corruption is being legit present in Government.
Jojo was keeping fake currency supplied by Pakistan’s ISI, and had also been escorting Bollywood and TV actresses to Gaitonde. In real life, we see many powerful people constituting a major part of decision making process in the Government offices.
4. To get into the system, you can’t get out with corruption free hand.
Almost everyone in the system is corrupt whether it’s the constable of the police or the police commissioner. The entertainment industry has never left a chance to blow the horn. So does Sacred Games. Even the DCP Parulkar did not leave a chance to get hands on benefits. His character has been shown as a perpetual law breaker and giving clearance to trucks entering the city without checking. These scenes look like they were being played in real life because we every now and the observe police officers and politicians being caught taking bribe.
5. Bribe begins at home and befits the all
None of the hierarchical order is free from the ideology of filling their pockets at the cost of innocent people. Whether it is the MLA, MP, CM or even the beloved PM, everyone works to enrich their resources. The coupling of the primarily government officials, the Home Minister, Bhosle in this case has been so subtly ingrained in the plot. He is shown as one of the member of the goons and help them achieve their targets.
Jab desh ke PM ka imaan nahin toh apun sidhe raaste chal ke kya karega.
We have heard names of some influential, VIP and even political people being involved in drug smuggling, human trafficking and supplying of arms & armaments and running prostitution rackets in India
6. The so called and worshipped Babas are not only charlatans but people with extreme toxicity spreading hate
Other than enjoying a life full of sex, drugs, these saffron gauged goons are real life examples to nullify the rationality of normal humans. They hypnotize the logics and wit out of their followers in the pretext of offering “satvik” (holy) solutions. Sacred Games season 2 has glorified the character of Babaji, Gaitonde’s third father played by Piyush Tripathi.
Fraudsters like Asaram, MSG have created ripples of fake gangs and destroyed people’s lives. Dharmo ka roop yahi hai. Rahgeer ko prem se ghar bulao, aadar samit bhojan grahan karao, Phir uski aatma pe kabzaa kar lo.
7. The harsh realities of real life bodies can transcend the boundaries of human and God
The use of language has been so explicitly vivid that few dialogues have made their way into our verbal directory.
Bhagwaan ko Jhaant Farak nahi padta. (Even God also has pubic hair)
8. Misogyny doesn’t breed itself
The Indian woman may not leave their husbands because of the divinity of the marital relationship. Also, women those who stick around their husbands are deemed glorified by the society. However, a part of the female society is liberating themselves sexually by getting in mere physical relationships with other men. The hypocrisy and the dual nature can be a major off guard. Where they wish for the man’s elongated life from a celestial body, they leave no room to quench their thirst.
We have seen women who keep the fast of Karva Chauth for their husband’s long life, have sexual relationship with random men.
9. Indians always divert from their aims
The Indian mob can be easily diverted from their trajectories. Where the dedicated police officer sidelines the major case just due to some random calls, the people are also shown sidelining their uphill tasks.
10. The herd mentality is here to stay, forever!
Guruji’s character in Sacred Games is scary,menancing and can easily flay one’s mind into believing him and following his footsteps.He brainwashed Gaitonde into leaving his all-powerful criminal world.
The sadhus and babas will continue committing false, unethical practices. But the Indian people are so clouded by their overheard glories and so frightened by “future” outcomes, they follow these babas blindly.
11. The CSR and donations are all diverted to the saffron colour (pun intended)
Indian politicians, tycoons and the influential people donate lands worth fortunes to such fraud Babas. All this is done in an attempt to fool the common man. The fraudsters develop more tricks to keep this audience engaged. Daarr ka tamas hai tumhare andar.
Gareeb logo ka entry sirf Mandir mein free hai.
12. A lot of Indian thinking comes from other parts of body too. You guessed it right, genitals.
Sacred games has made believe the fact that Indians have some point or the other created shit out of their ass brains. They think using two organs, brains and penises.
Apne lund se bahar nikal, nahin toh wanhin rahega zindagi bhar.
Pehle mein aapko khush karega, fir daru pilayega, fir jab aap dimaag se nahi lund se sochega, tab bolega
13. The political agenda can be carved out of any issues, distress makes it big.
We only create issues related to God, religion for building some political agenda. The respect towards religious sentiments is to only gain publicity and limelight. Reality seems worse people hardly care about God and religion. Some dialogues from Sacred Games Prove it, they have been used so openly but no one gives a damn to it.
Bhagwan ko maante ho? Bhagwan ko lund farak nahi padta
14. Democracy has been nullified by the current state of Politics Politics nowadays, is all about religion.
The propagandists have become so powerful in India that the sheer meaning of it has stooped down to vote banks, reigning away from growth and development.
Hindustan jab Hindustan nahin bana tha tab se politics ki macchi ko dharam ke tel mein fry karte hue aaye hain.
15. Bountiful appreciation of females can only be done in a degraded manner
Female is one of the most powerful creation of god, she has one of the most powerful tool which is more powerful than any nuclear weapon- Vagina. Using her vagina, she can set straight most crooked tools.
Kite aadmi se pila kar aayi hai meri bail karane k liye?
This statement shows the culture which is breeding amongst Indian women. To climb the ladder of success, be it corporate, political parties, women engage in sexual relationship to get that added advantage.
16. Politics & Religion are the biggest best selling products of India.
The lines from Sacred Games come as a slap in the face of reality. Where on one side, the nation is on the verge of declaring wars, these dialogues make sure of the doomed destruction. The turnover from the shrines has exceeded the numbers of established big business houses. Sacred Games has shown the perfect example of how God is being sold in every nook and corner of the streets.
Guns, drugs, property sab chota dhandha hai. Asli dhanda hai politics.
Duniya ke bazaar mein sabse bada dhanda hai dharam. Bhagwan se dara ke chutiya banate hain public ko.
17. The powerful force of politicians are the most hysterical creations ever Politicians use powers to force their decisions and policies on people.
Rather than serving people as their representative, they are serving the golden platter of their houses.
1977 mein Indira Gandhi ki emergency chaalu thi. Sarkar logon ki lund kaat ke le jaa reli thi.
18. The pompous VIP culture can never be replaced
This VIP culture is a phoenix to the Indian society which will always rise from its own ashes. This culture is so deeply rooted in our systems that it will always prevail in our country. The VIP connections are what people are trying to build.
Pradhan mantri se number liya hai, parliament apne baap ka hai.
19. Indians are nailing the art of concealing
The Indian society has bred a toxic culture of creating positive facades. We have mastered the hypocrisy.
Aadmi andar se jitna kaala hota hai, duniya ke samne utna hi safed banne ki koshish karta hai.
20. Indians are always fame hungry.
In the movie Gaitonde produced a movie to be more famous and known in the society where as in real he was a gangster, He invested his blood money in producing a movie just to be more known and famous.
Where the Sacred Games, season 2 has created a worldwide outrage over its loose scripts and perturbed ending, we wish to know your comments over the same.

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