Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

Communication between family members, friends, and colleagues is constant and instant with smartphones. Built-in options aren’t always the best out of the box, however. In addition to text messaging, voice and video calls, and photo and file sharing, new messaging apps have emerged that offer a variety of interactions with others, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram, and Skype.

On Android and iOS, we’ve tested several messaging apps and picked out the best of them. The best encrypted messaging apps are recommended if you are concerned about privacy. From your desktop browser, can you chat right away? See which chat client is best for your PC or Mac.


WhatsApp is an easy-to-use and free messaging app that millions of people use worldwide. Chatting and sharing photos, documents, and contacts are also possible. Video and group video calls are also supported, and up to eight people can participate in a group video call. For the app to automatically populate your contact list, you need to grant access to your contacts.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

Despite being owned by Meta (Facebook), this app is attractive due to its end-to-end encryption for privacy and security. GIFs can also be created, and editing features similar to Snapchat are included. Your chats can be made to disappear after seven days with disappearing messages, and you can customize your wallpapers to customize your chat appearance.


Chatting with friends and family is very convenient with Meta (Facebook). Adding contacts or allowing someone to add you as a contact will automatically populate your contacts. GIFs and stickers are free, and there are plenty of stickers. We are delighted with the quality of the video and voice calls. When you use the Chat Heads feature, a chat icon is always displayed at the top of your Android screen.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

Also available in some markets is the ability to share files, send money, and even have an end-to-end encrypted secret conversation. You can now host up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms, create a link to your chat, and share it even with people who aren’t on Meta. Watch Together allows you to view TV shows, movies, and videos in real-time with your friends over video chat, or you can use vanish mode to have your messages disappear after you exit the conversation.


Telegram boasts millions of active users and is the fastest messaging app. The app is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. AES symmetrical encryption, RSA 2048-bit encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange ensure chats are secured with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, file sharing without size limits, and storage in the cloud. Group chats for up to 200,000 people are supported, along with stickers and GIFs.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

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There are also no advertisements on Telegram, so it’s completely free. As a free app, it promises not to sell data, won’t generate revenue, and will remain perpetually free. A new media editor can enhance video quality, add text and stickers, schedule voice chats, and send messages to be deleted after 24 hours or seven days. Animation stickers can be added to photos or videos, a new feature that allows users to add animated stickers to videos, and the option to set messages to be automatically deleted after 24 hours or seven days.


If you’re concerned about privacy, Signal is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp regarding messaging encryption and security. All messages and voice calls are encrypted using military-grade encryption. Sending media attachments and text messages are also supported. As Edward Snowden recommended this app, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking security. There are new chat wallpapers, a new 8-hour mute setting to silence notifications while sleeping, and the ability to blur features in an image editor. Additionally, new sticker packs have been added.


You can text and call people around the world using Skype. The app is easy because it works on your phone and desktop. Both personal and professional users can benefit from sharing screens, joining free video calls, recording conversations, and sharing files through the app. In addition, you can suppress noise, customize reactions, and view all participants at once with the video call feature.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience


It was launched as a chat app for gamers in 2015 to keep them connected during multiplayer games. The free app is used by more than 300 million people worldwide. There are at least 14 million active users, daily on the company’s site. Private group chats are possible in Discord, with up to 10 friends participating at one time. Discord’s voice chat feature allows gamers to communicate hands-free without having to type out chats.

Communities and clubs use Discord to maintain contact and facilitate meetings. Many digital communities create Discord groups to keep members in touch, which is a great way to meet people online. The messages sent between Discord users are not encrypted end-to-end. Consider using an alternative app if you want your messages to remain private at all times.


Despite its popularity and celebrity exploitation, Snapchat quickly became a must-have for younger generations. Despite its lower rating than Instagram’s, this app still serves its purpose well. Videos, photos, and text messages that disappear after a brief period are options for users to communicate with their friends and family. One can typically see a media message for a few seconds before it is automatically deleted.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

The messages will generally disappear whenever you and your friend send a “snap.” This app also supports Bitmoji and offers a lot of fun filters. All your friends can chat together in a group chat on Snapchat. As one of the leaders in bite-sized communications, the company is undoubtedly doing well. Snapchat calls can now be used to create, send, and view Snaps while on a call. The latest version of Snapchat allows you to save photos and videos.

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With Threema, your messages are completely anonymous and are protected by the NaCI cryptography library. A unique ID Key is generated every time you open the app, so you can send messages anonymously or associate them with an email address or phone number. The Threema application allows you to share up to 50MB files with end-to-end encryption. You can chat with family and friends in groups, play a poll, and chat on your desktop while working. Contacts can also be verified quickly by scanning their QR codes.

Wickr Me

You can send private texts, photos, voice messages, and video messages with Wickr Me, a secure messaging app. A configurable timer and a Shredder feature securely destroy files, photos, and other data when messages self-destruct. Using the app is free; you don’t need to register an email address or phone number to start a conversation or join a group chat.

Group chats can have up to ten participants. Device-to-device encryption makes Wickr Me very secure. In addition to the new feature of pinning your favorite chats and groups to the top of your conversations list, you can move them around your conversations list anytime.


Text messaging is a popular service in South Korea, and it has also arrived in the United States. For many, KakaoTalk has become their go-to messenger due to its fast and reliable messaging capabilities regardless of the network. There is e-commerce integration within the app, which is a standout feature. Sharing coupons and deals from popular brands is easy with KakaoTalk.

Users can now use their virtual currency with the app’s branded credit cards as part of its transaction services. You can also create your calendar for lunches, meetings, and gatherings and schedule appointments for them. Using the app’s group video chat feature, you can now get together with your friends.


There are more than 600 million Line users in Asia, making it one of the most popular apps. You can post, and your friends can comment on your posts, along with the standard features of a messaging app. The service includes free landline and video and voice calls between Line users. Additionally, you can get stickers featuring famous Asian Line characters.

Up to 500 people can chat in a group chat, and encrypted chats are supported. Besides following artists and brands on the Line, you can also follow brands. Using the app, you can create albums that can be shared with friends while on a call and watch YouTube videos together.


Young people use Kik for messaging. The only thing you need to link to Kik is a username, unlike many other applications that require you to enter your phone number. The Kik QR code can be scanned with your smartphone camera to add friends and loved ones. Chat rooms even allow you to play games! The user interface is easy to use and fun. Kik is a great way to meet new people and interact with teens and young adults between the ages of 13 and 24.

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You can automatically add your contacts to this popular app, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide. It offers text messaging, stickers, emoji, video and voice calls, and photo sharing. Group chats, encrypted color messaging, and self-destructing chats are also available. Low-cost domestic and international calls are open through Viber Out.Apps For Android And iOS That Provide The Best Messaging Experience

There is no charge for Viber-to-Viber calls. A dark mode, Shorts, and the potential to turn any video into a GIF have all been added recently, as well as Viber Communities, where you can form your group on a specific topic or passion and invite other people to it. With group chats and video calls with up to 40 participants, you can now have up to 250 people in a group.


Over 1 billion people use WeChat in China. Among its features are photo sharing, voice and video calls, and the usual messaging app functions. Additionally, you can share snapshots and moments of your day with WeChat and location sharing to find nearby friends.

Having group chats and video calls with up to 500 people is now possible. In addition to payments and games, this app offers a wide array of other features. Additionally, it’s compatible with Apple Watch and Wears OS.


If privacy is important to you, Dust might be worth checking out. Messages are erased within 24 hours after they are sent, and the app is free. Any time you make an error, you can unsend a message, and the app will let you know if your message has been screenshotted. Your messages can never be recovered once they are deleted from Dust. There aren’t many messaging apps as secure as this one. Your followers can view your pictures and thoughts with Blasts, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours.


GroupMe facilitates group conversations and direct messages, as its name suggests. This app is mainly a text messaging application, but users can also send pictures and voice memos using other forms of media. You can have unlimited people in a GroupMe chat, but unless you want to receive an avalanche of notifications, we do not recommend groups longer than 500 members.

This app allows you to communicate with contacts even if they don’t use it, regardless of where they live. Use GroupMe’s emojis to communicate with friends and share images, GIFs, and videos. Although Microsoft owns the app, it doesn’t yet offer end-to-end encryption. It may be easy to think that the Microsoft name gives you confidence, but considering another chat option can ensure your privacy. A straightforward tap can delete messages, send videos as GIFs, and report concerns about messages in the app.

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