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Amazing Life Lessons Learnt From Web Series Aashram, Depicts A True Story About India & Indians

The aashram is an MX PLAYER original Indian web series released on 28th August 2020, produced and directed by Prakash Jha. This web series portrays Bobby Deol as a baba who is involved in various illegal activities under the cover of being the saint and a messenger of God. It is new for the audience to see Bobby Deol turning from a hero to a don evil side, with him, Aaditi Pohankar, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, and Chandan Roy Sanyal are also playing an important part in the series.

The series is about how a saint conducts felonious activities in an ashram which is portrayed as a place where help is helped and taken good care of and how police, politics, doctors, and media get sold to these baba’s so that no one dares to ruin their business. A story of how women are exploited and used as sex objects and are sold for pleasures and money. 

Learning that is actual learned from this series:

1. Even a Smartest of a Person can be a Fool under the Right Circumstances:

  •  It is shown in the series itself as to how a talented and smart wrestler named “PUMMI” starts blindly trusting and believing in the baba when he abruptly showed up for helping her when she was low and vulnerable.
  • Even her brother who never believed in all this got mind washed for a ritual named “SHUDDIKARAN”. 
  • It proves no matter how smart a person is! when hit the most vulnerable spot gets influenced and fooled by the wrong people.

2. The Law Enforcement Officers in India are used as a tool to Torture and Suppress people’s Voice:

  • This is no more hidden from the people that the people who need to protect us and do justice are now under the control of political parties and such saints like baba in the ashram.
  • Police are supposed to help people whether they are celebrity or commoners, they should treat us equally as law and orders are the same of anybody but unfortunately, some of them bow down their head in front of politicians and the people who provide a huge amount of money to them other than the law and order.

3. Not all Aashrams are made of Prayers; Some are made of Players:

  • The brutal truth of India is that the people who blindly believe that aashrams by these saints are made for the comfort of the people and they are the true preachers of the god are most of the time gets trapped into the felonious activities conducted by the babas.
  •  In the name of brief and spirituality, these people use women according to their needs and pleasures and treat them as in object which is why it is the aashrams are not made of prayers it is made by players. It is made by a person who robs other people in the name of god and peace.

 4. Public Properties are sold to Large Corporations by Indian Politicians to generate a heavy amount of Income from them:

  • This is no news to people that powerful people like politicians sell public properties to builders and large corporations to make money out of it.
  • The property that was supposed to be publics gets under the ownership of these moneymen at a cheap cost and the public who deserves it sleeps on the road. It is also shown in the series how an MLA sells a public property to the corporations to make money out of it as a bribe. 

 5. Law and order are underrated by the people who believe in Babas and Godmen:

  • One of the major reasons why these aashrams run smoothly and are opening everywhere is because of the people who have blindfolded trust in these places and believe them above law and orders. 
  • It is not a bad thing to have belief and trust in an internal power but having a blind trust like some people of aashram had is a sign of foolishness. 
  • People blindly follow and spend on such Godmen and Babas but will die a thousand deaths in giving the same amount of money to their loved once shows the mentality of these people and why they are the once chosen by these fake saints to run their business.

 6. Modification of investigation reports can be done as per the requirement:

  • If a person has power what is there which cannot be done by him. In the series, it shows how baba provides money and uses its power to modify the reports of a victim and can mold it according to him. Even the postmortem reports in India can be made as per wish, changed, suppressed, or hidden.
  • The person even after his death is dishonored by all these wrongful deeds. A country where doctors are termed as Gods, here doctors are the once playing with human life in order to fill their pockets with money.

7. In a fair investigation, Media & Police have always parted their ways: 

  • Media and police are two very powerful institutions where if the work is done right by them, then the common people will live a peaceful life without much crimes and dirt in the society but the reality strikes hard. 
  • Police and media never supported each other in the fair investigation rather they find ways to go against each other.

 8. Illegal activities like communal violence, smuggling, sex rackets always have names of Godmen and babas involved:

  • There have been many cases where people have found out how such famous Godmen and Babas are involved in such unlawful things and then too people choose to believe in them.
  • The baba in the series has been shown one of them how he runs all his unethical and felonious business under the tag named aashram. 
  • This series clearly shows how babas take advantage of the people who trust them and use them in their business to earn money worth trillions.

9. Unemployed Youth, Jobless economy push generation towards drugs:

  • The untold truth of the series is how people who are unemployed and tension for their bread and butter use drugs as a source to relieve them from it.
  •  It even shows how drug paddlers exploit these people and use them to their advantage. 
  • This is why the government of India should stay concerned about the youth of India as they are the future of the country and if they are in the wrong hands so is the future. Youth in India had always been confused, deviated.

10. Religion is used as a weakness by Godmen and Babas to manipulate voters for the politicians :

Religion is one of the many reasons why people fight with each other and the violence people create in the name of it. 

  • Religion has always been used to make people fool; the series shows how the religion plays an important role in the elections and how the politicians use these fake saints and babas to influence people towards their vote bank.
  •  It is even shown how the votes of the people are just for the show and in reality, its money that decides which MLA/MP will stand from which party. It is all a play of money in politics.
  • Even the court and Law & order are speechless in front of Religion, of which these politicians take advantage of and get their banks filled.

11. To suppress enemies? Use honey traps:

  • In the series, it is shown clearly that how an investigating officer fells in the trap of the baba and his assistant.
  • It is easy to get the hunt stopped by laying down a honey trap as in that the person thinks he is leading and will soon get his hands on the criminal but ends up getting trapped in a trap.
  • It is an old fashion way but is still used by the criminals and faulty people to get the trail off their back.

12. The Woman can work where even the Atom Bombs do not Work:

  • The woman is always been looked upon as a weakling but a person never knows when a woman turns from a weakling to a weakness of a person
  • In the series, it is clearly shown how women if get determinate to do a certain task get it done even by hook or a crook. 
  • Through the series, a woman has been objectified as a sex object and as a weak person but in the end, it is shown what a woman is capable of if given the right motivation.  

13. Fights not only happen because of the religion but also between a cast of the same religion:

  • People always say that most of the religious fights are because of Hindu-Muslim but truth to be spoken, a fight can even happen between Hinduism of the general category and SC/ST category.
  •  People need a reason to fight and the political parties use this as their advantage and get votes in their vote banks. Most of the time political leaders are the once who give money to goons and they start a fight so that they can take advantage of it.

14. Position defines the amount of bribe an IAS/IPS can receive.

  • In India, the payment system goes according to the ranks of the person in the system.
  •  IAS & IPS in the series are shown taking money from the corrupted people to do their work according to their ranks. The higher the ranks the more amount of money one has to offer them to get their work done.
  •  In other words, it is also known as “chadawa” which people give an offering to the police to get their dirty work like killing and disposing of done.

15. Woman had always been used by Politicians, Godmen & Babas as Sexual Objects:

  • The web series aashram is not the series that show this alone, there are many other movies and series like Mirzapur, Sacred Games that objectifies the women as a sex object who can be used by the people who have power as per their will and needs.
  •  Godmen and babas even sell women to different people to earn a profit once they are done with those women. 
  • No matter how educated a person becomes, in the name of belief and religion these babas will keep exploiting the women and keep them harassing as per their requirements but in the end, if a woman decides she needs to get it done and over with, she becomes unstoppable!

The series is written around an interesting premise. Overall, it is an amazing Web series to watch!





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