Be #VocalForLocal, says Himanshi Khurana, shows support for Recruitment Platform

Takeaway: COVID-19 has posed a lot of problems in the career lives of Indian individuals. The movie actress, Himanshi Khurana, quoted Modi’s concept of “Vocal for Local” used by Killerlaunch.

An unemployment rate hike in India due to COVID-19

Following the economic turmoil created by COVID-19, up to 135 million workers will be destroyed. One hundred and twenty million citizens in India will be reduced to poverty, which would both impact disposable revenue, investment, and savings. In terms of a job reduction, deprivation rise, and reduced per capita income, India would suffer the worst effects of COVID-19, according to the latest study.

Unemployment is projected to rise to 35%, up from 7.6%, which contributes to 136 million work cuts and 174,000,000 unemployed. Poverty alleviation will be reversed, and the lives of millions will be drastically changed, 120 million people will go into poverty and 40 million into abject poverty.

The report suggested a ten-point recovery plan that would dramatically improve the security net for the most vulnerable, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to thrive, revive the rural economy, and provide targeted assistance to risky sectors. The report suggested a 10-point program.

Indians should use Indian Job Platforms like KillerLaunch, says Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana is an Indian actress who works mainly in the film business of Punjabi. She is renowned primarily for the incredible performance she has given from audiences and fans in her Punjabi film entitled “Sadda Haq.” She also rose to fame after being a contender in the “Bigg Boss 13” reality TV show.

Himanshi Khurana pleaded people to discourage the use of goods and services that are not made in India. She also informed people that various job portals available in India are not Indians because of their fundings. These fundings provided to these job portals who claim to be Indian are from international investors.

She is also seen talking about the popular job search platform, Killerlaunch. Killerlaunch is a job portal that connects employers with employees free of charge. Also, Himanshi claims that this job portal works on the line of promoting the concept of “Vocal for Local.” All the investors and fundings of this job portal are Indian.

What is Modi’s concept of go “Vocal for Local?”

The latest slogan is #VocalForLocal. India has an all-new hashtag in Covid ‘s age that flows along with our creativity of the urban and global trading, and the company lives in India. Go for a self-sufficient and independent India. Make in India. Trust the Made-in-India industry and transform your spending power into local goods and business ideas.

When the first signs of a revival of the “Made in India” campaign in a new form come true, it is time for us to consider the many aspects that make it go, fall or pause for some time. Often, a political argument is present, and our PM Narendra Modi’s public discourse and thought are part of economic evidence linked to this movement.

Movements like “Vocal For Local” can be supported better by leaders with national prestige and influence. PM Modi is undoubtedly the largest and commands followership of all in the country. The campaign, which comes from him, is bound to take action.

Killerlaunch – A job portal promoting “Vocal for Local.”

KillerLaunch acts as a link between employers and job seekers, helping candidates find the most appropriate job/internship match of their preferences. Begin now to pursue your KillerLaunch dream job and earn money online. Killerlaunch offers its services for free to the candidates. 

Why choose Killerlaunch?

  1. Resume builder – Killerlaunch offers its candidates with an in-built resume builder on their website. A candidate can enter their educational qualification, skills, work experience, etc., and create a resume. Candidates can also download this resume and save it for future purposes.
  1. Blog – Killerlaunch also has an in-built blog on its website. The blog contains various articles that could prove to be very helpful to the candidates. From articles related to what you should wear in an interview to what questions are asked in an interview, all the necessary information is available on the Killerlaunch blogs.
  1. Variety of jobs available – Killerlaunch allows the candidates to choose from a pool of jobs available from different companies. A candidate can choose to apply for a job as per his/her preferences. Candidates from various fields can apply to these jobs. Some of the posts on Killerlaunch include Content Writer, Freelance writer, SEO jobs, Web designer, Social media managers, etc.

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