Bad Ass Fam NFT is more than just a simple JPEG

World of NFTs have been saturated with more than thousands of NFTs nowadays. What really makes Bad Ass Fam stand out is their community and what they are giving back to their community.

Bad Ass Fam group with 2 successful funders, Bahare and Bardia, one tech savvy and other photographer came together to create this collection. This collection is not only a regular profile picture and it’s all about body positivity and supporting oversized people.


Bad Ass Fam is made by Bahare and Bardia and is indeed on Ethereum blockchain. Bardia is in charge of smart contract and writing the codes and Bahare is in charge of marketing and collaboration with different projects. Bad Ass Fam is one of the most anticipated Persian projects out there with approximately 10k followers on Twitter.


Bad Ass Fam NFTs Collection: Artwork 

What Bad Ass Fam team is focused on is body positivity and their collection purpose. It is obvious the art work is mainly focused on oversized people and their different goals in the roadmap.

Community of Bad Ass Fam NFT Collection 

The collection Discord channel is one of the best education spaces to be. The server not as it were incorporates an exceedingly dynamic collective chat, but it also had a mental wellbeing channel where the whole community communicates with one another and offers positive vibes, and it is among the incalculable accommodating characteristics of the NFT community that everybody benefits from.

What to Do to get Bad Ass Fam Collections Whitelisted?

you ‘d need to be very active in their community and use the most engagement to earn a whitelist spot. Sometimes there are contests or sometimes there are games in which you can earn a whitelist spot. In order to achieve a whitelist spot you’d need to actively check their Discord and Twitter.

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How to mint Bad Ass Fam?

It is really simple, even though they explained everything in their Discord but you’d have to have a minimum of 0.05 ETH in your extended wallet like metamask plus some more to pay for gas fee.

Is it worth minting Bad Ass Fam NFT?

Given the real arrangement as well as notoriety of the venture, additionally current request within the NFT advertise, minting a Bad Ass Fam features a moderately little downside (given that getting onto the whitelist is seen as a given). Judging by the current costs of all the other RCC ventures as well as the excitement within the communities encompassing fan craftsmanship as well as the mint whitelist, the upside is additionally or maybe expansive. As a result, the long-term worth of Bad

Ass Fam (or any other NFT extend for that matter) is fiercely questionable and must not be held without broadening as well as supporting.

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