AWS Successfully launches four new storage services aimed at improving data management

AWS Successfully launches four new storage services aimed at improving data management

At its annual re:Invent conference, AWS announced four new storage services and capabilities aimed at delivering more choice, reducing costs and helping customers better protect their data.

The first option is a new Amazon S3 Glacier storage class that is designed to offer milliseconds access for archived data. AWS says that with this storage class, customers can achieve the lowest-cost storage in the cloud for data that is stored long-term and rarely accessed, but requires immediate retrieval when requested.

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AWS has also launched a new Amazon FSx for OpenZFS service to make it easy to move data residing in on-premises commodity file servicers to AWS without changing application code. AWS says the new service eliminates the need to perform lengthy qualifications and change existing tools. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS is said to deliver up to 1 million IOPS with latencies of hundreds of microseconds.

In order to address the cost of archiving snapshots, AWS has launched a new Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive to deliver a new storage tier that saves customers up to 75% of the cost for Amazon EBS Snapshots that need to be retained for a month or years. AWS notes that customers can now move their snapshots to EBS Snapshots Archive with a
single application programming interface.

Lastly, the company is extending AWS Backup’s capabilities to more cloud and on-premises workloads with support for Amazon S3 and VMware workloads. Now, with AWS Backup support for S3, users are able to replace the custom scripts they used to centrally manage backups of their entire applications. With AWS Backup support for VMware workloads, customers can now protect their VMware workloads whether they run on-premises or in the VMware Cloud on AWS.

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“Every business today is a data business. One of the most important decisions that a business will make is where to store their data,” said Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, vice president of block and object storage at AWS, in a statement.

AWS says that the new storage services will provide customers with greater flexibility in how they manage storage. The new options also aim to improve data management and protection capabilities.

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