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Arjun Gupta: Youngest Serial Entrepreneur With Impeccable Business Skills

The business, entrepreneurship and industry related realms of India have developed digitally and continue to move forward in harnessing the latest internet technologies and artificial intelligence. Arjun Gupta is a young and leading entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing and advertising. He is the founder of AN Group International which is a digital marketing and brand solution firm. Arjun Gupta is known to have a clientele of international and national celebrities, brands and artists who depend on him to grow digitally and expand their brands in the online space. What led Arjun Gupta to become the youngest serial entrepreneur in India? Read on.

From the time when Arjun was in school, curiosity and inquisitiveness were one of his dominant characteristics. He was drawn to the internet and the way new businesses had made use of it to grow exponentially. A couple of freelance projects later, Arjun Gupta knew what he wanted to do in life – become a digital marketing expert.

He set up his own firm known as AN Group International and started working on online projects, digital marketing assignments and social media management. Talking about his early days in the digital marketing field, Arjun Gupta said, “The beginning is never easy but it is also the most important because it is extremely formative. It becomes a foundation for all future endeavours. I had to work long hours to gain the skill set and reach the standard that I had decided for myself.”

Arjun Gupta’s brilliant firm AN Group International provides all kinds of digital services like IT based solutions, social media handling, e-commerce development, digital marketing, online advertising, press publication (PR), search engine optimization and website and application development.

In today’s date, Arjun’s firm has crossed the million mark in terms of turnover and revenue. Owing to his excellent knowledge and expertise in digital spheres, Arjun works with high end clients and big spending brands of international and national origin. A contributing factor to Arjun Gupta’s accomplishment in the digital and entrepreneurial fields of the country is the quality and efficiency of the work he delivers. The results that he produces are testimony to the fact that he never goes back on commitments.

The youngest serial entrepreneur, Arjun Gupta is a promising name in the digital marketing domain of the country. He has excelled in the online space and has a very priceless possession: satisfied clients looking to collaborate with him again.



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